5 Experience Buying Civil Liability Insurance

5 Experiences in Buying Reputable Civil Liability Automobile Insurance Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Society develops, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, advancements in transportation are also very popular, many people have chosen cars to move. However, when buying a car, they will be advised on many types of insurance, including civil liability auto insurance.

Because it's kind Compulsory car insurance in our country so you need to know everything 5 years of experience in buying civil liability auto insurance Here to avoid surprise.

Pocket 5 Most Useful Experiences in Buying Auto Civil Liability Insurance
Pocket 5 Most Useful Experiences in Buying Auto Civil Liability Insurance

1. Having knowledge of civil liability insurance concept

Like most products, you can't buy something without knowing what it is and what it is used for?

In fact, civil insurance liability insurance is included in the compulsory insurance list that you need to buy when buying cars. The working principle of this type of insurance is "get less compensation".

Basically, you can understand that anyone who buys a car has civil liability insurance, but sometimes there is a car accident. At that time, they will use the insurance premiums that many others have paid to support the few people who have had that accident.

Civil Liability Auto Insurance Helps You Pay for Accidents That Occur
Civil Liability Auto Insurance Helps You Pay for Accidents That Occur

2. Need to understand the rights and responsibilities in civil liability automobile insurance

The main purpose of insurance is to help people feel more secure when buying a car, without worrying about no money to repair if the car has an accident. Better yet, this insurance also helps minimize the risk of the person leaving the accident and being responsible according to the level of liability of the participating insurance.

The liability level of civil liability automobile insurance is the maximum amount that the insurer pays to the car owner in case of an accident. Including physical and physical damage. For cars, the compensation will be about VND 100 million for an accident.

This means that if your car has civil liability insurance, in the event of a collision, call the competent authorities to resolve. Do not proactively negotiate with the 3rd party in the accident to avoid losing benefits.

3. Choose a reputable car insurance company in the market

Although civil liability auto insurance is mandatory, to ensure your rights and insurance costs, you should choose reputable auto insurance company. It is best to research the market in advance and ask for advice from relatives and friends who have purchased auto insurance.

Reputable Auto Insurance Companies
Reputable Auto Insurance Companies

In addition, you should consider to find a large company associated with a garage or a large car maintenance center to facilitate the repair and repair of your car in the future. This is also a way to help you avoid facing cumbersome procedures when needing car maintenance.

Many people neglect to choose an insurance company, so they will receive lots of troubles later for themselves, especially when they encounter unexpected incidents.

4. Look carefully at the insurance policy when buying

Choosing a reputable insurance company is not enough, you also need to carefully consider your insurance policy when buying. In the contract, there will often be terms, the level of compensation you receive when you encounter a risk, an unfortunate incident, ...

Carefully Review Insurance Contracts When Buying
Carefully Review Insurance Contracts When Buying

Before signing a pen under the contract, make sure that all the terms have satisfied your needs. The issues are still unclear, instead of being afraid, please actively ask the counselor to get detailed answers, because it is protecting your rights.

There are many cases when a lawsuit occurs and the car owner does not know the insurance policy.

5. Consider the cost before buying civil liability insurance for cars

The last experience you cannot ignore is to consider and consider in advance the cost to pay for civil liability car insurance you buy. To attract customers, many insurance companies are now racing in both price and quality of service.

As such, you should also consult and compare a few insurance companies and choose the destination that best suits your financial ability. However, the price also needs to go with the quality, do not be too cheap to bring disaster to the body.

Don't Forget to Carefully Consider the Cost When Buying Insurance
Don't Forget to Carefully Consider the Cost When Buying Insurance

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Hope 5 buying experience Civil liability auto insurance The above useful information has helped you have a more detailed view of the job of buying insurance when buying a car. Make sure you apply the right experience in the right place to ensure all benefits for yourself. Refer to more interesting and useful knowledge about car insurance on our website! Wish you health!

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