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Professional reputable gearbox overhaul service
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Although easy to control, the structure of automatic transmission much more complicated than manual transmission. Repairs, automatic transmission maintenance and overhaul It also requires a team of more skilled technicians, especially with new models and high-end cars.

If you need to overhaul your automatic transmission, you need to thoroughly research the repair garage to catch the right disease, correct the error, and replace the right parts. Otherwise, it will directly affect the operation, safety and life of the gearbox.

More than 10 years of operation in the industry, gathering a team of good technicians, Thanh Phong Auto confidently provide quality automatic transmission overhaul service to you. Let's learn about our services through the following article.

Car gearbox overhaul service in Ho Chi Minh City
Car gearbox

When Should an Automatic Transmission Overhaul?

An automatic transmission has the advantage of freeing the driver from the gear lever and clutch, making it much easier to control the car. This part plays a very important role in the operation of the car, so it is always the top concern of car owners.

If regularly maintained and maintained, the automatic transmission will have a long life, good operation and less damage. However, after a long time of use or with unnecessary accidents and bumps, the automatic transmission may have problems and need repair and overhaul.

Signs you need to watch out for:

  • Gearbox head and seals are leaking oil (may be due to aging gaskets or warped seals due to long-term use, repeated disassembly or collisions).
  • The car vibrates when operating, the gearbox makes a noise (possibly due to worn friction parts causing mechanical shocks and slips).
  • On the accelerator, the car is still moving slowly (maybe because the friction disc is worn, the solenoid valve is damaged).
  • Vehicle does not move (may damage turbine blades or one-way joints).
  • If you encounter the above signs, the driver should bring the car to a repair center to limit serious damage as well as unnecessary accidents when operating.
Professional reputable gearbox overhaul service
Professional reputable gearbox overhaul service

In case the gearbox has a lot of damage or degradation, the overhaul service is the right choice to:

  • Increase the performance of the vehicle, providing the smoothest driving experience.
  • Reduce material consumption.
  • Extend the life of your car.
  • Reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents while driving.

Note: Overhaul of automatic transmission is very complicated, so it is necessary to find a reputable repair garage to ensure proper inspection and repair and replace genuine parts.

Thanh Phong Auto's Automatic Transmission Overhaul Service

Having enough experience and capacity in auto repair and maintenance, Thanh Phong Auto is confident to provide customers with the best quality gearbox overhaul service.

In each vehicle case, a team of experienced technicians will directly check, diagnose and advise customers on appropriate automatic transmission repair and overhaul solutions.

- Dịch Vụ Đại Tu Hộp Số Tự Động Uy Tín, Chuyên Nghiệp HCM

- Dịch Vụ Đại Tu Hộp Số Tự Động Uy Tín, Chuyên Nghiệp HCM

- Dịch Vụ Đại Tu Hộp Số Tự Động Uy Tín, Chuyên Nghiệp HCM

Thanh Phong Auto commits:

  • Skilled and capable staff in automatic transmission repair of many models on the market (popular to high-end of car brands from Japan, Korea, America, Europe).
  • Full of modern equipment, software and machinery, support the process of repairing and overhauling automatic transmissions quickly and according to technical standards.
  • Detailed and transparent quotation before performing the service.
  • Use only genuine spare parts and lubricants.
  • Long-term warranty policy.

Service process at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Step 1: Receive, check and diagnose problems.
  • BConvention 2: Consulting, negotiating on repair plans and service quotes.
  • Step 3: Disassemble and clean/repair/replace parts and components in the automatic transmission.
  • Step 4: Assemble and check the operation of the vehicle.
  • Step 5: Hand over the car to the customer.

- Dịch Vụ Đại Tu Hộp Số Tự Động Uy Tín, Chuyên Nghiệp HCM

Always putting the interests of customers first, Thanh Phong Auto is constantly improving in terms of personnel, facilities and processes to ensure the best service quality and customer satisfaction.

Currently, we have 2 garages in Nha Be and District 7 with large scale, fully invested in repair equipment. Customers wishing to overhaul the automatic transmission can go directly to the garage to experience the service.

Hope this article will help you understand more about automatic transmission overhaul service by Thanh Phong Auto. Wish you always have the safest and most comfortable journeys!

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