General Car Maintenance Schedule

- General Periodic Car Maintenance Schedule
Latest update date: February 02, 08

General Maintenance Schedule Car - Car Lines

Prevention or treatment

As we all know car is a machine made up of tens of thousands of parts. Each detail has different structures, functions, tasks, life expectancy, ... but they collectively operate on a unified mechanism.

- To achieve that requires all the details to work in accordance with the criteria, standards and processes set by the manufacturer, the car maintenance process Designed to check, monitor, correct and promptly replace wear and tear parts during use, helping every part to operate in optimal stability.

- We still say prevention is better than cure. This is exactly the same as regular maintenance for cars. When we comply with these periodic maintenance process that we did minimizing costs to maintain activity of A car in the best possible way. Otherwise we certainly have to pay a cost of pimp many times and not even just a cost but sometimes there are many things that cannot be counted as money….

- Of course when you comply fully periodic maintenance process also not sure 100% leaves car not be sick or damaged. but we are sure that it has minimized the possible risks, failures ...

- Thanh Phong Auto to you guys General maintenance schedule for cars lines and look forward to receiving feedback and sharing from you and your friends. Thank you and very pleased to be of service to you and to you.

In addition to the general car maintenance schedule written below, you can also consult more about Painting Service Process

(Applies to models that do not have periodic maintenance reminders)
Maintenance Class Convention
Grade I  - Applicable to the number of km of vehicles in landmarks: 5.000 km, 15.000 km, 25.000 km, 35.000 km, 45.000 km,….
Level II  - Applicable to the number of km of vehicles at landmarks: 10.000 km, 30.000 km, 50.000 km, 70.000 km, 90.000 km,….
Level III  - Apply for the number of km of vehicles at landmarks: 20.000 km, 60.000 km, 100.000 km, 140.000 km, 180.000 km, ...
Level IV  - Applicable to the number of km of vehicles at landmarks: 40.000 km, 80.000 km, 120.000 km, 160.000 km, 200.000 km

Grade I

(5.000 km)

Level II

(10.000 km)

Level III

(20.000 km)

Level IV

(40.000 km)

01 Coin clearance (check valve percussion, engine vibration and adjust if necessary) Check out every 80.000 km  
02 Transmission belts I I I I  
03 Engine oil R R R R  
04 Filter engine oil   R R R  
05 Pipes and oils connect heating and cooling systems I I I I  
06 Cooling water level I I I I  
07 Exhaust pipe and exhaust holder I I I I  
Ignition system  
08 Spark plugs     I R  
09 Battery (liquid level, electrode condition, density measurement) I I I I  
Fuel System and Gas Control  
10 Fuel filter ***       R  
11 Air filter M M M R  
12 Fuel tank caps, pipes, connections and gas control valves I I I I  
14 Activated carbon filter       I  
15 Operate brake pedal, clutch pedal and hand brake I I I I  
16 The discs and brake pads V M M M  
17 Brake fluid I I I R  
18 Oil clutch *** I I I R  
19 The ducts of the brake system I I I I  
20 Steering wheels, drive bars and steering mechanism     I I  
21 Semi-axial rubber dust cover I I I I  
22 The ball joints and the rubber cover dust I I I I  
23 Regular transmission oil ***       R  
24 Front and rear suspension     I I  
25 The tires and tire pressure I I I I  
26 The screws underneath I I I I  
27 Door lock mechanism, horn, wiper and glass washer I I I I  
28 Door lock mechanism, glass up, seat belt, rearview mirror I I I I  
29 Air conditioning filter Replace after every 20.000 kilometers of vehicle  
I Check / Adjust, replace if necessary R Replacement, maintenance or lubrication
A Check and / or adjust if necessary V Visual inspection (without disassembly)
M Remove, clean and measure    
For models with maintenance warning (reminder) lights, a different maintenance schedule will be applied

General car maintenance schedule for all types of cars you need to know to make your car better List of car maintenance schedule by km for the correct car manufacturers

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  • Dmqtrieu 17/03/2019

    I want to change the engine of the car. Where is the garage v

    • My garage at 793 / 57 / 3 tran Xuan comp, p.Tan hung, 7 district and branch in 1260 Le Van Luong, Phuoc Kien, and friends. If you need any further assistance, please contact me. Thanks you!

  • Hoang Nguyen 05/11/2021

    I drive a mazda cx9, 2012 model year (123.000km), now I want to maintain the fork system and steering system, because the car recently swayed slightly when entering rough roads at 30-40km/h, The driving feeling is not very real and when meeting potholes, the body of the car is loud and noisy inside the cabin. May I ask if the Garage accepts maintenance and repair of the contents? thanks a lot!
    Tel: 0908043577.


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