Should or should not use two feet when driving an automatic transmission?

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Latest update date: February 14, 03

Automatic transmission has become a popular thing with the speed of technology development and convenience in operation. But do you need to use both feet when driving an automatic? Let's learn about this topic.

First, we need to know that when driving an automatic car, the driver's right foot only needs to be used to control the brake and throttle. The left foot won't have to do much when driving an automatic. However, some users argue that using the left foot to keep the foot still and create more stability when driving.

Do not use 2 feet when driving
Do not use 2 feet when driving

But should you use both feet when driving an automatic? The answer is no. The simple reason is that keeping your foot still with your left foot does not improve stability or safety when driving an automatic. Even using the left foot can put yourself and the person on top of you at risk when unexpected situations arise, such as engine or brake failure.

Use your right foot when driving
Use your right foot when driving

Moreover, using both feet when driving an automatic car also causes some health problems. Using both feet to keep the foot still can put strain on the knees and feet, leading to pain or injury. If you regularly use both feet to keep your feet still while driving an automatic transmission, you may experience health problems such as osteoarthritis of the knee or muscle pain.

Therefore, using both feet when driving an automatic transmission not only does not improve driving stability and safety, but can also cause health problems. You only need to use your right foot to control when driving automatic transmission.

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