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Cars leaking oil: Causes and solutions
Latest update date: February 24, 05

When you encounter an oil leak in your car, you need to find a way to fix it right away. Because if left for a long time, the oil will not only cause severe damage to the accessories, but also have the potential for fire and explosion during use.

So, what is the cause and how to handle the phenomenon of car oil leakage? Together with BILLIONAuto find out.

Causes of Car Oil Leaks

Oil leaks in cars are considered a common problem, especially with older cars. Because it is a familiar phenomenon, many car owners often "handle it through the speakers". However, the oil leakage often signals the "hidden diseases" of the car, if not checked and corrected carefully, it can be dangerous to the car and the user.

Car is leaking oil
Car is leaking oil

To determine the cause of this phenomenon, you need to know whether the oil that is coming out is engine oil, lubricant or coolant to "catch the right disease" for the car:

  • If the oil that comes out is light yellow oil, there is a problem with the engine box.
  • If the oil that comes out is red, smooth: it is the oil of the transmission and power steering.
  • If it is a water stain, not slippery: it is possible that the coolant is leaking.
  • If oil is leaking from the crankcase or shaft seal: check under the chassis.
  • If oil is leaking from the camshaft line seal or above: this location is difficult to determine the point of oil flow, so it is necessary to go to the garage immediately for a quick check.


Symptoms that pet drivers may encounter if they leave their cars leaking oil for a long time:

  • Wear of oil seal and rubber hose.
  • Engine failure due to insufficient lubrication and cooling.
  • Vehicle explosion due to long-term oil leak.

Therefore, when a car oil leak occurs, you need to observe and check it carefully to avoid unnecessary consequences.

Risks encountered when the car is leaking oil
Risks encountered when the car is leaking oil

Ways to Fix Car Oil Leaks

Replace rubber gasket

Rubber gaskets are accessories used to connect car parts and axles, they are also joints to help prevent engine oil from leaking out. When using a car for a long time, the parts and axles in the car will be subject to constant temperature changes. The rubber gasket also degrades and cracks gradually - lubricant will slowly leak through these gaps.

When you see puddles of oil under the car, you should check the condition of the rubber gasket like - if there are signs of stretching, cracking, it should be replaced immediately.

Note: Should go to a reputable garage to change the rubber gasket. Because the process of disassembling parts takes a long time, it requires experience and high skills to ensure the correct and surest assembly.

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Seal oil leak parts

How to fix an oil leak in a car?
Sealing the oil leak is the fastest and most economical way to do it

If you know the leak point but don't want to replace the parts, the fastest and most economical way to fix the leak is to seal the leak. Typically, repairmen will use sealant – a liquid mixture mixed with engine oil to seal the hole. This sealant can keep components in good working order for a long time, and because they're liquid they don't clog oil lines.

Tighten the bolts

Loose bolts can also cause gaps between car parts, allowing oil to leak out. You can solve this problem by tightening the screws.

If you do not have the skills to disassemble bolts and nuts, you should go to the garage for professional inspection and maintenance. Because each car model has different specifications and bolt tightening requirements, skilled repairmen will have more experience in handling loose bolts.

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Above are Thanh Phong Auto's shares about the cause and how to fix the situation Oil leaking car. The problem of oil leakage, whether more or less, is a sign that the car is having a "hidden disease", so to be on the safe side, please check and fix this situation quickly.

Hope this article helps, wish you always safe travels!

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