Should I use heat-insulating film on a newly purchased car?

Should I use heat-insulating film on a newly purchased car?
Latest update date: February 17, 01

Just bought a new car, do you want to add some accessories to protect the car and increase its aesthetics? Applying heat-insulating film is one of the options considered by many car owners thanks to its ability to block ultraviolet rays, minimize heat absorption, create private space in the car,...

So is applying heat-insulating film really necessary? Let's find out with Thanh Phong Auto in the article below!

Should or Shouldn't I Apply Heat Insulation Film to New Cars?

Heat insulation film is a polyester film coated with many layers of different metals, combining infrared spectrum filtering technology, preventing heat absorption between the environment and inside the vehicle. Applying heat insulation film not only reduces car temperature, protects the interior, increases the aesthetics of the car, but also provides a more comfortable and safer experience for the user.

Applying heat-insulating film brings many benefits
Applying heat-insulating film brings many benefits

Of course, applying heat-insulating film also has some disadvantages, such as reducing visibility to the outside and making the car glass darken. However, these disadvantages are insignificant compared to the benefits that window film brings.

So, if you are wondering whether or not you should apply heat insulation film to your newly purchased car, the answer is yes. Installing heat insulation film is a worthy investment, bringing many benefits to you and your family.

Discover the Uses of Heat Insulation Film for Cars

Infrared rays are one of the main causes of heat absorption and increased temperature in the car. Therefore, heat-insulating film was born to benefit the driver and protect the car's interior. Specifically:

Protect health

The harmful effects of sunlight and ultraviolet rays are countless. Applying heat-insulating film helps protect your skin and eyes when you have to move a lot in hot weather.

Besides, if some car parts are vinyl-based, formaldehyde will easily generate toxins when exposed to high temperatures. They have the ability to cause anemia, leukemia, and even cancer. Current heat-insulating films can block 99% of ultraviolet radiation, protecting human health.

In addition, the glue on the heat-insulating film can bind broken pieces together, increasing safety for occupants at risk of broken glass.

Applying heat-insulating film helps protect health and protect the car's interior
Applying heat-insulating film helps protect health and protect the car's interior

Protects the interior and increases the life of the car

Internal equipment such as dashboard, door panels, steering wheel, seats, etc. are all made of plastic, leather, vinyl, so when exposed to high temperatures, they can easily become discolored, blistered, and even deformed. This causes loss of aesthetics, reduces the value of the car, and repair costs are very high.

Applying heat-insulating film helps stabilize the temperature inside the car

Heat-insulating film can reduce up to 85% of the heat absorbed by car glass from the outside. From there, it stabilizes the temperature in the car, creating a comfortable feeling for people inside, especially when the weather is hot.

Energy saving

When the temperature in the car is high, the cabin gets hotter and the air conditioning capacity is greater, forcing the car to consume more fuel, reducing the life of the equipment. Applying heat-insulating film helps regulate the car's temperature, so fuel consumption is lower, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs, helping to save your time and money.

Ensure privacy of space inside the car

Current heat-insulating film lines all have the ability to prevent visibility from the outside, helping to increase privacy, high security and security when parking in public places. This is an outstanding advantage of heat insulation film that helps users decide on their choice.

Clear vision, good observation

Sunlight shining on the windshield or headlights from vehicles in front will limit visibility and reduce vision, easily causing an accident. Applying heat-insulating film helps optimize visibility, reduce glare, allowing the driver to easily see the road and ensure driving safety.

Applying heat-insulating film helps improve visibility
Applying heat-insulating film helps improve visibility

Notes When Applying Heat Insulation Film to New Vehicles

To prolong the usage time and ensure the positive effects of the heat-insulating film, when applying it to a new car, you should note:

Choose the appropriate brand of window film

On the market today, there are many types of good heat-insulating films for cars sold such as: 3M heat-insulating films, NanoX heat-insulating films, V-kool heat-insulating films, etc. Based on criteria such as heat insulation, UV/UVR ray resistance, light penetration, users will decide which type is suitable for their vehicle.

Choose the right heat-insulating film
Choose the right heat-insulating film

Note, there are many poor quality heat-insulating films. These are products that can only block light but not UV and infrared rays, so they do not bring much use to the car. You should prioritize branded and guaranteed genuine sources of goods to avoid "losing money".

Choose a heat-insulating film with appropriate light penetration

Choose a heat-insulating film with the highest light penetration in the driving glass area to ensure visibility when traveling at night. Side and rear glass can be chosen darker.

Clean the glass thoroughly before pasting

Cleaning the glass surface before gluing is very important. Just a small grain of sand can damage your film. Therefore, you should carefully observe the staff while cleaning the car.

Clean the glass thoroughly before pasting
Clean the glass thoroughly before pasting

Limit going up and down the car window after 3-5 days

Heat-insulating film has a fairly high shelf life, 10-15 years depending on the adhesive layer, so once installed, the film needs time to adhere tightly. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the car glass intact for at least 72 hours to maximize the adhesion of the adhesive layer and protect the durability of the product.

Do not wash the car immediately after applying car heat insulation film

If you clean or wash the car immediately after applying the film, it will cause the film to be exposed to water and reduce adhesion. It's best to just wipe gently with a damp cloth and wash your car after about 3 days to maintain the adhesion of the car insulation film.

Do not leave your car in extremely hot weather

Protect your car from too much sun
Protect your car from too much sun

Sunlight can cause the insulation film to peel or deform. If you must park your car in the sun, you should cover it with a layer of sunscreen to protect the car and increase the life of the film.

Use specialized detergent when cleaning the film surface

At stores specializing in applying automotive heat-insulating film, employees often use specialized washing liquid. Do not use strong cleaning chemicals because they can corrode and affect the color of the film.

Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious and Professional Car Care and Maintenance Address in HCM

If you are looking for a unit that performs reputable car care and maintenance services - professional quality in HCM, Thanh Phong Auto is very willing to serve. Customers coming to Thanh Phong Auto are provided with the best heat insulation films on the market, warranty and return if there is a product defect.

Thanh Phong Auto specializes in reputable car repair, maintenance and beautification in HCM
Thanh Phong Auto specializes in reputable car repair, maintenance and beautification in HCM

With extensive experience and a team of skilled staff, we commit to:

  • Providing quality heat insulation film products, reasonable prices, suitable for your vehicle model.
  • The process is closed, flexible, ensuring careful, meticulous and professional operations.
  • A team of highly skilled technicians ensures correct film installation techniques.
  • Clear warranty policy, maximum protection of customer interests.

Hopefully the above useful information has helped you understand the importance of applying heat insulation film to newly purchased cars. Need to contact for advice on car care - maintenance services, car buying - selling and vehicle insurance of all types, contact Thanh Phong Auto for attentive and dedicated service.

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