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Prestigious Ford Car Transmission Overhaul Service Hcm
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Do you know, Car engine is one of the most important parts of the car? A well-functioning engine system will help your pet move smoothly, save fuel and ensure safety for the trip.

However, after a period of use, car engines are not immune to problems such as wear, aging, and damage due to impacts. To ensure the safety and increase the life of the vehicle, the car engine overhaul Genuine is essential.

If you own Ford cars and want to find service Genuine Ford Motor Vehicle Overhaul Service In Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Phong Auto is a reputable address you should refer to. Let's learn about our services through the following article.

What Signs Need a Ford Engine Overhaul?

If your car is in good working order, it only needs periodic engine overhauls as specified by Ford. However, in the process of use, if there are many "symptoms" of minor damage, you should pay attention to the signs to have a plan to take the car to check, repair and overhaul in time.

Prestigious Ford Car Transmission Overhaul Service Hcm
Prestigious, Professional Ford Car Transmission Overhaul Service in HCM

Here are the signs that the engine of a Ford car is having problems:

  • The engine heats up quickly and loses cooling water.
  • Engine blown out.
  • The motor emits a constant chirping sound when in operation.
  • Oil pump is weak or not working.
  • Bearing ring broken or folded.
  • The car is hard to start, slow to accelerate.
  • Car consumes gas.
  • ...

In addition, when the car is in an accident, impact or water damage, you should also bring it car garage to have the engine checked in time; avoid serious damage, reduce the cost of overhauling and replacing parts later.

Benefits When Overhauling Genuine Ford Car Engines

Overhaul Ford automobile engine Genuine car brings many benefits to car owners, including:

  • Increase engine life: The overhaul of the genuine Ford car engine helps the engine to operate properly, stably and prolong its life.
  • Increase performance and save fuel: When a Ford car engine is officially overhauled, damaged or inefficient parts are replaced or repaired, increasing the vehicle's performance and fuel economy.
  • Make sure it is safe to use: Overhauling a genuine Ford car engine will ensure that important vehicle components work properly, ensure safe use and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Reduce repair costs: If you take your Ford car to a reputable service center, highly trained technicians will check and assess the exact condition of the engine. From there, we offer practical maintenance solutions that both optimize costs now and save repair costs in the future.
  • Guarantee: If you overhaul a genuine Ford car engine, you will enjoy a clear warranty, ensuring benefits when problems occur.

Ideally, you should take your car to a reputable garage to be "corrected" as well as make sure to use genuine products and accessories when overhauling Ford automobile engines. In case you choose a less professional unit, your pet will be repaired poorly, easily leading to unnecessary problems during later use.

Thanh Phong Auto – Professional Genuine Ford Motor Vehicle Overhaul Service In Ho Chi Minh City

More than 10 years of experience in the industry maintenance, Car care in Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Phong Auto Proud to be a reputable company that is favored by many customers. Owning a team of qualified personnel and modern facilities, Thanh Phong Auto confidently provides Ford car engine overhaul service best to you.

Genuine Ford Car Engine Overhaul Service in Ho Chi Minh City Reputable Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Professional Car Engine Overhaul Service - Good Price Hcm

Our commitment:

  • Professional working process from consultation, inspection, quotation to repair, overhaul and handover of vehicles.
  • A team of highly skilled technicians, dismantling and repairing engines with proper technique.
  • Transparent consultation and quotation, customers agree to perform the service.
  • Only use genuine lubricants and accessories, ensuring quality service.
  • Has a clear warranty policy.

Special, Thanh Phong Auto regularly provide many preferential, practical and useful services, bringing the most satisfied experiences to customers.

Genuine Ford Motor Vehicle Overhaul Items

The Ford car engine system has a lot of details, so the engine overhaul process will have quite a few small items. Specifically:

  • Replace all rons, rotators, ron cacter, ron xupap...
  • Replace valve seal.
  • Replacing the machine's tail seal, machine core, camshaft...
  • Replace gitap.
  • Replace the pad (hand pad).
  • Replace the bale plate set (main spacer with the body).
  • Replace the piston battery.
  • Replace piston + ring.
  • Replace the goat tail.
  • Replace the camshaft increase bearing.
  • Replace the cam belt.
  • Cylinder reamer.
  • Xupap grinding.
  • Grinding the cylinder cap.
  • Grinding the pecking stork.
  • Machine core grinding.
  • Grinding crowns.
  • Clean the water tank.
  • Check and replace oil filter, air filter and fuel filter.
  • Change oil.
  • flywheel test, gear, press plate,…
  • ...
Hcm Genuine Ford Car Engine Overhaul Garage
What should you keep in mind when overhauling a Ford Car Engine?

Process Ford car engine overhaul will be deployed based on the actual condition of the engine. The technicians Thanh Phong Auto We will carefully check and plan the appropriate cleaning, repair and replacement, ensuring your pet is taken care of in the best way.

Thus, the article has summarized some information about Genuine Ford Motor Vehicle Overhaul Service In Ho Chi Minh City of Thanh Phong Auto. Any questions, you can contact Contact us for specific answers. (Update Price List For Ford Car Parts)

Wish you always have safe trips!

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