What does your “PEAT” need when the rainy season comes?

Top Tips When Driving A Car In The Rainy Season In Saigon

The rainy season in Saigon usually starts from May 4-5 and lasts until the month of 9-10, some years end a little later. The rains in Saigon often come and go very quickly, some prolonged rains lead to local flooding. This not only hinders the traffic situation, but also accidentally affects the vehicles on the road, especially cars.

With traffic conditions in Saigon, it is quite troublesome for cars to stall due to flooded roads, and it is very difficult to drive in such weather conditions, so we need to equip the vehicles. Necessary conditions for good and safe operation. Thanh Phong Auto sends you some skills to help you in operating the car in the rainy season:

  • 1 Part Things to check car care before the rainy season begins.
  • Part 2 Some essential skills when driving in the rain and car care after rain.

Within the scope of this article, Thanh Phong Auto sends to you the 1 Section; 2 part will be posted in the next article.

Part 1: Things to check car care before the rainy season starts

Ensure visibility when driving in the rainy season

In the process of using the device gradually degraded over time, some broken parts were unavoidable, especially in the unpredictable rainy and rainy weather today. These parts must be exposed and directly affected by external impacts, so the frequent damage is quite understandable.

When moving in rainy and windy weather, the visibility is greatly affected, affecting the safety of the driver and the passengers. To improve this, before every trip we should check the outside details such as windshield, headlights ... make sure they are in good condition, not opaque, no objects affect the brightness. , vision.

Headlights, taillights

For headlights and taillights after a period of use, due to the impact of the external environment plus the amount of heat radiated during the glow process, the headlight surface is dull, cracked, appears yellow stained patches. To solve this problem, to ensure the brightness of the lamp, we have options such as polishing the outer surface of the lamp, removing color stains, equipping the lamp with super bright bulbs ... In some cases, the lamp is too degraded, we must replace it.

Observe the Mirror's Surface Is it Blurred or Cloudy?

Observe whether the mirror surface is dim or opaque?

Windshield, rearview mirror

For windshield mirrors, mirrors we must regularly clean with specialized solutions to ensure the mirror is clear, bright, and not stain.

Clean the Driving Glass Thoroughly

Clean the steering glass thoroughly

Rain wiper, glass washing system

A part that is very active during the rainy season, very useful in ensuring the driver's vision. So, check your wipers regularly to make sure they're always working well. If necessary we should replace the new wipers and re-check all the operation modes of the wiper system. Signs of damage to the wipers, such as cracked, warped rubber, do not have adhesion to the glass, do not wipe off rainwater.

 The wiper needs to hug the glass

Wipers need to hug the glass closely

Standard Rain Wipers

Wiper of standard rain

Check the glass washer bottle, take extra care when missing, use special solution to easily clean the glass and protect other equipment. The water pipes, motor ... also need to check to ensure normal operation.

Check drainage system for sunroof glass, rear glass, door panels

Check the Door Seals

Check the door seals

Rainy weather like Saigon makes rubber parts cracked and age quickly, leading to rainwater that can leak into causing moldy condition on the car or worse, causing the car to get into the water. No small impact on the control box, electrical systems on the vehicle. The locations we need to pay attention to are the front windshield rails, the door panels, the trunk panels behind the car, the rubber under the car mats.

If Necessary, Redo the Rons

If necessary redo the ron

By structure, most sunroofs have a small hole to drain rainwater. This water opening is easily clogged with dirt or leaves. This is the reason why rainwater will be absorbed into the interior compartment. On the other hand, to maximize the efficiency of the sunroof, we need to regularly clean, remove all dirt in the drainage, drainage pipes of the system.

Sunroof Drainage Hole

Drainage of the sunroof

View From Inside

Seen from the inside

+ Note: Insurance "Driver" - Should You Join?

Ensure electrical system

In the rainy season, we will use more and at the same time equipment such as headlights or wipers and some other power consumption parts ... this puts pressure and forces the battery to operate more.

Battery Measurement

Battery Test

Clean and Tighten Necessary Contact Points

Sanitize and tighten necessary contact points

Moreover, having to swim in the middle of a flooded road will cause most of our cars to stall. Therefore, check the battery and car maintenance to make sure it is still strong enough to work well during the rainy season, can recharge the battery or replace it if necessary.

Care should also be taken to ensure that water does not enter the vehicle and that the power lines are not exposed or broken to prevent fire and explosion caused by electric shock and affect passenger safety.

Check your tires and brakes periodically

Check Brake Disc

Check the brake disc

Observe Tire Condition

Observe tire condition

Check Dad Thang

Check the father won

In the rainy season, the road is often slippery, so it must be equipped with tires that ensure technical standards, bearing, good grip, especially when cornering, steering ... if not good grip, it will certainly be easy to lead. to a serious situation of tripping or losing the steering, which could cause an accident or unexpected collision.

Tire notes:

  • Expiry date: After changing year, the tire must be checked regularly.
  • Tire wear: tire wear is only about 0.16cm, so it should be replaced immediately.
  • Visual inspection: checking for cracks, edema, tire spikes. If the tire is cracking, cracks should be replaced immediately.
  • Should turn each tire 20.000km, if worn tires do not need to adjust the right wheel corner
  • Tire pressure: pumping more than enough pressure, the tire will work better and increase tire life. The normal pressure of travel tires is 2,1bar, equivalent to 30psi. If you are more careful, you can see the parameters of your own tire pressure used in the manufacturer's instructions, or right or left front door stamps.

Another part that plays a decisive role in ensuring vehicle safety is the brakes. Make sure the brake pads still have enough friction and the brakes are still in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications. You can visit Thanh Phong Auto for a better inspection.

Undercarriage protection

Underbody Protection Spray

Spray protection roar

Check Cleaning Before Spraying Underbody Protection

Check cleaning before spray protection roar

Car chassis is the most exposed part when moving in the rain. This part is usually made up of metal materials, highly oxidized, easy to corrode when exposed to water for a long time. So this is the part you need to take care of car maintenance in the rainy season.

Currently, the simplest and most common way to preserve undercarriage is to cover a layer of chemical protection. The cost for maintenance of this car is not expensive, you can refer to the cost and quality of service in Thanh Phong Auto.

It should also be noted that the car should be washed and serviced, including the chassis regularly during this rainy season to avoid dirt, mud sticking on a long time to make the oxidation process faster.

The above are some methods and things to keep in mind when maintaining a vehicle in the rainy season. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately - Thanh Phong Auto for the best advice and technical support. We also provide professional - dedicated car repair and maintenance services.

The rainy season in Saigon usually starts from April - May and lasts until September - October, with a year ending a little later. The rains in Saigon usually come and go very quickly, some of them last, leading to local flooding. This not only obstructs the traffic situation, but also inadvertently affects vehicles on the road, especially cars.

With traffic conditions in Saigon, it is quite troublesome for cars to stall due to flooded roads, and it is very difficult to drive in such weather conditions, so we need to equip the vehicles. Necessary conditions for good and safe operation. Thanh Phong Auto send you some skills to help you in your job Operating vehicles in the rainy season:

Part 2: Some skills needed to drive in the rain and take care of cars after rain

Notes when driving in the rain

Notes When Driving In The Rain

1 / Can you change the route?

In the process of moving suddenly encountered heavy rain, first think about the path you are going or is flooded? If so, could you divert to another route less likely to be flooded? If you can choose like this step, congratulations! If it is not possible to change the direction or force the vehicle to continue moving in the rain and heavy rain, it is okay, Thanh Phong Auto recommends that you carefully read the following steps.

2 / Pay close attention, reduce the speed

In the case of heavy rain, need to slow down, pay close attention because it will reduce visibility, open wiper mode to avoid being muddy by the vehicle in the opposite direction to shoot up to lose visibility. On the other hand, do not accelerate or control the motor vehicle suddenly, easily slipping the wheel.

3 / Turn on the headlights

Turn on the Headlights

In rainy weather, especially in heavy rains, the restricted visibility of the headlights will help cars in the opposite direction to easily recognize from it and avoid unnecessary collisions.

4 / Drive slowly, keep a distance from the car ahead, avoid sudden braking

Drive slowly, keep distance from the vehicle in front, avoid sudden braking

Heavy rains easily lead to slippery vehicles. On the other hand, the sensitivity of braking in wet road conditions is much worse than that of dry roads, so slow-speed traffic is a top safety measure when it rains. Do not brake too quickly, it will make it difficult for the rear vehicle to calculate the safe distance and crash yourself. If you have to use the brakes, reduce the throttle or flatten the brake pedal to reduce the speed and always remember to brake earlier, lighter than usual.

In addition, when driving, you must also pay attention to the distance factor with the vehicles in front, so keep a distance twice the length of the body to ensure safety when moving.

5 / Select the center lane to avoid flooding

Vietnamese roads are often raised in the middle to allow water to flow to the sides. Therefore, nIf conditions permit, drive in the middle of the lane, because in the roadside 2 often low, more water flooded.

6 / Review when traversing wetlands

Considerations When Traveling Through Flooded Areas

If the water reaches the bottom edge of the car door, you should take another route because flooding will severely damage the electrical system, not to mention the risk of water damage. The puddles also contain deep pits that you cannot see when looking at them. When the vehicle passes by, it causes a strong impact, damaging the tires and suspension system of the vehicle.

If you have to go through a flooded area, you should remove the engine air filter to get air directly from the engine compartment, instead of through the intake air of the vehicle to prevent water from entering the engine. After passing the flooded section, you can install the engine air filter back to normal.

The rule when traveling in wetlands is to keep gear low and high speed. Keep engine revs high to avoid water getting into the exhaust pipe, causing the car to "stall". For manual geared cars, it should be set to 1, and for automatic transmission cars with numbers D1, D2 ... change to D1, trying to keep the engine rpm as high as possible.

7 / Do not try to restart when the vehicle stalled

Don't Try to Restart When Your Car Dies

When entering the flooded road, avoid opening the door as soon as the car breaks down, but pay attention to whether the water passes the edge of the car floor or not, if higher, absolutely not open the door, because it will flood the outside water. wetting the interior, damage electronic systems. In this case, open windows to access the vehicle.

If the vehicle is suddenly shut down in the middle of the flooded area, it must not be restarted because water may spill into the engine causing a water attack, bending the arms, breaking into the engine .... The best way is to pull the electric key, push the car to a high position and call for rescue immediately.

8 / Rescue

Always keep at least one traffic rescue phone number when you need it. Or contact Thanh Phong Auto when needed we are always ready to serve you Hotline: 0934797179- 0934222763

+ Note: What is "Baby Care" Coverage?

Car care after going to rain

After heavy and persistent rains, your car must constantly be wet, exposed to dirty water, mud on parts of the car will make your car more quickly damaged. Therefore, if not timely maintenance and waiting until the sunny day to maintain maintenance to save time, effort and money, it is afraid that will not prolong the life of "drivers love"

Please refer to the experience below to take care of the best driver in the rainy season.

1 / Wash the car right after the car gets wet

Wash Your Car Immediately After It Gets Drenched In The Rain

The details under the paint are rust-proof, but over time their function is gradually lost, due to the mud, dirt or acidic water sticking to the oxidation. 

Besides, mud enters the moving joints of suspension system, the steering system rotor, becomes the surface grinding surface. Not only that, they can make the joints hard. Therefore, to increase durability and stability for the car, you need to wash it after every wading or walking on muddy roads.

To save time, costs, with regular washing it is not necessary to bring the car to a professional store but simply spray water to clean mud.

When the rain stops, you need to clean the car. Regular cleaning of your car is the best way to protect it.

2 / Cleaning and maintenance of engine compartment and interior

When moving in rain or flooded roads, a lot of dirt sticks to the engine compartment area so it is necessary to be cleaned and cared for carefully. Especially the power jacks should use specialized cleaning solutions.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Engine Compartment and Interior

Note that this work should only be done when the engine is cold

The belt pulls the load to a low position, while the engine compartment is not fully closed, mud, soil, water adhesion causes belt sliding. In addition to the annoying hiss, the belt is quickly broken.

A lot of slip may not be enough to pull the air conditioner, power steering or generator which leads to other problems. Vehicle owners can check with their eyes. If there is water or mud on the rope, the soil should be cleaned using both a belt and a belt.

Note that this job should only be done when the engine has cooled down.

Cars After Being In The Rain Is The Right Time

Cars after the rain are a good time for moldy bacteria to survive and the interior of cars will be a great place for them to stay, so check regularly. , cleaning floor carpets and chairs to detect and treat the musty smell on the car, preserving the interior of the car well.

+ Note: Note When Selecting The Best Repair - Car Maintenance

3 / General maintenance inspection

It is necessary to check the overall hygiene and maintenance of the vehicle.In addition, you can pay attention to the following parts:

- Win system

General Maintenance Check

The brakes and wheels of the wheels are the most vulnerable parts after rain. Because they are in a low position, mud and water are easy to penetrate.

For cars that use frequently, the continuous draft and the heat under the ground make the water evaporate quickly, so the possibility of oxidation is greatly reduced.

For cars with little use, rainwater seeps in, oxidation occurs, corrodes the parts and causes rust. A typical phenomenon is a hard handbrake jam due to long days after rain or slow release, caused by the saddle's movable joints brake Rusty due to rain.

- The suspension and steering system, the floor of the vehicle need to be cleaned, remove soil or dirt that can cause rust or wear of parts during operation.

4 / Other notes

Special note in case the car has more severe incidents, hydroelectric devices, water spilled into the interior compartment, ... please contact Thanh Phong Auto immediately to support you.

We are always ready to serve you, please contact us:

Hotline: 0934222763 - 0934797179

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