5 Experience in Repairing, Maintaining Ferrari Cars

5 Experiences in Repairing and Maintaining Ferrari Cars Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Ferrari Being a luxury car brand that costs up to a million dollars will certainly never disappoint car lovers. Join us to learn about repair experience, maintenance of Ferrari cars shared by experts in Vietnam.

Ferrari Car Line: Thanh Phong Auto Sharing Repair & Maintenance Experience

Expensive luxury cars like Ferrari It will be difficult to find spare parts and the price to replace them is not cheap, it takes a skilled and knowledgeable worker to quickly identify the cause and propose a fix. most suitable treatment.

Ferrari Luxury Car Repair Needs Qualified and Highly Skilled Mechanics
Ferrari Car Maintenance Needs Professional and Highly Skilled Mechanics 

When should repair and maintenance of cars?

Depending on the car model and engine type, there will be different maintenance methods, but on average it is recommended to clean the 3 cooling system once a year.

It is recommended to change 2 brake fluid once a year to avoid corrosion and degradation, making the use process safer.

For electric power steering system, it is necessary to check when reaching 50.000 km / time to increase the life of the machine parts.

Should check the lid of the chassis and inside the space of the engine room because in the process of moving many foreign objects can cling to and block, damage. the engine of the car.

It is not advisable to think about repairing and replacing the car until the vehicle's faults get worse and the vehicle's performance weakens. Ferrari It will not be cheap and not easy to replace, but it requires a highly qualified expert, knowledgeable about this model to be able to do it.

Ferrari Models Are Luxury Cars That Need Careful Care At Least Once A Year
Ferrari Models Are Luxury Cars That Need Careful Care At Least Once A Year

Experience in repairing and maintaining Ferrari cars should not be overlooked

Maintenance experience, Farrari car repair summarized as follows:

  1. Every 10.000 km you go to service or have the car periodic car maintenance schedule Depending on conditions, but at least within 1 year the vehicle must be maintained at least 1 time to ensure speed and smooth operation.
  2. The amount of oil to replace every Ferrari about 10 liters / time, including engine oil and gearbox oil, be careful to change at the same time to ensure the car moves smoothly, to avoid spilling oil into the transmission.
  3. When the fuel oil needs to have specific limits, do not add more or less arbitrary because it will make the car operate inefficiently, not for the desired capacity. It is best to watch the amount of oil supplied to a specific level and stop completely and test the engine to check if the amount of oil viscosity meets the standards or not to add until it meets the standards.
  4. Use frequent and yes maintenance schedule is what every car lover should do, for those who have a hobby of collecting luxury cars, they should also arrange time for the car to run at least 2-3 times per week for the engine and machinery to work properly, no. is "frozen" by giving up a long time.
  5. When using a vehicle, it is necessary to run from 1 to 7, which is the correct 7 number to check the ability of the operation of the numbers, for lubricated gears and components, operate smoothly and endure. .

Hope with the above sharing has helped you understand more about how to fix and maintenance of Ferrari cars to have the best way to take care of the "baby car", providing long-term durability and meeting your usage needs.

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