Quotation for Mercedes Car Paint Service Prestigious, Quality In Ho Chi Minh City

price of copper paint for prestigious mercedes cars in hcm
Latest update date: February 22, 05

Mercedes is a world famous car brand with luxurious, fashionable and classy beauty. Therefore, the cost bodyshop & painting For this luxury car line is also quite expensive – to ensure standard paint and save costs, the best way is to find a professional service, with an affordable quote.

You need paint Mercedes cars in HCM but do not know where prestige, how much does it cost? The following article will help you get information about Mercedes car paint price for easy reference, select the service provider address.

price of copper paint for prestigious mercedes cars in hcm
Car painting service Mercedes PRESTIGE - PROFESSIONAL HCM

Factors Influencing Price Of Mercedes Car Paint Service

The price of Mercedes car repair can be influenced by many factors, including:

  • Vehicle size: Mercedes has many lines of cars with different sizes, from which the amount of paint used and the paint time are also different. Painting a 4-seater Mercedes car will usually be cheaper than a 5-seat, 7-seat car because it costs less paint and paints faster.
  • Vehicle condition before painting: Before painting, if the Mercedes car has a dented shell, peeling paint, many scratches, etc., the repair and handling process may increase the service price.
  • Paint type and level of surface coating: In case the Mercedes car only paints parts, the cost will be lower than repainting the whole car. At the same time, the quality of paint also affects the service price.
  • Accessories and paint technology: Mercedes car painting service uses good technology and accessories, the price may be higher than usual.

** Direct contact with car paint unit for the most accurate advice and quotation with vehicle type and condition.

Quote of Thanh Phong Auto's Mercedes Car Paint Service

Thanh Phong Auto Get paint for Mercedes cars with modern processes, technology, techniques and equipment - ensuring the new paint of the car has the same smoothness and shine as the original. When receiving a car from a customer, Thanh Phong Auto's staff will check - advise - give a clear quote before doing the service. (Reference Genuine Mercedes Car Gearbox Overhaul Service In Ho Chi Minh City).

Please refer to Thanh Phong Auto's car painting service quote:

- Báo Giá Dịch Vụ Sơn Xe Ô Tô Mercedes Uy Tín, Chất Lượng Tại TPHCM - Báo Giá Dịch Vụ Sơn Xe Ô Tô Mercedes Uy Tín, Chất Lượng Tại TPHCM

Reasons to choose Thanh Phong Auto's Mercedes Car Paint Service

Mercedes car paint service requires a high level of expertise, extensive experience and meticulousness in work – a small mistake also affects the quality of the new paint. However, in reality, not all car painting units have enough experience and capacity to perform this service.

Having more than 10 years of development in the field car maintenance - repair - car care, Thanh Phong Auto confidently bring High quality, aesthetic Mercedes car painting service with affordable price.

Choosing Mercedes car paint at Thanh Phong Auto, you will be satisfied by:

  • Get paint for all Mercedes cars currently on the market.
  • Paint the car according to the correct process and technique so that the new paint surface is smooth, shiny, beautiful, even and durable.
  • Genuine paint color code, provided by the company server.
  • Skilled and experienced car painting technicians; Mix paint standard color, good painting technique.
  • Consultants understand services, trends and feng shui car paint colors to help customers choose the right paint color (if changing car color).
  • Modern painting room with all necessary equipment.
  • Clear, transparent and competitive service quotes compared to the market.
  • Service warranty policy is clear.
  • 2 facilities in Nha Be and District 7 are spacious and ready to meet customers' car painting needs.
cheap mercedes car painting service in hcm
Cheap car paint garage in HCM

The process of painting Mercedes cars at Thanh Phong Auto is also done transparently, professionally and closely:

  • Step 1: Receiving the car from the customer, the technical department checks the vehicle.
  • Step 2: Check the car, consult service and quote.
  • Step 3: Clean the car.
  • Step 4: Sand the car body.
  • Step 5: Remove grease and hard stains on the surface.
  • Step 6: Primer to prevent corrosion.
  • Step 7: Apply matit and infrared drying.
  • Step 8: Sand the matite, wipe the surface clean.
  • Step 9: Spray primer, drying.
  • Step 10: Sanding the primer, wiping the surface and shielding.
  • Step 11: Spray paint color of Mercedes cars.
  • Step 12: Spray varnish when the paint has dried.
  • Step 13: Specialized polishing, vehicle inspection and delivery to customers.

Besides Mercedes Thanh Phong Auto also receive paint repair for all other automakers from popular to high-end; 4 seats, 5 seats, 7 seats…

Above is information about Quotation for Mercedes Car Paint Service Prestigious, Quality In Ho Chi Minh City that you can refer to. If you need advice Paint miles, paint discoloration, repair, maintenance, Car care – come to Thanh Phong Auto for professional service. (Reference Quotation for Repair and Maintenance of Mercedes).

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