Confirmation Symptoms MAP Sensor Is Broken

Symptoms Confirming that the Map Sensor is Broken Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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The MAP sensor is a near-absolute vacuum pressure sensor unaffected by fluctuations when the altitude changes. It is used to measure vacuum pressure in intake manifold and engine load. From the vacuum pressure signal we will calculate the amount of wind entering the engine. Thus the engine ECU will receive information to adjust the amount of injection and the angle of ignition.

Symptoms Confirming that the Map Sensor is Broken Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

The MAP sensor is so important, but do you know when a sensor fails? If you want to learn more, let's go along Thanh Phong Auto Refer to the article below.

Why is the MAP sensor broken?

Symptoms Confirming that the Map Sensor is Broken Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Symptoms of a MAP sensor can check the Check Engine lamp and activate DTC.

A corrupted MAP sensor may be caused by a circuit fault, contamination, or clogging. Sometimes, a vacuum crack or engine heat that exceeds the tolerance of electronic devices can also cause the MAP sensor to fail.

When the MAP sensor is broken, ECU will miscalculate the engine load resulting in excess or fuel shortage.

What happens when the MAP sensor fails?

Increased fuel costs: If the ECM does not have a vacuum, it is possible that the engine is at a high load, resulting in increased fuel and ignition time. This results in excessive energy consumption resulting in fuel consumption.

Symptoms Confirming that the Map Sensor is Broken Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

  • Reduced operating power: If the ECM has a too high vacuum, it may be due to the low engine load, which leads to a reduction in material injection and a delay in ignition time. This may save fuel consumption, but using too little fuel will cause the engine to lack energy when needed to accelerate and transport.
  • Pollution of the surrounding environment: Spraying of incompatible materials with the engine causes the MAP sensor to fail resulting in more emissions to the environment. Excessive fuel injection produces high hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. If the material is sprayed too little, it will produce nitrogen oxide (NOx) to release into the environment higher.
  • Intermittent cylinder uncertainty: Incompatible fuel injection makes it difficult or impossible to start the engine, resulting in difficulty or even accidental ignition in the cylinders.
  • Engine hard to start: Once again, excess or insufficient fuel can make it difficult to start the engine. The MAP sensor may have had a problem when you could only start the engine with the accelerator pedal.
  • Check Engine Light: Depending on the vehicle model, MAP sensor diagnostic errors can be caused by a simple circuit or a sensor error to a correlation or range error. When the MAP sensor is broken, it will not be able to read data or provide data to ECM.

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When to conclude the MAP sensor is broken?

If you suspect a MAP sensor is broken, test some of the following:

Symptoms Confirming that the Map Sensor is Broken Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

  • About checking the power supply: First check the connector and wiring. The connectors must be firm, straight and clean. If the foot is worn and bent, the MAP sensor will have a problem. Not only that, the wiring between ECM and MAP must be intact.
  • About vacuum tube inspection: Check if the MAP sensor is connected to the collecting chamber with a soft vacuum tube and whether it is intact or not. The signals of the MAP sensor will be misaligned if the pipe is clogged.
  • About sensor test: If the sensor is connected to power and charging tube properly. Use a data reader or an electric meter to check the output of the MAP sensor. You have to find a vacuum sensor voltage chart so that the MAP sensor output matches the chart. If not match should replace the sensor.

Above Thanh Phong Auto gave you some manifestations of the broken MAP sensor. Thanh Phong Auto is a unit of care, warranty and repair reputation and quality trusted by many customers in Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to take care of your driver, please contact Thanh Phong Auto.

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