How to Save Car Maintenance Costs?

How to Save Costs When Maintaining Your Car

Regular car maintenance is necessary to ensure safety and prolong the life of the vehicle. However, car maintenance costs are not small, causing headaches for many car owners.

So how to minimize maintenance costs without affecting performance and ensuring safety for your "beloved car"? Follow Thanh Phong Auto to pocket measures to help you save on car maintenance costs!

Factors Affecting Car Maintenance Costs

Current car maintenance costs depend on many factors, and vary depending on the fee applied by each center. Normally, the lowest car maintenance fee is from 200.000 VND to 300.000 VND and highest from 1.500.000 VND to 10.000.000 VND Depending on the car brand, maintenance items and replacement accessories...

How to Save Costs When Maintaining Your Car
How to Save Costs When Maintaining Your Car

Some important factors that directly affect specific car maintenance costs:

  • Type of vehicle being used: Each car brand is equipped with its own equipment items. Depending on the popular or high-end car model, maintenance and replacement costs will vary. Of course, maintenance costs for expensive cars will be much higher than for affordable and popular cars.
  • Maintenance level: To determine the level of maintenance, the vehicle must undergo a rigorous inspection process. If you have to replace many spare parts and use a high level of maintenance, the price will always be higher.
  • Maintenance center: Each maintenance center will have its own maintenance price, but it is still set based on market price to be competitive. Don't be cheap, choose maintenance centers with prices that vary too much because "you get what you pay for". You should choose centers that are well-known, well-known and highly appreciated by many customers, not only to protect the safety of your "beloved car" but also to optimize costs.

6 Tips to Save Car Maintenance Costs

Read carefully and follow the vehicle owner's manual

Any device when produced will have a manual on how to use it, the same goes for cars. Information provided by the car manual:

  • How to set up, operate, parts details, errors and repairs.
  • Periodic maintenance schedule, how to check and fix damaged vehicles.
Vehicle Owner's Manual (Illustration)
Vehicle Owner's Manual (Illustration)

With the above information, car owners can completely fix small problems and be proactive in using and driving their cars to save costs. At the same time, remind you of the maintenance check schedule so that your "beloved car" is always in good condition, avoiding serious and costly damage.

Start the car properly

Many car owners are still wearing out engine parts and reducing vehicle life by starting the vehicle incorrectly. This is the cause of high maintenance costs.

Note that while using the car, the car owner should not run the car immediately after starting it, there must be time to wait for the internal engine to be lubricated before slowly accelerating. When traveling on the road, maintaining a steady speed, limiting braking and braking are also actions to protect machine parts from wear.

Wash your car regularly and properly

The climate and road infrastructure in Vietnam are the leading reasons why cars are not only often covered in dirt and mud but also quickly degrade and wear out parts if dirt accumulates for a long time. .

Wash Your Car Regularly and Properly
Wash Your Car Regularly and Properly

Therefore, a safe solution and to save maintenance costs is to wash your car regularly and properly. This helps wash away dirt outside and inside the engine, increasing vehicle life.

Note, you should use specialized cleaning tools for cars if you don't want to do more harm than good.

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Use the correct type of lubricant and appropriate coolant

Use the Right Type of Lubricant and Coolant
Use the Right Type of Lubricant and Coolant

Using the right lubricant and coolant for each type of car will protect the engine from overheating and ensure the smooth and safe operation of the machine system. Don't be cheap and buy unreliable products on the market, the car can easily deteriorate and be damaged due to lack of adaptation.

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Check and change oil regularly

Check and Change Oil Regularly
Check and Change Oil Regularly

Lubricant is considered a lubricant, helping every detail inside the engine to reduce friction and increase temperature during operation so that the vehicle operates smoothly. However, after a period of use, the oil will no longer be effective in lubricating, so the oil must be checked and replaced before it no longer ensures proper performance.

Regular vehicle maintenance

Regular Vehicle Maintenance
Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Cars will have regular maintenance periods based on kilometers or actual operating time. Car owners should proactively comply to promptly detect and prevent potential engine damage. If left subjectively for a long time, the "illness" gets worse, the higher the cost, and the "poorer the wallet".

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Thanh Phong Auto – Professional, Dedicated Car Maintenance Unit in HCM

Currently, in HCM it is not too difficult to find a professional car maintenance unit. However, each unit will have different competitive prices depending on the quality of service as well as the main customer base that the unit is targeting. Therefore, car owners should consider and consult before choosing.

As a professional car maintenance - repair - care address rated top in HCM, Thanh Phong confidently brings good service quality, reasonable costs with a commitment to speed and safety.

Thanh Phong Auto - Prestigious Auto Repair and Maintenance Address in Hcm
Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious Auto Repair and Maintenance Address in Hcm

Benefits when customers come to Thanh Phong:

  • Diverse services, diverse levels of maintenance with competitive costs.
  • Prices are transparent and public. Customers are advised by staff and given clear quotes before using the service.
  • Commit to using safe products and standard tools for cleaning items.
  • Dedicated, thoughtful service and dedicated advice.
  • The technical staff is agile, skilled and senior.
  • The garage system is spacious and airy, with convenient waiting areas for customers.

Customers come with Thanh Phong Auto, in addition to experiencing maintenance services, you can refer to car beauty and aesthetic services or if you need to buy genuine parts, car insurance, new - used cars, Thanh Phong is always available. Ready to give thoughtful and dedicated advice.

Hopefully with this article, car owners can save some money during car use and maintenance. If you need the most professional and dedicated car maintenance service in HCM, contact Thanh Phong Auto for attentive service!

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