Experience Buying 5-Seater Car Insurance

Experience Buying 5-seat Car Insurance Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

You own a 5-seat car and don't know which insurance package to choose to suit your needs. Because nowadays, insurance companies offer a variety of different insurance products, making you confused about how to choose.

At the same time, you still do not clearly understand which cases the car owner is involved in 5 seat auto insurance Will not be compensated? All of these questions will be answered by us in the article below.

5-seat Car Insurance
5-seat Car Insurance (Illustration)

Types of car insurance 5 seats car owners should know

  • 5 seat car insurance One-way: This is a type of insurance to provide financial support from the insurance company when the car owner causes an accident, loss of life or property to a third party.
  • Two-way 5-seat car insurance: This is a type of insurance that helps car owners not only be compensated by the insurance company for damages to third parties but also reduce the financial burden of repair costs due to water damage, scratches, etc.
  • Physical insurance for 5-seat cars: This is an optional type of car insurance but will help you minimize the burden due to incidents such as theft, collision, natural disasters... Usually this insurance package will come with other services. different types of insurance, such as hydro strike insurance, natural disaster flood insurance or parts theft insurance... Depending on your needs and vehicle model, you will choose the appropriate service package.

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List of 5-seat Car Insurance Types That Car Owners Should Know
List of 5-seat Car Insurance Types That Car Owners Should Know

Range of types of 5-seat auto insurance

2.1. 5-way auto insurance:

The third party will be compensated by the insurance company for property and life damage at a reasonable cost and based on the car insurance contract. In particular, for property damage, it is based on the fault of the vehicle owner to apply the appropriate payment.

However, there are some cases when the insurance company will not pay damages:

  • The 3rd party intentionally caused damage
  • When the owner of the car caused the accident, fled and did not have a driver's license.
  • When the car owner causes damage to houses and trees
  • When the vehicle owner causes damage to valuable assets such as antiques, gems, precious and rare paintings ...

2.2. Insurance of two-way two-way car:

The coverage of this insurance will be wider because it includes civil liability insurance and car material insurance. Therefore, similar to 5-way one-way auto insurance, the third party will be compensated by the insurance company. In addition, the company will also pay compensation for car damage when you have an accident, natural disaster, flood or stolen parts ...

Two-Way 5-Seater Car Insurance Will Have Wider Coverage
Two-Way 5-Seater Car Insurance Will Have Wider Coverage

However, there will be some cases where the vehicle owner will not be compensated by the insurance company, including:

  • 5-seat cars naturally wear out, over time
  • Damage caused by tires of 5-seat cars
  • Vehicle engine losses due to water intrusion cause hydrostatic phenomenon
  • 3rd request onwards due to theft of parts and parts of 5-seat cars
  • Loss due to the body of the car 5 seats
  • Damages to non-original vehicle parts are not included in the vehicle inspection certificate.

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2.3. Physical insurance of 5-seat cars

The car owner will be supported by the insurance company to pay for the repair or compensation when it comes to theft or accidental accident. Normally, this premium of companies is also different such as Huyndai 1.65% and Ford 1,85% ...

Participating in physical insurance for 5-seat cars will help car owners reduce their financial burden when encountering problems.
Participating in physical insurance for 5-seat cars will help car owners reduce their financial burden when encountering problems.

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In some cases, owners of 5-seater cars will not be paid by insurance companies:

  • 5-seat car owner deliberately caused an accident causing the car to be scratched or damaged
  • Owners of 5-seat cars violate traffic laws or violate laws such as transporting banned goods, drinking alcohol, using drugs ...
  • Owners of 5-seat cars do not have driving licenses according to the law or expire.
  • Damage to cars due to wars, earthquakes, terrorism, etc.
  • 5-seat cars are overloaded or naturally wear out over time and not due to external factors.

Above, we have shared good and important knowledge about 5 seat auto insurance Latest that car owners need to know. Through that, we hope that car owners will have more good knowledge about car insurance This. From there, you can choose the appropriate type of insurance to help you feel more secure during your travel journey.

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