Price List of Prestigious and Quality Chevrolet Car Paint Service in HCM

Cheap Chevrolet Car Painting Service Hcm
Latest update date: February 27, 06

Chevrolet car paint It's not simple, it requires the paint color to be up to the right standard, not to be dominant compared to the old paint background, the surface to be painted is flat and evenly colored... Therefore, car owners need to choose a reputable paint address with a technical team. Professional staff and use genuine paint.

Working for many years in the profession, Thanh Phong Auto confidently provide Chevrolet car paint service is prestigious, quality, reasonable price. Let's explore the details presented in the following article!

When Will Chevrolet Cars Need To Be Painted Again?

Repainting Chevrolet cars often comes from the following problems:

  • The car is discolored after a long time of use (5-10 years), at this time it is possible to repaint the old paint color to restore the car's aesthetic.
  • The original paint layer is scratched due to impact, car owners can consult a technician to repaint part or all of the car.
  • I don't like the original car paint color, so I want to change the car to a completely new paint color.
  • Are in need of reselling the car, new paint to improve the value of the car.
Cheap Chevrolet Car Painting Service Hcm
Steps to Professionally Paint Chevrolet Cars

Factors Affecting Chevrolet Car Paint Service Price

Chevrolet car paint service price depends on many different factors, including:

  • Surface area to be painted: The price of car paint is usually calculated according to the surface area to be painted. Therefore, the cost of painting miles, painting each part will be cheaper than painting the whole car.
  • Paint type and level of surface coating: The price of Chevrolet car paint service depends greatly on the type of paint used and the surface coverage. Using genuine paint, high-end products with high coverage, the price will be expensive.
  • Price of painting service in the area: The price of Chevrolet car painting service depends on the general ground of the paint place. In big cities, car paint prices are often higher than in rural or suburban areas.
  • Automotive paint technology: Each car paint technology has great differences in quality, durability, anti-scratch, gloss, smoothness, drying time... Therefore, when using automotive paint with modern technology, Modern paint prices will be higher than using old paint techniques.
  • Chevrolet car status: The condition of the car also affects the service price more or less. For example, if the position to be painted is distorted, it needs to be fixed before painting, which causes the paint price to be higher.

In short, there are many factors that affect Chevrolet car paint service price so you need to contact the garage, Reputable car repair and maintenance center for a specific quote.

Prestigious Chevrolet Car Painting Garage Hcm
What Should You Pay Attention to When Painting a Chevrolet Car?

Thanh Phong Auto: Address to provide Genuine Chevrolet Car Paint Service, Good Price

Thanh Phong Auto Proud to be one of unit car repair and maintenance Top Ho Chi Minh. With service Chevrolet car paint, we accept paint to change color, repaint the old color of part or the whole chassis.

Advantages of Thanh Phong Auto's Chevrolet car paint service:

  • Paints all current Chevrolet vehicles.
  • Diverse color palette system, updating the latest colors that Chevrolet owns.
  • Skilled paint technicians, meticulous in each stage, proficient in modern and advanced painting technologies.
  • Consultants are knowledgeable about services, trends and feng shui paint colors to guide customers to choose the most suitable color and paint plan.
  • Modern paint room, full of necessary equipment to paint and protect the safety of technicians.
  • The handover car has a beautiful, flat and glossy paint surface, the paint color is standard, even and not patchy.
  • Use genuine, high-quality paint, money-back guarantee if found fake.
  • Scientific and fast working process.
  • Transparent paint prices and clear warranty policy.

Present, Thanh Phong Auto owning two large car garages in Nha Be and District 7, you can choose a convenient place to bring your car to be repainted and color changed.

Thanh Phong Auto's Latest Chevrolet Car Paint Service Price List

With many years of experience in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto confidently bring quality car painting services, satisfying the most demanding customers. For each case of bringing the car to the garage, we will conduct an inspection, service consultation and the most specific quote for customers.

The price of Chevrolet car paint is calculated based on the following price list:

Price List of Prestigious Chevrolet Car Painting Service, Best Quality in HCM Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Standard Paint Price List In Thanh Phong
Price List of Prestigious Chevrolet Car Painting Service, Best Quality in HCM Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Price list for changing paint color in Thanh Phong

note: The price list is for reference only, updated in 2023. Depending on the condition, demand and time of car painting, Thanh Phong Auto will quote the exact price for each customer.

Hope newspaper Price of prestigious and quality Chevrolet car paint service in Ho Chi Minh City will be useful to you. Any questions about the service of painting each part, painting the whole car, changing color of Chevrolet cars, please contact Contact us for the fastest and most detailed support.

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