Cars Running With Loud Creaking Sound: Causes & Treatments

Reasons why cars make noise when running
Latest update date: February 10, 07

Cars running with rattling noises Not only creating an uncomfortable feeling when using the vehicle, but also a sign that the vehicle is having problems. If you continue to drive when there is a strange sound for a long time, it can cause serious damage to the car and cost more to repair. Therefore, when the car encounters the above problem, it is necessary to find out the reason and fix it promptly.

The following article presents Causes and solutions when the car makes a rattling sound when running, let's consult now!

Reasons why cars make noise when running
When a Car Makes a Clunking Sound When Running, How Should You Handle It?

Running Cars Make a Sound in the Engine

Car engine rattles, squeaks

Cars rattling, safes in the engine are often caused by electric machines, pumps, ball bearings, and belt bearings having technical problems. Balls may run out of grease or water when cleaning the cavity incorrectly, causing the bearings to fail and make strange noises. Worse are the cases where the roller groove is cracked, cracked, affecting the belt and other parts.

Car engine rattles

A lack of lubrication or a loose valve is a common cause of engine rattling. In addition, a damaged belt, misplaced or misplaced fuel can also cause a squealing noise Car engine.

Car engine makes knocking sound

Car knocks often come from three reasons:

  • Excessive expansion of the thermal gap causes friction between the trigger and the top of the valve, causing rapid engine wear. It is recommended to adjust the thermal clearance after every 50.000 km of operation.
  • The ignition system malfunctioned causing the gas and fuel mixture to not be completely ignited and discharged into the exhaust pipe, creating a knocking noise when accelerating or starting.
  • Car stalled (hammer sound).

Car engine makes uu, hissing sound

When operating a car engine, it makes a loud humming or hissing sound, most likely due to a damaged vacuum pipe and cooling system. If the noise is even, the cam belt is likely damaged. The case where the car makes a noise and disappears after the engine warms up is because the belt is slack and hardened.

The car engine makes a rattling sound

Cars emitting dry pile filter sounds combined with high engine rpm may be due to lack of lubricating oil, poor quality lubricating oil, incorrect type, problem with oil pump / oil path... This situation, which is not corrected in time, often causes damage to the rings, cranks, camshafts, engine cylinders, etc.

Worn piston rings or pistons with a gap also cause impact and create a strange sound. Failure to do so immediately can cause the engine to weaken during acceleration.

Car engine makes a banging sound

The noise in car engines comes from many reasons: low oil pressure, improper oil viscosity, malfunctioning collar bearings that block the crankshaft, incorrect installation of the engine. bolts - bolts in car engines...

Car engine making noise

When the car bumper is rusted or worn, the system cannot operate synchronously, leading to misalignment and causing continuous noise.

Cars Running With Noises in Gearbox

There are many causes of strange noise in car gearbox as:

  • Train oil insufficient or already dirty: If the gear oil level is too low or the oil is dirty, the internal components will not be sufficiently lubricated, causing noise.
  • Damaged or worn gears: When the gears in the gearbox are damaged or worn, they cannot contact correctly and form strange sounds.
  • Obstacles in the gearbox: In the gearbox, if there is a foreign object such as a voltage wire, debris, it can also make a noise.
  • Gearbox has technical error: If the components in the gearbox are technically defective, such as damaged bearings or leaking parts, noise is likely to form.
Prestigious Car Engine Repair Garage Hcm
Noise coming from the gearbox when the car is running

Cars Running With Rattles At The Brake System

The brake system makes a squealing sound

If the brake system only squeaks for about 5 - 15 minutes when the car is just started, it is very normal because rain water or car wash water has not yet dried. And if the car sounds constantly every time you brake, you should check that the brake pistons, brake discs, brake pads ... are working well or not.

The brake system makes squealing noises

A squealing noise is a common telltale sign of a faulty brake system and in need of repair. However, sometimes this noise also comes from not cleaning the brakes, leaving the system with a lot of dirt and water.

Cars make rattling noises when running
The sound comes from many locations in the car

Cars Running With Rattling Sound In Steering System And Axle

The steering system and axle make squeaking noises

The whirring sound when steering combined with the shaking steering wheel can come from a problem with the power steering pump or a lack of power steering fluid.

Steering system and axle make squeaking noises

If the crankshaft does not work stably, when the car is in gear, it may make a loud sound and the car may jerk slightly.

The steering system and axle make a clack sound

The rattling sound in the steering system and axle can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Worn ball and ball joints create an empty space for water and dirt to get inside, so when cornering, it will make a rattle or click sound.
  • When the car is moving, it will have strong friction and make strange noises.

The steering system and the axle make a rattling noise

If the vehicle moves at low speed but still emits a rattling sound, it may be due to a malfunction of the synchronous coupling.

Instructions for Handling the Condition of Cars Running With Strange Noises

When the car makes strange sounds, based on the sound and the location of the emission to determine the cause and find a solution to fix it in time. However, if you do not have repair expertise, it is better to seek the help of reputable auto garages such as: Thanh Phong Auto.

With many years of operation in the industry, we are confident in our ability to repair all simple and complex problems of cars from popular to luxury cars.

How to Deal with a Car Making a Rattling Sound when Running
What should you pay attention to when dealing with a car making strange noises?

Advantages of Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Owning a team of skilled technicians, regularly updating new knowledge, enthusiastic in work.
  • Modern and advanced auto repair machinery.
  • Replace genuine, first-class components, say no to low-quality floating products on the market.
  • Catching the right disease, correcting the correct error, not reporting additional damage affecting the interests of customers.
  • Negotiate the repair plan and quote with the customer before proceeding.
  • Careful warranty depends on each service package.

Hope the article about Causes and ways to handle cars with rattling noises will be useful to you. Contact Contact us for more specific advice if you have any questions that need to be answered.

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