Hummer Car Maintenance Repair Note

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Premium Hummer Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Known as a "muscle" car full of pit, Hummer cars There is always a strong attraction by eye-catching, youthful appearance and perfect interior system. For men, this is one of the most powerful and personality lines.

However, any vehicle is the same, beautiful - durable - strong or not thanks to the process of using - repairing - maintaining properly. And the Hummer models are no exception. If you are using a Hummer then don't miss out Note repair and maintenance back of Thanh Phong Auto ok

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Premium Hummer Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Repair and maintenance of Hummer cars

5 Hummer Car Maintenance Repair Note

1. Understand the flow of vehicles you are traveling

The Hummer is famous for being a huge, aggressive car with extremely powerful engines. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are used by many car players for off-road or off-road purposes.

The general advantages of Hummer series:

  • The engine has a large capacity.
  • Solid, strong, personality exterior.
  • The interior is comfortable, comfortable and extremely modern.

The general disadvantages of the Hummer series:

  • The large, bulky size is not suitable for daily use.
  • Extremely poor fuel economy.
  • The engine is a bit noisy.
  • Not equipped with many features to ensure child safety.

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Premium Hummer Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Depending on each Hummer model, your car has more or less advantages and disadvantages. But in general, if you own a car of this brand, you need to understand them to know how to use it safely, effectively and most economically.

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2. Know what milestones need to be maintained

Any car has a regular maintenance schedule - this will make them last longer, run quieter, and limit unnecessary damage. Therefore, your Hummer also needs to be repaired and maintained according to the following milestones:

  • Engine oil change: Hummer quite consumes oil, so about 10.000 km or 6 months you should change the oil once.
  • Change oil filter: About 2 times of changing Hummer oil, you need to change one oil filter.
  • Replace the battery: After 4 years should replace 1 time and should replace the original battery.
  • Changing cooling water: About 40.000 km of use, change the water once.
  • Replace spark plug: After 2 years, it should be replaced 1 time.
  • Replace the air conditioner filter: After 2 years, it should be changed once.
  • Replace the engine air filter: After 2 years, it should be replaced once.
  • Replace brake fluid: After 2 years, it should be changed once.

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Premium Hummer Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Pay attention to vehicle maintenance milestones

Maybe when it comes to your service schedule, you still find your baby's car still running smoothly - no problem to worry about. But if you ignore these milestones, the Hummer engine will very quickly damage and affect other parts of the vehicle. Therefore, "prevention is better than cure".

3. Pay attention when the check light is on on the dashboard screen

Most modern cars have a taplo sign - this is an important sign indicating the current state of the car.
When the taplo sign has a yellow or red indicator light, you need to take your car to a repair center immediately. Because this signal shows that your Hummer is having some serious problems.

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Premium Hummer Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Pay attention when the check light is on

Most of the warning lights of the dashboard are correct, so do not "ignore" them.

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4. Watch for common signs of damage when using a Hummer

In addition to maintenance milestones and indicators on the dashboard, you need to be aware of the following common signs of damage to ensure the safest ride:

Normal damage to Hummer vehicles:

  • Tires are young, strong when turning or worn unevenly.
  • There is strange noise related to the engine.
  • The pedal almost touched the floor and swung to the side when braking.
  • The exhaust system sound is not normal.
  • The car has a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust.

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Premium Hummer Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Maintain the car when there are abnormal signs

Damages related to Hummer underbody:

  • There is liquid leak under the car.
  • Engine low capacity or large inertia.
  • The engine coolant temperature is often higher than normal.
  • The handlebar is heavy when the tires are not young, not carrying a lot of cargo.
  • The steering wheel is difficult to return to balance.
  • The vehicle is often deflected to one side while driving in a straight line.

These failures are quite common and easy to identify, so you need to pay attention for your car to be repaired and maintained quickly. This not only ensures the safety in use, but also limits the incidence of unnecessary damage and costs.

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5. Select a professional repair center

Hummer cars have a high cost and are not used much in daily life, so this is not a popular car on the market. Therefore, not all centers have car repairmen specializing in this model.

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Premium Hummer Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Prestigious and professional car repair garage in Ho Chi Minh City

Choosing an amateur repair unit will NOT guarantee repair quality or use genuine and suitable accessories. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about the addresses of maintenance on the market. Thanh Phong Auto Is one professional car repair - maintenance - care unit in HCMC.

Thanh Phong's technicians and repairmen are experienced and specialized in all types of vehicles, including Hummer. Therefore, every Hummer when coming to Thanh Phong Auto is checked and consulted on suitable solutions. Since then, offering the most reasonable package and price list, ensuring to thoroughly solve the problems facing the Hummer.

Therefore, Thanh Phong Auto Always confident is the perfect address for you to choose from. Any questions about the service, price list as well as the problem of the driver, please contact Thanh Phong Auto for the fastest consultation!

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