New Car Buying Experience Shouldn't Be Ignored

New Car Buying Experience
Latest update date: February 21, 06

Buying a new car for the first time is as simple as many people think? It's not just about having money - having a car, you need to equip yourself with some experience to buy a quality car, how to negotiate and make contracts so transparently, and have the best experience when using.

To buy a good car, don't miss the new car buying experience Thanh Phong Auto mentioned below.

Determining the Need to Use Cars

Buying a new car will give you a great experience when it meets your needs.

New Car Buying Experience
Determining Your Needs Helps You Choose The Right Car

Some suggestions to help you understand your car use needs:

  • Number of people using cars in the family.
  • Characteristics of the road often moved: streets, rural roads, highways...
  • What is the average distance traveled by the car per day?
  • The size of your home's car garage.
  • If the car is used to carry goods, what is the size and weight of the goods?
  • The minimum safety features you need…

Considering the above factors will help you to eliminate inappropriate car models – aiming for the ideal car model and body shape.

Determine The Amount Available To Buy A Car

Money is very important issue for you to get the car you want. From determining the amount to buy a car, you can limit the car models that are suitable for your budget.

If you are a car buyer on installment payments, you need to find out more information about interest rates and loan duration. Simultaneously calculate to be able to pay principal + bank interest as well as daily expenses.

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note: car prices announced by companies usually do not include taxes + fees for the car to roll. The estimated cost to put the car into use will increase by 10-13% for sedans, SUVs, Hatchbacks...; 2-3% with pickups…

Choose the Right Car Series

The car market has a variety of vehicles: pickup (pick-up), cross-country sport (SUV), hatchback, multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), coupe, sedan, CUV (Crossover), hybrid...

New Car Buying Experience
Choose a Car Model Suitable for the Purpose of Use

To choose the right car, you can refer to the following suggestions:

  • If you love to explore and experience difficult roads; If you often carry bulky items, you should choose a pickup truck.
  • If you are a personality, liberal and do not mind the high price, you can choose the coupe line.
  • If you like small, convenient, easy-to-go cars in the city, you should give preference to hatchbacks.

In the case of buying a car for more than 2 drivers, needing spacious seats and a separate trunk, the sedan is the ideal suggestion.

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Time To Buy A Car With Good Price

If you want to buy a car at a good price, you need to pay attention to the time factor. Usually the special holidays of the year or November to March next year will be the ideal time to buy a car at a good price. Because this is the time when auto dealers boost sales by offering many preferential discount policies and promotions.

If possible, you should limit buying cars at the beginning of the year because dealers tend to change their sales policies, causing car prices to fluctuate a lot.

Negotiating Buying New Cars

Experience Buying a New Car
Knowing How to Negotiate Helps You Buy a Car at a Cheaper Price

If you know how to bid wisely, you can negotiate a car purchase discount of 5 - 15% compared to the listed price. Because that listed price is often different from the actual price of the vehicle registered with the Ministry of Finance.

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Recommended Test Drive When Buying

Most car dealerships have demos for customers to test drive, you shouldn't miss this because this is your chance to get a real feel of the product. The buyer is you, the car is yours, sometimes online reviews or opinions from acquaintances are not as practical as your own experience.

Checking Cars

When you receive the car, to be sure that the product is in perfect condition, you should check the interior, exterior, engine compartment and important papers.

New Car Buying Experience
Checking Cars Before Receiving Cars

Some typical items that need attention:

  • Check the exterior for any signs of scratches? If so, ask the showroom to solve it.
  • Pay attention to the paint on the front and rear bumpers – these are the most prone to scratches.
  • Check the glass on the car: rear glass, steering glass, door glass ....

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Recently, the New car buying experience that Thanh Phong Auto wants to suggest to you. Hopefully this information will help you more convenient in the car buying process, ensuring a satisfied experience when using.

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