Quotation for Prestigious, Quality Honda Car Paint Service in HCM

hcm professional honda car paint service price
Latest update date: February 06, 06

After a period of using the car, it is obvious that the paint layer is scratched and the color is no longer fresh. To help your pet transform like new, car owners need to come to reputable car painting address, professional.

So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves? Honda car paint How much? Is there "chat" or not? For the convenience of customers when needed, Thanh Phong Auto Generality Quotation for Prestigious, Quality Honda Car Paint Service in HCM. Follow the article for reference.

Criteria for Choosing a Prestigious Car Paint Garage

When you need Honda car paint, choosing a reputable garage location will help the car paint color to be standard, smooth and glossy, and durable over time.

hcm professional honda car paint service price
Honda car paint service PRESTIGE - PROFESSIONAL

Criteria for choosing a reputable car paint garage:

  • Gathering a system of modern equipment with advanced painting technology, using quality paint.
  • Concentrating on modern paint technologies such as water-based paint, anti-scratch paint, oxide primer,…
  • Quality paint has genuine origin, clear origin from major brands in the world. Especially quality paint will not pollute the environment, faster drying time.
  • Focus on a team of highly skilled technicians who are professionally trained, meticulous and careful. Because the process of painting and repairing, many complicated and dented stages, ... it takes concentration and in-depth knowledge to solve the root of the problem. The process of performing color mixing, emulsification, additive selection, etc. also requires sharp senses and good judgment of the technician.
  • Many customers appreciate the service through groups, google or word of mouth to ensure credibility and professionalism.
  • The garage has a separate repair space with areas for car paint, film, surface treatment, car wash, etc. to ensure appropriate humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Commit to the warranty policy if there is a problem, enthusiastically and thoughtfully solve the unfortunate cases when the paint is repaired. Commitment to refund or service compensation if customers are not satisfied.
  • Deployment speed is fast, on schedule as required by customers.

Thanh Phong Auto – Address to provide Professional Honda Genuine Car Paint Service in Ho Chi Minh City

The process of painting Honda cars at Thanh Phong Auto

Honda car paint service is committed by Thanh Phong Auto to a smooth paint layer with the most standard color gamut.

prestigious hcm hcm car paint garage
The process of steps to paint Honda cars in accordance with STANDARDS

Steps in the process of painting Honda cars at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Step 1: Receiving the vehicle – The staff will check the vehicle, mark the areas that need to be handled to discuss with the customer.
  • Step 2: Sanding to prepare the surface
  • Paint peeling with abrasive P80.
  • Break and lower eyelids with sandpaper P120 – P180.
  • Clean the surface with an air gun.
  • Step 3: Anti-rust paint – This step involves mixing anti-rust paint, spraying anti-rust paint, drying anti-rust paint and cleaning detailed surfaces.
  • Step 4: Making mattite – This stage includes steps of mattite mixing, mattite making, matt filling check, matt drying, coating ink coating, matt polishing, surface rechecking, detail surface cleaning.
  • Step 5: primer Surface – To have a smooth paint layer, paint to the standard color, the primer step is very important.
  • Step 6: Spray paint colors for Honda cars.
  • Step 7: Glossy varnish when the paint color has dried
  • Step 8: Specialized polishing, vehicle inspection and customer delivery.

Advantages when choosing paint for Honda cars at Thanh Phong Auto

Thanh Phong Auto leaves Professional car repair, maintenance, maintenance and painting center in Ho Chi Minh City. For car painting services, Thanh Phong Auto has "transformed" thousands of cars to become like new with a paint that is aesthetically pleasing and has high color fastness. Up to now, this service has received most of the high praise from customers.

In addition to a system of modern machinery and equipment accompanied by the most advanced car painting technology, Thanh Phong Auto also owns a team of technicians with high skills, experience and extremely careful, meticulous in each stage.

Choosing to paint Honda cars at Thanh Phong Auto, customers can be assured by:

  • Provide many services from original paint to car color change with commitment to genuine paint, the best price in the market.
  • Get advice from staff on the optimal solution based on your needs and finances.
  • Use paint imported from abroad.
  • Commitment to the new paint layer has standard color, smoothness and high color fastness.
  • Lifetime warranty policy.
  • Spacious, airy, clean garage with full modern equipment.
  • 24/7 customer support.

In addition to the above advantages, the working process and receiving maintenance - maintenance in Thanh phong professionally evaluated, full of extremely scientific steps. For the original color painting service, Thanh Phong Auto ensures the manufacturer's color code standard with a smooth paint finish. With car color changing service is committed to aesthetic, trendy and feng shui color advice.

Quotation for Honda Car Paint Service at Thanh Phong Auto

Honda car paint service in Thanh Phong Auto took place with modern scientific process, equipment - technique - technology with commitment:

  • Standard watercolor paint.
  • Paint is smooth and shiny like new.
  • Color is stable over time.

Before using the service, the customer is given a full quote by the consultant after checking. Say no to expenses.

Refer to the price of Honda car painting service at Thanh Phong Auto:

- Price Quote for Prestigious, Quality Honda Car Painting Service in HCM
Standard car paint price list at Garage
- Price Quote for Prestigious, Quality Honda Car Painting Service in HCM
Price list to change car paint color

Here is the information Quotation for Prestigious, Quality Honda Car Paint Service in HCM, hopefully useful to readers. The process of choosing a garage location should be careful to "love the car" to a beautiful, aesthetic and suitable paint color Feng Shui. Need detailed advice about the service car paint, you can contact or come directly Thanh Phong Auto to be served.

Hope you find a reputable address soon and successfully transform your beloved driver.

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