Golden Experience Helps Women Drive Safer Cars

Golden Experience Helps Women Drive Cars Safer Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Although there is no research to prove women driving cars less than men, but in fact, there are many "oh my" incidents caused by female drivers. This precedent is also one of the reasons why many women lack confidence when driving a car.

So how can women drive more confidently, firmly and safely? Thanh Phong Auto Please share a few tips below.

1. Grasping and Obeying Traffic Laws

Of course, master and comply Traffic laws make you more confident when drive a car. In addition, during the driving process, you need to focus on early recognition of situations as well as timely and accurate handling. Avoid watching movies, texting, and using cell phones while driving. And especially, if you have used alcohol, absolutely do not drive a car.

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2. Don't Wear High Heels When Driving a Car

High heels are considered to be the "evil" of women when driving a car, they are also the cause of many incidents and accidents. If you wear high heels and drive a car, you may experience problems:

  • Reduced accuracy and feeling when stepping on the gas and releasing the brake.
  • Reduced ability to respond to emergency situations.
  • Easy to get stuck in the car and distract the driver.

Therefore, if you often wear high heels, you should prepare your own shoes / sandals when driving.

Experience Helping Women Drive Cars Safely
You Should Not Wear High Heels When Driving A Car

3. Don't Drive a Car Barefoot

Maybe because they are wearing branded shoes, high heels or style shoes, many women have chosen to let their feet operate the car for convenience. But in fact, driving without shoes / shoes has many potential problems:

  • Bare feet control the accelerator, the brake will often lose a lot of force and reduce accuracy.
  • Bare feet easily sweat, reduce frictional speed and easily cause slippery when stepping on the gas and braking.
  • Bare feet constantly pressing the gas and brakes will easily cause scratches, cramps, affecting the driving process.

Ideally, minimize the use of bare feet to control the car.

4. Put Your Feet Correctly, Avoiding Mistakes on the Wrong Throttle

There have been many serious accidents due to the wrong accelerator pedal - this is also a common mistake of many women when they first learn to drive a car. To avoid making this mistake, you should get into the habit of properly placing your feet.

With automatic transmission cars, you should not use your left foot to hold the brake, and your right foot to hold the gas. Because using the left foot to control the brake will not be enough force, especially when handling unexpected situations (reflex kicks both feet, but the left foot is weaker, so there is not enough force to brake the car).

Better yet, only drive with your right foot, adhere to the principle of "if you don't throttle, brake" - when controlling these two parts, you just need to rotate the top of your foot.

In addition, you should also get into the habit of when you release the gas pedal, immediately put your foot on the brake pedal. This habit will help you react quickly when there is an unexpected situation without fear of stepping on the wrong accelerator.

Tips to Help Women Drive Safely
Pay Attention to Accurate Accelerator and Brake Pedal Placement

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5. Adjust to the Most Comfortable Sitting Position

A comfortable sitting position helps the driver to be less tired, less distracted and easier to observe when driving a car. Not only that, sitting in the correct posture also avoids collisions and serious injuries in the event of an accident. So, when you start driving, sit up straight and comfortable.

6. Adjust Rearview Mirror Every Drive

The rearview mirror is an extremely important part, helping the driver easily see the vehicles moving behind and to the side of the vehicle. So in addition to sitting in the correct posture, you need to pay attention to adjust the rearview mirror (inside and out) so that the view is the most comprehensive.

What should women drivers pay attention to?
Need to Adjust Rearview Mirrors Appropriately When Driving a Car

7. Prioritize Maintaining a Steady Speed

Maintaining a stable speed, not erratically fast or slow, will make it easier for you to control and handle situations, especially when there are obstacles from afar, unexpected or red lights. Stable speed also helps you to be more proactive and control the brakes, limiting distractions and sudden braking.

8. If you stop the car for a long time, you should pull the handbrake

There are many cases where women mistakenly step on the accelerator when stopping, so if you stop the car for a long time, switch to N and pull the handbrake. This not only ensures safety, but also helps you to be most comfortable when stretching your legs.

New cars now have automatic brake hold mode, you should also take advantage of this feature when needed.

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9. Regular Car Maintenance According to Manufacturer's Recommendations

Women when using cars are often not too technical, so when there is an unexpected breakdown, they are often "flustered", not knowing how to handle it. Therefore, in order to minimize unnecessary damage, you should regularly maintain and maintain your vehicle. This is the best solution to ensure the durability, stability of the car and the safety of the driver.

Depending on the vehicle model and the time and distance used, there will be appropriate maintenance instructions, you should choose a reputable garage to be checked, consulted and scheduled maintenance and maintenance carefully.

How to Drive a Car Safely for Women
Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious Automobile Maintenance and Repair Garage in Hcm

The above are the share of Thanh Phong Auto about Experience in helping women drive safely than. Any questions about the article as well as the repair service - maintenance, car rescue, you can contact with us via hotline 0934 22 27 63 for quick support.

Hope the article will be useful, wish you have the safest experience with your pet!

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