4 Ways The easiest horizontal Pa-Pa

4 Simplest Ways to Deploy the Most Simplest Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
News4 Ways The easiest horizontal Pa-Pa

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How 1: Use handbrake

Manual brakes or emergency brakes (emergency brake) help a lot for drivers, especially new drivers when needing pedestrian crossroads.

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When it is necessary to move back from a stationary position on a slope, the driver cuts the clutch into the gear and releases the clutch, kicks the gas pedal like a normal start on the flat road, at this time the parking brake is still not lowered so the vehicle is definitely not drifted. Continue releasing the clutch, kick the accelerator pedal gently until you feel the car starts to move, then lower the parking brake (still throttle) to let the car move forward.

2 method: Combine the accelerator pedal and clutch

Accordingly, the principle is the same as when starting the car on a flat road, but release half the clutch until the vehicle vibrates as if demanding to move forward, this time release the brake pedal quickly, switch to the accelerator pedal and lightly press the gas pedal. Slowly forward.

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Note: The basic techniques to pay attention when driving cars

Method 3: Combine nose and right heel

This is not many users because depending on the design of each vehicle, the length of each person's foot that can be applied or not. Accordingly, when the left foot is cutting taper, the right toe of the brake pedal simultaneously rotates horizontally to lightly pedal with the right heel. When you have enough gas, you can release the clutch and the brake slowly to move the car.

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How to 4: Pangolin

The way to use the slope is only applied when stopping the vehicle on the slope for a short time, not when it is parked or stopping for a long time. Accordingly, the driver will combine the clutch moderately while throwing the throttle (if necessary) just enough for the vehicle to have enough traction so that it does not drift but does not move forward.

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But this method, if applied long and continuously, can cause rapid wear due to the high heat generating friction. In return, the clutch is really useful when inching a little on the slope, the stopping time is not long enough to pull the hand brake.

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