Car Flooded Due to Floods Are Car Repair Insurance Payments

Car flooded due to floods, can insurance pay for car repair? Best Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Car flooded car is a sensitive issue that any owner does not want to happen to his car. However, in the face of natural disasters such as heavy rain and floods, it is difficult to avoid the vehicle being flooded. Every time a natural disaster occurs, there will be a means of transport, namely a car, be submerged in the sea of ​​water, causing great damage to vehicle owners.

During the Rainy Season, Cars Have a High Risk of Flooding
During the Rainy Season, Cars Have a High Risk of Flooding

The question posed by many people here is, can the insurance company pay for the car repair in case the car is flooded with floods? For the most accurate answer, let's go with ThanhPhong Auto to learn more in the article below.

Are flooded cars covered by insurance?

As far as we learn, the flood of the vehicle due to natural disaster is force majeure (including but not limited to storms, floods, lightning, thunderstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis ...) insured.

In addition, car owners should note in the insurance policy that there will be provisions on compensation for losses including: Engine damage caused by vehicle operating in the area / road is flooded or caused by water entering the engine. So the hydrostatic phenomenon is the exclusive case of the physical insurance liability.

Is a Submerged Car Covered by Insurance?
Is a Submerged Car Covered by Insurance?

When buying insurance, car owners need to learn carefully what specific water damage insurance will cover in any case. Because a car is flooded with water, it is an additional benefit clause when participating in the physical insurance of the car. In the vehicle material insurance contract with the above provision, the hydrophobic vehicle will have the right to claim.

Good tips to protect your car during rainy and flood seasons

Avoid leaving your car in areas where there is a high risk of crashing

Should move vehicles to stay in safe places such as a high-rise garage or an area with no air intake, few tall trees to avoid falling trees and flooding water. If left in the garage, it is necessary to ensure the construction is firm and also to have a reinforcement plan to increase the durability.

Bring the Vehicle to a Safe Parking Location
Bring the Vehicle to a Safe Parking Location

Keep vehicle documents safe

Care should be taken to keep vehicle documents to avoid loss or damage when storms and floods occur. Therefore, vehicle documents such as registration, insurance, driver's license and even personal documents should be kept in a separate place.

Take a picture of the car

This is an important issue that owners should not ignore because it will be proof of the condition of your vehicle before the storm, flood and subsequent loss. Used to claim insurance and ensure its own benefits. This will apply to car owners who have purchased disaster insurance.

Check back insurance

Make sure that the car insurance has its shelf life so that in the worst case scenario, it will still be compensated by insurance.

Protect the vehicle from flood hazard

Protect Your Car With Plastic Bags
Protect Your Car With Plastic Bags

Need to bring the car to a high, safe parking place. In case of on-site flood protection, the vehicle should be mounted completely above the estimated flooding level. Currently on the market there are many types of buoys or "giant plastic bags" to cover the car, avoid flooding. Car owners can refer to more equipment for their beloved drivers.

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In case the vehicle has been flooded, the vehicle owner should pay attention

Do Not Start The Vehicle

When the vehicle is flooded with water above the floor or inside the vehicle, the owner must absolutely not start the vehicle. Because starting up will cause water to flood the vehicle system and worsen the situation. It is possible to get help from another vehicle, lift your vehicle to a higher position and let it tilt, try to do all you can to get the water out of your car as quickly as possible. Or quickly contact the rescue center for assistance.

You Should Not Start Your Vehicle After Being Flooded
You Should Not Start Your Vehicle After Being Flooded

Vehicle Equipment Inspection

Care should be taken to check the systems from lights, electrical control systems, air bag systems, speaker systems, ...

Engine Check

When the car is flooded, if there is any sign of water entering the intake manifold, open the connecting pipes and the air filter to clean and dry and if water seeps into the filter, replace it.

Check the Car Engine for Damage
Check the Car Engine for Damage

Chairs And Floor Coverings

For modern cars today, car seats and interior are usually made of high-quality felt or leather, so it is easy to smell unpleasant when water is absorbed. You need to remove the seat, footrest, floor coverings should be removed and cleaned then remove the drain holes in the car floor, use washing water and a steam hose to dry the floor.

Oil and Oil

Because the engine and gearbox are submerged in water, water can get in and this will cause the oil to no longer lubricate. Causes a great influence on the working process of the engine, making details such as pistons, cylinders ... easy to wear, the engine bundle causes heavy damage. So you need to check whether the oil has been mixed with water to proceed with oil drain and new oil change.

Instructions for Checking and Maintaining Cars in the Rainy Season
Check and Replace Engine Oil

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Thus, through the information shared by ThanhPhong Auto, when the car owner wants to be compensated for the damage caused by the flooding of the vehicle, he must buy insurance for vehicle material damage of the insurance company. Do not forget to learn the rules in the contract to protect your rights. Wish you have more experience to protect your beloved driver.

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