Importance Of Car Surface Coating Calibration Process

The Importance of the Process of Correcting Painted Surfaces on Prestigious Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

No matter how well maintained your car is, problems are inevitable. During use, it is very common for cars to appear scratches, swirls, crushed stones, ... on the painted surface.

At that time, the best solution to eliminate those defects on your car is to correct the paint surface. The goal of this process is to overcome imperfections on the surface of the car paint while maintaining the integrity of the paint.

1. The imperfections need to correct the paint surface

These defects appear on the paint surface of the vehicle can be due to: environment, manufacturer, paint or miles.

Orange peel: Observe that the surface of the car paint is lumpy like an orange peel.

The Importance of Professional Car Paint Surface Correction Process Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

- Reason:

  • Air compressor pressure is too weak.
  • The paint film is too thick.
  • Spraying paint is not evenly due to spray gun clogged
  • The reducing agent evaporates quickly due to improper use.
  • Technical paint is not guaranteed.
  • Solvents have a very fast evaporation time.

- How to fix:

  • Use fine sandpaper to remove the texture in the paint film.
  • Then restore the gloss to the paint by polishing. Or remove the defects and repaint the process properly.
  • Pay attention to the ratio of solvents in paints; air compressor pressure; humidity and air temperature.
  • Do not spray too thick.
  • Keep a certain distance from the gun to the painted surface and maintain it throughout the entire process.

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The paint has melted: It is the last phenomenon when the spray paint has melted and dried.

The Importance of Professional Car Paint Surface Correction Process Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022


- Reason:

  • The paint evaporates slowly due to improper application of reducing agents.
  • The paint film is too thick.
  • Spray gun is not moving enough speed.
  • Two times of painting close together, the paint was too wet.
  • Temperature of painted metal surface is not consistent with the standard.

- How to fix:

  • Clean the solvent and remove paint if the paint is wet, then paint again.
  • If the paint is not wet, clean the solvent and repaint too.
  • Sanding and cleaning then spray again.
  • Maybe let the paint dry and get sandpaper to polish.

Fish's eyes: It is the phenomenon of automobile paint surface with small and round holes, they are spread like a fish's eye.

The Importance of Professional Car Paint Surface Correction Process Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

- Reason:

  • Appears on paint surface due to pollution on substrates from oil, wax, grease, water, wax, silicon ...
  • Occurs while preparing raw materials for paint.

- How to fix:

  • When paint is wet: Remove solvent. Care should be taken to properly prepare the surface before repainting the material.
  • When the paint is dry: Repaint the material after polishing the ankle. It is possible to add a reducing agent to the ankle before reapplying. Make sure the surface is clean and dry completely before painting.
  • Air compressors need to be replaced, cleaned regularly and filtered.

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Peeling paint surface: The phenomenon of dry paint chips peeling off the surface due to the dry paint film no longer adheres to the substrate.

The Importance of Professional Car Paint Surface Correction Process Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

- Reason:

  • Before painting does not prepare the perfect surface.
  • Film thickness is not enough.
  • Do not follow the instructions given during the process of painting your vehicle.

- How to fix:

  • Remove the flaking and repaint if the flake is small.
  • The peeling part is too large, it must be sanded the whole surface before painting.

The paint is not glossy enough: The paint is matte, not glossy like when painted.

The Importance of Professional Car Paint Surface Correction Process Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

- Reason:

  • The paint film is not thick enough or excessive.
  • Not enough time left for the solvent to finish on the first coat and then quickly apply the second coat.
  • The solvent evaporates over a period of time.
  • Air is not maintained due to poor cross ventilation.
  • The paint used does not guarantee quality.

- How to fix:

  • Restore paint by polishing; or rub and paint again.
  • Make sure the paint is truly dry before re-polishing.
  • Note adjust spray gun to suit the pressure of the air compressor.

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2. Things to note when adjusting the paint surface.

Need to measure the thickness of the paint surface before calibration

- Car paint actually has a much smaller thickness than the paper. Therefore, you need to know this information before you can effectively fix defects in paint.

- Before and after each polishing, it is necessary to measure the thickness of the car paint with a specialized meter.

- This helps the process of determining% of the painted surface still exists. Also helps to detect the correct use of surface paint after repairing.

The Importance of Professional Car Paint Surface Correction Process Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

The entire surface may have to be polished many times to achieve perfection

- The results of the technique of correcting the paint surface depend a lot on the hands of the operator.

Besides, it is necessary to have the best conditions in terms of light, technical facilities, ...

- It is necessary to equip with a ceramic coating after correction to help retain the paint and help the painted surface increase gloss.

Paint adjustment is a great solution for paint defects on your vehicle. To help your car be more beautiful, more perfect and better, do not forget to regularly maintain and care the car to promptly detect problems offline!

Thanh Phong Auto is a car repair, maintenance and replacement unit which is trusted by many customers in Ho Chi Minh City. Please be assured to come to Thanh Phong to drive your love to be "healthy" and "attractive"!

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