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Ford Car Transmission Overhaul

Gear is an important part of the internal drive system Ford cars, which helps to adjust the speed and traction to make the car move efficiently and save fuel. However, after a period of use, the components in the gearbox can be worn or damaged, causing problems such as difficulty starting, loud noises or difficulty shifting gears...

Genuine Ford car gearbox overhaul service in HCM of Thanh Phong Auto will help you to solve the above problems effectively. Let's discover together now!

Ford Car Transmission Overhaul
Ford Car Transmission

1 Causes of Ford Car Gearbox Wear and Damage

Ford car gearbox Usually worn out, damaged by the following reasons:

  • Improper use: Improper use of Ford gearboxes, such as shifting gears too quickly, not pressing the clutch fully, etc., can easily cause damage and affect the life of the gearbox.
  • Using the wrong oil: Using the wrong type of oil or not of the right quality can damage the Ford transmission because of insufficient viscosity, create friction and wear down the internal parts of the gearbox.
  • Natural erosion: Ford car transmission components naturally wear out during use, affecting the performance of the gearbox. For example, worn bearings and valves cause rattling or difficulty shifting gears.
  • Damage due to impact: When a Ford car has a strong impact, the transmission can be damaged by cracking, breaking, deforming parts and causing problems when shifting gears.
  • Driving in bad traffic conditions: Cars are run on bad roads, areas with lots of dirt, garbage, etc., causing the gearbox to fail faster. Because of these things, it is easy to wear out the parts inside the gearbox, reducing the engine's performance.

Regular inspection and maintenance will limit the transmission of the gearbox to a state of severe damage that requires overhaul or replacement.

2 Signs to Identify Ford Gearboxes Needing an Overhaul

There are some indications that Ford car gearbox Your should be overhauled as follows:

  • A loud squeal is heard when shifting gears or when putting the transmission into a turn.
  • The car is difficult to start or won't start, it may be due to a problem with the vehicle's transmission system, including the transmission.
  • Having trouble shifting gears, need to press the clutch harder than usual to change gears.
  • Vehicle slips when shifting gears or accelerating (clutch slip).
  • Gearbox oil leak from the vehicle or see traces of oil under the vehicle. (The oil leak reduces the amount of oil in the gearbox, causing friction and wear of the gearbox internals.)
  • In the taplo, the transmission error light appears.
  • Smell like burning oil in the gearbox.
Ford Car Transmission Overhaul Garage
Signs that Ford's car transmission needs to be overhauled

If you experience any of these signs, take your Ford to a garage to have it checked and to determine if the transmission needs an overhaul. Implementation periodic gearbox overhaul/time will help prolong the life of the gearbox and reduce future repair costs. (Reference Price List For Ford Car Parts).

3 Thanh Phong Auto – Address of Professional and Prestigious Ford Car Gearbox Overhaul in HCM

With the location next to the beach, Reputable car repair company in Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Phong Auto confidently provide Professional and high-quality Ford car transmission overhaul service, meet the safety standards that the vehicle needs.

Advantages of Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Capable of overhauling the gearboxes of all Ford models from the old to the latest generation.
  • Performed by highly qualified and highly trained technicians in the field of Ford car repair.
  • Using modern tools and equipment ensures repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • Replace genuine parts and accessories to ensure the durability and performance of your Ford transmission after overhaul.
  • Update and apply the latest technologies to improve service quality and meet customer needs.
  • Perform overhaul according to safety standards for cars.
  • Dedicated advice on overhauling solutions, clear, competitive quotes and no extra costs.
  • Careful, long-term warranty.
Genuine Ford Car Gearbox Overhaul Service in Hcm High-end Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023
Professional Car Gearbox Overhaul Service - Good Price Hcm

With Formula "Customers come first" Thanh Phong Auto put the interests of customers first and commit to bring Professional and reputable Ford car gearbox overhaul service in HCM.

Recently, I gathered information about Genuine Ford car gearbox overhaul service in HCM for your reference. Contact right with Thanh Phong Auto for more specific advice for each Ford vehicle case. (Update Price List For Ford Car Repair And Maintenance ).

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