Is Tata Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country?

Are tata trucks good?
Latest update date: February 21, 06

Tata trucks Conquering the Vietnamese market thanks to its strong performance, fuel economy and affordable price. However, with the fierce market competition, is this car the right choice for you?

This paragraph, Thanh Phong Auto will provide the most complete information about Tata trucks, to help you have an overview and make a decision to buy a car that suits your needs.

Introducing Tata trucks

Tata trucks are manufactured by Tata Motors Limited – one of India's largest automobile manufacturing groups with over 75 years of experience. In Vietnam, this car line has been officially distributed by TMT Motors Company Limited since 2016 and received very positive feedback from the market.

Are tata trucks good?
TaTa Truck

Tata cars have many models, suitable for the cargo transportation needs of diverse customers. Popular truck models in Vietnam include:

  • Tata Super Ace (mainstream): 1.2 ton light truck line, available in open box, canvas, and closed versions.
  • Tata Ultra 814: medium-duty truck with a capacity of 7.4 tons, with open box, canvas, and closed versions.
  • Tata Ultra 1518: medium-duty truck with a capacity of 7.2 tons, with open box, canvas, and closed versions.

100% of Tata truck components are imported directly from India and assembled on modern production lines. Tata's car lines are highly appreciated for their quality, durability, flexible operation, fuel economy and suitability for traffic conditions in Vietnam.

Are Tata trucks good?

Determining whether a Tata truck is good or not depends on many factors, below are some important pros and cons to help you understand better:


Tata uses a variety of engines for its trucks, including diesel and gasoline engines. Tata diesel engines are known for their fuel efficiency and high performance.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Equipped with many standard safety features, including ABS brakes, airbags, electronic balance and traction control.
  • The car is powder coated using the most modern technology.
  • Strong performance and high durability.
  • Compact size, small turning radius, easy to move on narrow roads.
  • The headlight system integrates fog lights, ensuring visibility when traveling at night.
  • Engine (2 types diesel and gasoline) has low noise, equipped gear Aluminum shell has good heat transfer and high durability.
  • Attractive warranty policy (3 years or 100.000 km).
  • Many types of trucks have a full range of tonnage levels, making it easy for users to choose.
  • Suitable for businesses' budgets.


  • The car interior is quite simple.
  • Limited entertainment systems.
  • Short cargo box.

In general, Tata trucks will be an optimal choice for many individuals and businesses because of their compact body and can flexibly circulate on narrow roads or crowded places in Vietnamese cities. This is also a powerful, fuel-efficient and reasonably priced truck.

Tata truck lines stand out in the Vietnamese market

Tata Super Ace

Tata Super Ace is the best-selling light truck line of Tata Motors in Vietnam. With a load capacity of 1.2 tons, this vehicle line is suitable for the needs of small businesses transporting goods within the inner city.

Possessing maximum power/rotating speed of 52/4000 KW, 135/2500 rpm, maximum speed of 125 km/h, Tata Super Ace can operate strongly and stably on many roads.

tata truck price list
Tata Super Ace

Tata Ultra 814

The Tata Ultra 814 7.4-ton medium-duty vehicle has an exceptionally long trunk (2 versions: 5.3m and 6.2m) and will be a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses. The vehicle has a spacious cabin with more comfortable seats for 3 people, and is lifted and lowered by a 75-degree hydraulic system, making maintenance and repair much easier.

In addition, the new generation 3.0 L fuel injection engine helps the car have optimal climbing ability and the ability to accelerate in a shorter time than other cars in the same segment, but still ensures fuel economy for the driver. use.

tata truck price 990kg
Tata Ultra 814

Tata Ultra 1518

The 1518-ton Tata Ultra 7.2 has an ABS braking system, which helps balance the 4-wheel braking force and engine braking when going downhill, limiting brake failure on mountain passes in Vietnam.

In addition, the car is designed with a more spacious cabin and many convenient features, bringing comfort to the driver.

tata truck price 750kg
Tata Ultra 1518

Latest Tata truck price list

Below is the car price list (updated Q1/2024) for your reference:

Vehicles Price
Light Truck Tata Super ACE 990Kg sealed box 336 million VND
Tata Super ACE 990Kg canvas roof box 283 million VND
Tata Super ACE 990Kg mezzanine tank 270 million VND
Tata Super ACE 990Kg batwing sealed box 336 million VND
Medium truck Tata Ultra 814 7T5 sealed box 644 million VND
Tata Ultra 814 7T5 canvas roof box 628 million VND
Tata Ultra 814 7T5 mezzanine 614 million VND

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- Is Tata Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country?
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Hope the article Is Tata Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country? will be helpful. Hope you soon choose the quality truck you want!

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