5 Common Diseases With Wipers You Should Know

5 Common Diseases With Wiper You Should Know Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
News5 Common Diseases With Wipers You Should Know

The wipers are important for ensuring a good vision for drivers, especially when it is raining. However, this equipment is often less interested in the driver, until they have problems or malfunction. Here is how to "catch" the common mistakes of wipers.

5 Common Diseases With Wipers You Should Know

Wiper in the direction of 2

If the wipers pushed the water in the direction of the 2, you probably have one of the following problems:

- The blade is worn out

- The windshield or wipers are dirty

There is a problem with the glass cleaner

5 Common Diseases With Wiper You Should Know Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

At this time, use a new glass cleaner, wipe the windshield and blade clean before replacing the blade. To clean your tongue, simply wipe them with a damp washcloth dipped in warm soapy water. Then wipe the edges of the lever with alcohol, which will help reduce the water streaks on the windscreen glass.

Water is only wiped clean according to 1 direction

Wiper according to 1 direction usually occurs when the weather is cold and you often can not intervene much to overcome much. However, if this happens during hot weather, it means the car wipers are old and stiff or of an inappropriate size. At this time, you need to buy a new wiper.

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Do not wipe off water droplets

Basically, water droplets can easily be wiped away. But under certain conditions, those water droplets still cling to the windshield and obscure the driver's view. This usually happens in places with high levels of pollution. The residue of waste and dust on the windshield is the cause of the water droplets on the glass. It's time to clean the windshield of the car.

5 Common Diseases With Wiper You Should Know Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Sound of wiper wiper

The sound of wipers on the windshield wiper not only annoys the car owner, but it also means it's not wiping it well. It is easy to see that there are stains on the blades. There are very few causes of this condition, usually due to wax, oil or grease deposits on the blade, causing it to rub against the glass and ineffective wiper, while also making a sound. Wipe the blade clean.

If the noise is still not over, it may be due to a bent wiper. To check, bring the wipers in the middle of the windshield. The standard blades will press the edge against the windshield and the wipers must be parallel to the glass. If it needs to be bent, adjust it.

The spray was not enough, or the glass washes were not sprayed

Spraying and cleaning the glass is really useful when you are riding but the glass is getting too much dust. However, sometimes the device has problems such as not spraying water, or the spray does not reach the desired height and direction. Then you need:

Check the pump of the spray hose: If you have a full spray bottle but still can't spray the windshield, then the problem is probably with the pump system. At this time, open the hood and find a place to put the spray pump. Have a friend get in the car and push the water spray button. If there is noise, the pump is still working, if the pump is silent, we need to replace it.

5 Common Diseases With Wiper You Should Know Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Check for cracks in water bottles: First, check the water tank, then the hose leading to the nozzle. If you can't check with your eyes, you can touch your hands with wet hands. If there really is a crack, you should replace the water tank with a new one.

Check nozzle occlusion: If all the above options do not work, you should check the nozzle for clogging. Use a toothpick to poke the tap.

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Do not use spilled water and glass washer bottles

When the water to wash the glass is gone, many people choose to always use water to pour water into the glass cleaner, or mix a little water ... to wash dishes in order to save money. In fact, you should not use this method, but should buy a specialized glass cleaner, which will help clean the glass, avoid the screeching lever and the glass surface, increase the life of both the glass and the wiper.

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