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Notes on Repairing Professional Ferrari Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Note for Repair - Car MaintenanceFerrari Car Repair Note

Note maintenance and repair of cars Ferrari Periodic is an extremely important and very necessary thing. It not only helps the car to always operate stably, with high durability. In addition, regular vehicle repair and maintenance also helps increase the life of the vehicle engine.

However, do you guys know when to repair and maintenance of Ferrari cars what should be noted? If you really care about this issue, do not ignore the following article.

Ferrari Car Repair Note You need to know most today

1. Why should we maintain and use Ferrari cars periodically?

No medium will last forever without releasing damage. Cars often have to travel on long roads, pass roads, gravel roads, ... That's why, after a period of operation, Ferrari cars Your needs to be inspected, and repaired periodic vehicle maintenance.

If you don't care and pay attention to the maintenance schedule, Ferrari car repair periodic. When using a Ferrari car for a long time, some parts of the car will corrode. So, work Repair and maintenance of Ferrari cars periodically is extremely important.

Where to Repair Ferrari Cars for Safety and Quality

And when buying one Ferrari Surely, what you need to pay attention to along with the repair or maintenance is to choose the most suitable car insurance package, car insurance package. And Thanh Phong revealed it all to you through the article Note to pay attention when choosing insurance for your car

2. Items of Ferrari cars need regular repair and maintenance

The engine is the first and most important item in need of periodic maintenance. Parts of Ferrari car engine Inspection and maintenance should include: Air filter system, oil filter, fuel filter, coolant, cam belt and drive belt.

Besides, a number of other items also need to be checked, repaired and maintained periodically such as:

  • The electrical system consists of battery and spark plug.
  • Steering system includes tire pressure
  • The drivetrain consists of automatic transmission oil, plain gear oil and differential gear oil.
  • The brakes include drum brakes, brake pads, brake discs, brake pads and brake fluid.
  • Wiper systems include rain wipers and glass washers.
  • Car lighting and lighting system.

Note: Currently there are a lot of customers when buying general cars and cars Ferrari In particular, I really like the re-tuning of the sound system in my car. So do you know specifically about these issues? If not, then Thanh Phong Auto Share quite fully at the article Note when the sound of a car is safe.

3. Repair process, maintenance of standard Ferrari cars

Price list of Ferrari Car Repair

Change oil and check the oil filter for Ferrari cars

After a period of using the car, the oil change and oil filter check is very important. The technician will lift the car and remove the oil drain plug. Then will check the oil filter and clean it.

Check and clean the Ferrari engine air filter

Technician proceeds to remove the air unit, then remove the air filter and blow dust. In case the air filter is dirty, in order to ensure that the car is working well, you need to replace the new air filter with the old one first.

Check the Ferrari car air conditioner filter

This unit helps to clean out the dirt parts to keep the air in our car fresh and cool.

Check your Ferrari brakes

After a period of operation, the brake system of the car will often be worn, dirty and easy to increase friction when braking. So, checking the brakes will help ensure absolute safety for you while driving. (See more articles: Cautions When Facing Car Brake Discs You Should Know)

Check gasoline, coolant level, transmission oil level, Ferrari glass cleaner

This is also one of the equally important parts of Ferrari car engine. Therefore, checking these parts will help your car operate better. And when change gasoline filter you need to be very attentive and should be inquire specifically by a technician.

4. Experience in repairing and maintaining Ferrari cars

  • Every 10 km you should proceed car repair and maintenance, or depending on the condition of the vehicle to get on vehicle routine maintenance schedule best fit. In 1 year, your car needs to be maintained 1 time to ensure good performance, stable and smooth operating speed.
  • Every Ferrari car The amount of oil to be replaced is about 10 liters at a time, including transmission oil and engine oil. In particular, keep in mind that these two oils need to be replaced at the same time to ensure the durability of the vehicle.
  • Ferrari car heating oil There is a certain value in it, so don't add too much or too little. Because this will make your car not achieve the desired capacity and especially inefficient operation.
  • When using Ferrari carYou need to run 1 through 7 for the purpose of checking the performance of the numbers.

5. Choose garage repair and maintenance of prestigious and quality Ferrari cars

Refer to the notes on choosing a Ferrari Car Repair service in Saigon

For car owners, to be able to choose one prestigious garage Best, best quality and best for peace of mind when delivering a car is not a simple thing. Therefore, to be able to make the correct choice, first of all, you need to learn carefully the following information:

Degree of interest

Like other locations, if race If you choose to have a high customer rating, it proves that it is reputable address, professionalism and quality assurance. Therefore, you must see all the reviews, comments, comments on the reputation of that place through the customers who have experienced the service there.

Service quality

Good and prestigious garage and quality is the garage with spacious, modern and complete facilities. Technical staff with high experience, professional qualifications and training. Professional, fun and friendly customer service department.

Fast and convenient service

If the garage is reputable There will be a repair and rescue service on the road.

Whether it is a normal car, a popular car, a luxury car or a super car, there will be certain damage conditions. Therefore, to be able to last life expectancy of Ferrari cars As well as ensuring safety when using the car, you should regularly maintain the car regularly, including the exterior and the interior (Click to see: 3 Cautions When Cleaning, Caring Oto Car Interior).

Hope with that note Thanh Phong Auto Sharing with you above will help you get more information about this service. And if there is any question about Car repair and maintenance service for Ferrari cars please contact immediately Thanh Phong Auto for prompt response. Thanh Phong Auto Confidence will be a great choice for you.

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