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Genuine Lexus Car Engine Overhaul Price Hcm

To Lexus car engine Maintain and restore strength after long periods of activity services like motor overhaul is the solution chosen by car owners. With this service, each part of the engine will be carefully inspected to determine the condition - providing optimal treatment.

Do you have a need? Genuine Lexus car engine overhaul in Ho Chi Minh City But don't know where to find professional, reasonably priced services? Thanh Phong Auto is a place where you can rest assured.

With many years of experience in the profession, Thanh Phong Auto have experience as well as specialized knowledge and skills to provide good service to customers.

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Prestigious Lexus Car Engine Overhaul Service Hcm
The Most Prestigious Lexus Car Engine Overhaul Service in Ho Chi Minh City

When Should I Take My Lexus Car for Engine Overhaul?

Process Use Lexus carsIf you notice that your vehicle has the following signs, you need to bring your vehicle to a professional garage to have the engine checked and overhauled:

  • Car engine emits a continuous beeping sound during operation.
  • The engine is water damaged.
  • Cars run on fuel, oil...
  • The car is difficult to start, has poor acceleration, releases black smoke...
  • Oil pump not working or working weakly.
  • Piston rings are folded or broken.
  • The engine quickly wears out engine coolant.
  • The engine heats up quickly.
  • Used the car for a long time and never overhauled the engine.

note: If you do not experience the above signs, you should still take your Lexus car for a periodic engine overhaul every time 200.000 - 250.000 km (as recommended by the manufacturer).

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Benefits of Overhauling a Genuine Lexus Car Engine

Lexus cars that have their engines overhauled promptly and properly will bring many benefits such as:

  • Maintains stable engine operation, contributing to fuel savings and reducing emissions into the environment.
  • Parts in the engine that have been/are about to be damaged will be treated, helping to increase the life and performance of the car engine.
  • A well-functioning engine ensures safer driving - reducing the risk of traffic accidents.
  • Engine overhaul contributes to increasing the value of a Lexus car if the owner later wants to resell it.
  • Handles noise emitted from the engine, helping the engine operate smoothly - ensuring a comfortable driving experience.
Hcm Genuine Lexus Engine Overhaul Garage
What Should You Pay Attention to When Overhauling a Lexus Car Engine?

Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious Genuine Lexus Car Engine Overhaul in HCMC

Thanh Phong Auto leaves repair and maintenance center, take care of cars famous in Ho Chi Minh with more than 10 years of operation. In there Lexus car engine overhaul service of Thanh phong Trusted by many customers thanks to:

  • Professional from inspection - diagnosis - consultation - quote - repair, replacement - handover.
  • The technical team is knowledgeable about automobile engines, well-trained and has a lot of experience in the profession.
  • The garage system is fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment to serve the process of checking, diagnosing and overhauling engines.
  • Genuine engine spare parts warehouse, available for replacement.
  • Providing effective engine overhaul solutions, saving time and costs.
  • Commitment to engine working well after overhaul.
  • Service quotes are clear, competitive, and do not arise.
  • Long-term and thoughtful warranty
  • Dedicated advice even when customers do not use Thanh Phong Auto's services.
  • Listen and receive customer feedback to improve service quality.
Genuine Lexus Car Engine Overhaul Service in Ho Chi Minh City Reputable Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Professional Car Engine Overhaul Garage - Good Price Hcm

Out Lexus cars then Thanh Phong Auto also undertake engine overhaul for most car manufacturers such as Audi, Hyundai, Porsche, Honda, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, Range Rover, Mercedes...

Lexus Car Engine Overhaul Service Process at Thanh Phong Auto

Currently service Lexus car engine overhaul in Thanh Phong Auto is carried out according to a clear, streamlined and strict process as follows:

Step 1: Receive customer requests, receive the vehicle and conduct a general vehicle inspection.

Step 2: Notify vehicle status so customers can understand and advise on overhaul plans.

Step 3: Quote for Lexus car engine overhaul service. If customer agrees, proceed with the job.

Step 4: Lexus car engine overhaul:

  • Remove the engine.
  • Check the details inside the engine and take care of, replace or repair the parts.
  • Polish and clean the engine.
  • Reinstall the engine.
  • Check and test the engine.
  • Overall cleaning of the engine.

Step 5: Test drive the vehicle, if the vehicle operates normally, hand the vehicle back to the customer.

Step 6: Advise customers on how to maintain, care for, and use their cars effectively.

Above is the related information Genuine Lexus car engine overhaul service in HCM of Thanh Phong Auto. For a professional, effective, cost-effective car engine overhaul – please contact with Thanh Phong Auto.

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