Top 5 Notes For Car Insurance In Accident

Top 5 Notes for Car Insurance When Having an Accident: Garage Guarantee Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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As you know about car insurance such as compulsory insurance and voluntary insurance. When you buy insurance, the seller introduces a lot of benefits when buying insurance. However, when the chance of an accident occurs, you are at a loss as to what to do to enjoy those benefits. Refer to the top 5 immediately for car insurance in the following accident.

Please Notify Your Insurance Company Immediately When An Incident Occurs
Please Notify Your Insurance Company Immediately When An Incident Occurs  

Top 5 Notes For Car Insurance In Accident

1. Immediately notify insurance enterprises

  • When an accident occurs, the vehicle owner must immediately contact the insurance enterprise for coordination. Making every effort to provide first aid, rescue and protect property, maintain accident scene. Quickly notify authorities, traffic police near the accident site.
  • Without the consent of the insurance agency or the request of the competent authority, it is prohibited to dismantle, move or repair the property.
  • Call the insurer immediately to verify and provide records, photos to claim.
When you encounter an accident, it is important to stay calm
When you encounter an accident, it is important to stay calm

2. Principles of compensation

  • In case of an accident, the insurer will consider the scope of insurance liability and pay compensation to the third party or motor vehicle owner in case of damage.
  • In case the motor vehicle owner is killed or permanently injured, the insurance will compensate the injured.

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3. Compensation plan

If you buy the terms select a repair facility, then the compensation will be equivalent to the cost to pay for damage based on its price list or market price.

In case you do not register the repair facility, the insurer will appoint on your behalf. You will have to pay for the extra cost if you disagree.

The insurance company will conduct monetary compensation to participants in the following situations:

  • Damaged properties are easy to assess damage but there are no replacement products.
  • The accident occurred in a deserted place with inadequate repair and quality assurance services.
  • The repair time is long, meanwhile it needs to be resolved immediately.

4. Insurance indemnity

  • Compensation for life insurance: Compensate from VND 70 million / person / accident to human damage caused by motor vehicles.
  • Compensation for property damage: Compensate from VND 40 million / accident when determining the property damaged due to the fault of the motor vehicle owner.
  • If the owner registers multiple types of compulsory insurance contract for a motor vehicle, the compensation amount will be calculated according to the first policy.

5. Process of car insurance compensation

  • When the accident happened, you both informed the police and quickly requested insurance to come and verify the accident and instructed you how to report information about the accident.
  • The principle you need to understand is that in order to receive fast insurance coverage, you must keep the scene intact and have photos as evidence.
  • As for compensation assessment, insurance companies will review the report from the police when the accident occurs, thereby estimating the loss and the level of compensation.
  • A dossier of insurance compensation for motor vehicles includes: A copy of the insurance certificate, various types of vehicle documents such as: Car tie, driver's license, registration certificate, ... In addition, you must also fill out information on the accident declaration and the report of the accident investigation agency.
Insurance Compensation Appraisal to Estimate Damages and Compensation Level
Insurance Compensation Appraisal to Estimate Damages and Compensation Level

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These cases are not compensated

  • The insured person operating the vehicle intentionally causes an accident
  • The insured driver does not have a valid driving license (only applies to drivers)
  • Damage to property stolen or robbed in an accident.
  • War, terrorism, earthquake.
  • While operating a vehicle, driving a vehicle using drugs or other stimulants or having an alcohol or alcohol content in the blood exceeding the permissible level prescribed by law.
  • The insured fights, or fights a third party. Unless it is determined by the police to be a legitimate act of self-defense.
  • The insured suffers from health problems such as: sudden cold, wind-hit, carrying a disease (including infectious disease). Insured person has food, drink or drug poisoning.
You Should Understand The Compensation Process To Keep Your Rights According To The Regulations
You Should Understand The Compensation Process To Keep Your Rights According To The Regulations

Knowing the law and the compensation process helps you proactively file, ensure your insurance benefits and receive legal compensation.

Above is the top 5 note when participating in automobile accident insurance. Hope that the above information will help you in the registration and processing of insurance documents.

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