Revealing The Role Of The Oto-Spoiler Wings

Revealing the Role of the Oto Tail Wing - Professional Spoiler Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 07, 09

For sports cars, the spoiler is an indispensable part of the structure. The reason that the tail wing plays such an important role in such a car is absolutely a good reason.

The Tail Wing (Spoiler) Is an Important Part of a Sports Car
The Tail Wing (Spoiler) Is an Important Part of a Sports Car

Thanks to the presence of the tail wings, cars will avoid certain disadvantages in the process of moving. Specifically, when driving, the movement of air flow on the car body will create resistance and turbulence phenomenon. Meanwhile, the tail wing as a dynamic device will help reduce such disadvantages for cars when running.

In the case of cars traveling on the road with high speed, there will be two basic aerodynamic forces that affect the operation of the vehicle. It is lift force and second is drag force. Of these two forces, the lift will tend to lift the vehicle from the ground. Therefore, when running at high speed, maintaining the grip of the road with the wheel is reduced. Since then, maintaining the stability of the vehicle when moving is also impaired.

Revealing the Role of the Oto Tail Wing - Professional Spoiler Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

You can understand automobile tail wing as a kind of reverse airplane wing. The wing operates on the principle of: based on the difference in pressure on the upper and lower surface by different air velocity, creating lift and helping the aircraft take off.

Similar to the rear wing of the car, thrust will be created and the role of the car's rearward direction. Therefore, the grip of the vehicle on the road surface will be guaranteed more effective. In addition to the above role, the rear wing also helps reduce the impact of drag when kinetics on cars.

In the case of cars that do not use the rear wing, you can increase the grip force by increasing the weight of the car. In addition, you can also change the material of the tire to increase the grip of the tire with the ground.

Revealing the Role of the Oto Tail Wing - Professional Spoiler Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

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However, it should be noted that increasing the weight of cars will increase the vehicle's inertia, as well as increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Moreover, increasing the grip when using this method is not really effective.

The rear wing will fit and promote the effect on racing cars, sports cars. As for commercial vehicles, the rear wing is mainly for styling, increasing the impression and basically not having aerodynamic effects.

Therefore, if you intend to own a normal car then you may not need to use the tail wings. However, if you love sports cars, of course, the tail wing will be an important and indispensable part. Maintaining a grip on the school just because of the weight of the vehicle will not be okay during your move.

In addition to mastering the knowledge of the rear wing, do not forget to bring your car to the car for regular maintenance and care at prestigious and quality garages.

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