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With the development of quality of life, cars have become one of the popular means of transportation in Vietnam. No longer a luxury, every family member can own a car to serve the needs of commuting, transporting or simply showing class. 

The rapid increase of this type of transport has led to the appearance of many car repair garages on the market. This also means that it will be more difficult for users to find a car repair address like that. So among the countless Car repair and care center, where is a reputable address? that you need to find?

Thanh Phong Auto one of Quality car repair - maintenance - care unit in Ho Chi Minh City. With years of experience and credibility, Thanh Phong Auto is one of the names that thousands of customers "choose to send gold" to repair - upgrade their pet car.

Oto Vehicle Repair - Maintenance - Care

How to Choose a Prestigious Auto Repair - Car Care Address?

One reputable car repair garage definitely need to meet the requirements of service quality, complete facilities, modern equipment, skilled staff, clear prices and attentive service style. 

However, how to choose one? address for repair - maintenance and care of cars reputation? You can refer to a few evaluation criteria below to easily choose a worthy address.

- Giới Thiệu Dịch Vụ Sửa Chữa - Bảo Dưỡng - Chăm Sóc Xe Oto Thanh Phong AutoChoose the leading prestigious garage in HCM

Fame, popularity One reputable car repair garage will be known by many people, "word of mouth" and mentioned a lot on social forums. Although not 100% of the addresses that are mentioned a lot are reputable addresses (because maybe this is just an advertising trick), but in general, this is also an important information for you to realize that this is a scam. reputable unit.
Scale One prestigious garage usually have a spacious and airy scale to ensure the safest car storage.
Staff Team Car repair workers need to have skills and experience High for all car models. In addition, the service attitude is also guaranteed to be enthusiastic and professional.
Modern equipment Reputable car repair garage It is necessary to ensure adequate and modern equipment and especially specialized equipment such as control boxes, fault diagnosis machines, etc.
Spare parts responsiveness A reputable garage needs to have spare parts available to optimize repair time, not lose customers' time. In particular, spare parts are always guaranteed to be genuine.
Diversity of services Out auto repair, a reputable garage usually provide the Basic services from auto maintenance, auto detailing, auto paint copper, auto rescue,… to meet the many needs of customers.
Professional care and consulting services Customer reception and consultation are always done with the utmost care. To make it easy for customers to make the most appropriate, right and cost-effective choices. A reputable garage needs to satisfy customers from the moment they enter the factory to the time they leave the factory.


- Giới Thiệu Dịch Vụ Sửa Chữa - Bảo Dưỡng - Chăm Sóc Xe Oto Thanh Phong AutoThanh Phong Auto owns a large garage and a professional team

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Service - Repair - Maintenance - Car Care Thanh Phong Auto

Thanh Phong Auto Is one Prestigious and quality car repair - maintenance - car care unit in Ho Chi Minh City. Owning a staff of highly skilled, young, dynamic but also experienced in auto repair. Thanh Phong Auto always confidently follow the innovations, the most advanced techniques in auto manufacturing in order to provide the highest quality services to customers.

- Giới Thiệu Dịch Vụ Sửa Chữa - Bảo Dưỡng - Chăm Sóc Xe Oto Thanh Phong AutoTechnical image is testing vehicle pressure

- Giới Thiệu Dịch Vụ Sửa Chữa - Bảo Dưỡng - Chăm Sóc Xe Oto Thanh Phong AutoTechnical images are repairing - maintaining the vehicle

Services at Thanh Phong Auto include:

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Why is Thanh Phong Auto a unit trusted by many customers?

Not only famous for the service of repairing and maintaining professional, cheap cars, Thanh Phong Auto is also very popular with many customers because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Thanh Phong Auto owns a young staff, skilled level and in-depth knowledge of all car models (From high-end cars to popular brands of brands Kia, Range Rover, bmw, Mercedes, Ford, Lexus, Audi...). Therefore, Thanh Phong Auto Repair and maintain all car models on the market.
  • Price list at Thanh Phong Auto clearly according to each service package, vehicle model as well as specific service content. Therefore, the cost here always ensures publicity, transparency and reasonable price.
  • Spacious and modern facilities: Present Thanh Phong Auto owns two large garages in District 7 and Nha Be with extremely spacious areas to ensure safety, self-containment and professionalism in each service.
  • Attentive customer care services: Young staff should work Thanh Phong Auto extremely dynamic, agile and professional. Here, customers not only receive dedicated advice but also experience free car disinfection service.

- Giới Thiệu Dịch Vụ Sửa Chữa - Bảo Dưỡng - Chăm Sóc Xe Oto Thanh Phong AutoThanh Phong Auto - Prestigious - quality car garage in HCM

Works with the motto “Honesty – Dedication – Responsibility – Sharing”, Thanh Phong Auto always improve service quality and update the latest techniques every day auto repair - maintenance. Thanks to that, this name is always trusted and chosen by many customers.

If you are looking for a "parking" for your pet, Thanh Phong Auto is really a prestigious address for you!

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