What Damages Are Commonly Damaged Engines Of Diesel Cars?

- What Common Damages Are Common to Diesel Car Engines?
Latest update date: February 12, 06

Diesel engines are popular in specialized vehicles, trucks, pickups, large vehicles... thanks to the advantages of low fuel consumption, strong and durable machines. Besides the advantages, this car line also has many problems. So what are the common problems with diesel engines? Any solution to limit damage? Together Thanh Phong Auto Find out through this article.

Common Damages to Diesel Engines

1. Engine Difficult to Start

After a period of use, diesel engines often have difficulty starting the engine. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The battery and its contacts are dirty, damaged or do not come into contact with each other.
  • Cooling is not good.
  • Weak battery.
Common faults of diesel engines
Diesel engines often have difficulty starting due to battery failure

To fix it, the car owner needs to check, charge or replace battery (battery), and clean and tighten the battery terminals.

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2. The Machine Still Works But The Engine Doesn't Explode

Check the engine still works normally but the engine does not start. This error comes from the vehicle not having enough (running out) of fuel during operation. Deeper, it is a sign that the fuel filter is clogged or the fuel is mixed with air.

Solution for this case: check – add fuel for cars, exhaust system air in the fuel system or replace the filter element.

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3. Excessive Fuel Consumption Engine

The engine consumes too much fuel due to many reasons:

  • Use poor quality fuel oil.
  • Leaking fuel line.
  • High engine oil level.
  • The steam unit is worn out.
  • Improperly adjusted high pressure pump.
  • ...

In order for the car to work well again, it is necessary to determine the cause to choose the right solution: check the pressure at the end of the compression stroke, replace the fuel, adjust the high pressure pump, replace the steam set or fuel pipe...

Common errors of diesel engines and how to fix them
Diesel engines often consume a lot of energy

4. Engine Overheating

Lack of cooling water, the water tank is turned off, the outside of the water tank is dirty or the thermostat is broken, causing the motorbike engine to overheat. This affects the performance of the vehicle engine, valves, pressure, piston rings, etc.

To limit this situation, the owner should check the car and engine regularly before use (at least once a week). In case you are facing the above error, you can fix it by:

  • Spray water to clean and clean the water tank.
  • Add more water and check the water tank for leaks.
  • Check thermostatic valve.

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5. Low Idle Speed

Low idle speed is a phenomenon where the engine runs only at low speed. There are two main causes of this phenomenon: low fuel in the tank or a clogged fuel filter.

For this error, the car owner can fix it by refueling (if it runs out) or cleaning/replacing the filter, and at the same time resetting the engine to idling mode.

6. Black, Gray Smoke Exhaust Engine

The next most noticeable damage in diesel engines is the phenomenon of black and gray smoke. This error comes from the cause of the air filter or the rubber hose blockage. See more articles: How To Diagnose A Car's Disease Thanks To The Color And Smell Of Emissions

In the above case, the car owner should check the air filter and rubber pipe to choose the appropriate remedy: clean/replace the air filter or replace the rubber hose.

Specializing in repairing diesel engines
Thanh Phong Auto – Highly rated professional auto repair garage in HCM

Above is Common failures in diesel-powered bowls. If your car is experiencing the above situations but cannot repair it yourself, please contact us – Thanh Phong Auto via hotline 0934 79 71 79 - 0913 11 93 93.

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Hope the above sharing will help you answer your questions.”What are the common problems with diesel engines??” and can be applied in practice. Continue tracking Thanh Phong Auto Find out more information related to car repair and maintenance.

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