Review: Is Bao Minh Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Price

Review Bao Minh Car Insurance Is Good, Look Up, Price 2023

Currently, most insurance companies deploy auto insurance services with many packages for customers to choose from. In particular, Bao Minh auto insurance is one of the top choices of car owners with a variety of products and attractive benefits.

To better understand the quality, search, and price of Bao Minh auto insurance – please follow this article by Thanh Phong Auto.

Bao Minh Auto Insurance
Bao Minh Auto Insurance

Find out Bao Minh Car Insurance Packages and Fees

1. Car material insurance:

This insurance package compensates for physical damage to the vehicle due to an unexpected accident that causes the vehicle to be scratched and damaged such as:

  • Accident due to collision, toppling.
  • Stolen spare parts.
  • Exploded on fire.
  • Due to natural disasters such as floods and storms.

Subjects of insurance: automobiles operating in the territory of Vietnam.

In case of no compensation:

  • Natural wear and tear.
  • Loss during equipment operation.
  • Cars that have not been re-registered after being repaired or renovated.
  • Vehicle lost, civil dispute.
  • Engine loss due to entering a flooded area or water entering the vehicle engine.

Rate = premium rate (according to fee table) x insurance amount (vehicle value).

Automobile Physical Insurance Rates
Automobile Physical Insurance Rates

2. Compulsory compulsory insurance for car owners

The insurance package compensates for damage when:

  • Cars cause bodily and property damage to a third party.
  • Cars cause damage to the body and life of passengers under the contract of carriage.
  • Subjects of insurance: Vehicle owners participating in traffic in the territory of Vietnam.

Cases that are not compensated:

  • The vehicle owner intentionally causes an accident; causing an accident and trying to run away.
  • No driving license.
  • Violations of the law: trading prohibited goods, drinking alcohol, scurrying...
  • Damage to antiques, rare pictures, gold and silver...


Compulsory Tnds Insurance Fees of Car Owners
Compulsory Tnds Insurance Fees of Car Owners

3. Accident insurance for drivers and passengers

This is the insurance to compensate for bodily damage to the insured due to an accident while participating in traffic. Subjects covered by insurance: drivers, assistants and occupants of cars.

In case of no compensation:

  • The owner of the car intentionally caused the accident.
  • The vehicle owner uses alcohol in excess of the prescribed concentration, uses drugs, uses drugs not according to the doctor's instructions, gets poisoned, gets sick.

Toll rate = number of people sitting on the bus x toll/person.

  • Insurance amount/person/case up to VND 20.000.000: 0,1% of the insured amount/person.
  • Insurance amount/person/case from VND 20.000.000 to VND 45.000.000: 0,15% of the insured amount/person.
  • Insurance amount/person/case from VND 45.000.000 to VND 75.000.000: 0,30% of the insured amount/person.
  • Insurance amount/person/case from VND 75.000.000 to VND 200.000.000: 0,35% of the insured amount/person.
Types of Auto Insurance That Bao Minh Provides
Types of Auto Insurance That Bao Minh Provides

Benefits When Joining Bao Minh Auto Insurance

Choosing Bao Minh auto insurance, participants enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Compensation and support to pay for vehicle material damage due to unexpected incidents; be paid the necessary expenses in the accident and take the car to the nearest reputable garage (with auto insurance).
  • Indemnify the actual value of the new replacement part (with insurance excluding depreciation on new parts).
  • Vehicle owners can choose a repair garage (with insurance to choose a repair garage), repair costs will be considered by Bao Minh based on the car repair price of garages in the same area of ​​similar size.
  • Compensation for engine damage to car owners participating in insurance for engine damage due to water damage (when the vehicle is flooded)…

Review Bao Minh Car Insurance Is It Good?

Choosing Bao Minh auto insurance, cars are fully protected thanks to product packages with a wide range of protection: compensation for human damage, compensation for material damage to 3rd parties, insurance for the car owner, the property on the vehicle, the person sitting in the car...

Review Bao Minh Car Insurance Is Good
Review Bao Minh Car Insurance Is Good

In addition, Bao Minh auto insurance is also highly appreciated by:

  • There are a variety of insurance packages for customers to choose according to their needs.
  • In case the car has a problem, customers can repair the car at genuine, reputable dealers.
  • The process of buying insurance is simple and fast.
  • Cars are replaced with genuine parts, 100% new - no part depreciation fee.
  • Protect customers against the risks of fire, explosion, theft of property, accidents ....
  • The principle of compensation is clear and transparent - ensuring maximum benefits of customers.
  • Friendly customer service staff, attentive service 24/7.
  • Affordable, accessible insurance costs.

Bao Minh Car Insurance Lookup Guide

To look up Bao Minh car insurance information, here are the ways that you can do it:

  • Look up at Bao Minh's website (
  • Look up via Bao Minh's 24/7 hotline: 1800-588812.
  • Go directly to the branch, agent, garage associated with Bao Minh for support.
Bao Minh Insurance
Bao Minh Insurance

Bao Minh Auto Insurance Buying Experience

To ensure maximum benefits when participating in Bao Minh auto insurance, you need to note a few issues as follows:

  • Choose the right insurance package for your protection needs and financial capacity. Consider premiums, benefits, coverage, coverage exclusions to make a decision.
  • Provide accurate information about vehicle type, year of manufacture, value, etc. to the insurer.
  • Understand the insurance incident handling process to ensure smooth investigation, information collection and settlement of insurance benefits.
  • Refer to the cost of equivalent insurance plans of other brands for easy comparison.

Hopefully, through the above information, you will have a better understanding of the quality, price, and search methods of Bao Minh auto insurance. If need buy car insurance, Thanh Phong Auto is ready to advise on the most suitable and effective solution for you.

Review Is Bao Minh Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Reputable Price Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Thanh Phong Auto is collaborating to supply and repair cars for many people reputable auto insurance company. Our consulting team understands the pros and cons of each car insurance company/package, and does not force customers to buy any type of insurance - consulting based on the customer's needs, finances and interests. .

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