Top Addresses for Repairing and Maintenance of Prestigious Cars in Tan Phu District, HCM

Prestigious Auto Repair Address In Tan Phu Hcm
Latest update date: February 26, 09

In Tan Phu District, there are many service providers auto repair and maintenance. This makes many car owners confused, not knowing which address to choose to both ensure the quality factor and have the most competitive price.

And Thanh Phong Auto Discover now a collection of centers/Prestigious car repair garage in Tan Phu for the most suitable choice.

Professional Auto Repair Garage in Tan Phu District
Experience in Choosing a Professional Automobile Repair and Maintenance Garage in Tan Phu Hcm

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Garage for Auto Repair and Maintenance in Tan Phu District, HCM

1. Duc Tho Garage

Duc Tho Garage is a reputable and professional car repair unit in Tan Phu district. With a wealth of experience, equipment and professional staff, this car repair garage meets all of the customer's car repair and maintenance needs. In particular, Duc Tho is famous for its ability to repair high-class cars quickly and safely.

  • Address: 105 Le Thuc Hoach, Phu Tho Hoa, Tan Phu, City. HCM.

2. KIA Truong Chinh

KIA Truong Chinh specializes in distribution - repair - maintenance of KIA cars. When coming here, customers are guaranteed to replace 100% genuine parts at competitive costs. A team of professional technicians, knowledgeable about KIA vehicles, should be able to meet all customer needs.

  • Address: 827A-829 Truong Chinh, Tay Thanh, Tan Phu, City. HCM.

3. Chevrolet Truong Chinh Garage

Although not a car repair address, the dealer Chevrolet Truong Chinh still receive maintenance - repair of the company's cars. Customers using Chevrolet car repair service can be assured of the quality by a team of skilled staff and genuine replacement parts.

  • Address: 38 Che Lan Vien, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC.

4. Vu An Auto Garage

Although not a big car garage, Vu An is still a name that many people trust when there is a need to repair cars in Tan Phu district. The unit receives and fixes all errors from simple to complex of popular - mid-range - high-end cars. Vu An Garage Usually clear quotes and no extra charges after repair.

  • Address: 177 Thoai Ngoc Hau, Phu Thanh, Tan Phu, HCMC.
Prestigious Auto Repair Address In Tan Phu Hcm
Professional, Dedicated, Highly Skilled Staff

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5. Tan Phu Car Garage

If you are looking for a reputable high-end car repair and maintenance address, you should not miss it Tan Phu car garage. This garage is highly appreciated by customers because of its professional staff, modern equipment and machinery... Besides repair and maintenance services, Tan Phu garage also buys, sells and exchanges used cars and sells spare parts. Genuine auto parts, auto insurance.

  • Address: 78 Tan Son Nhi Street, Tan Son Nhi, Tan Phu, HCMC.

6. Thanh Hai Auto Garage

Thanh Hai Auto Garage specializes in providing car interior cleaning and washing services from affordable to high-end segments. Besides, this center still accepts repair of basic damage - as simple as patching tubes, changing tires... and selling car toy accessories.

  • Address: 15 Xeo Bridge, Tan Quy, Tan Phu, HCMC.

7. War Vehicle Body Shop

War Car Body Shop is a small establishment specializing in selling and supporting the replacement of intestines and tires for cars. Here provide genuine many types of car shells with different prices. If your car is unfortunately blown out or worn out and needs to be replaced, you can go to this facility to be assured of the price and quality of spare parts.

  • Address: 1 Tran Hung Dao Street, Tan Thanh, Tan Phu, HCMC.

In addition to the above addresses, for a more convenient experience, you can refer to On-site car repair service by Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Mobile car repair throughout Ho Chi Minh City, including Tan Phu district.
  • Operating 24/7, including holidays “super convenient” for customers.
  • Specializes in receiving and repairing all types of cars, including the popular - mid-range - high-end segment.
  • Support to pull the car to the repair place if the car is too damaged to be repaired on the spot

We try our best to be available as soon as we are contacted via the hotline 0934 22 27 63 so that customers do not have to wait long to delay work.

Hcm Professional Automobile Repair and Maintenance Garage
Professional Automobile Repair - Maintenance - Maintenance Garage, Good Price in Hcm

Thanh Phong Auto is currently one of the The largest car repair and maintenance center in Ho Chi Minh. Here owns a team of experienced, well-trained and professional staff with the most modern and advanced machinery and equipment. Thanh Phong Auto has the ability and experience to fix all errors from the simplest to the most complex. With competitive prices, we are trusted by many customers to choose and appreciate for our quality and professional service attitude.

General articles TOP 7 Address for car repair and maintenance in Tan Phu Prestigious, professional for your reference and selection. For more related useful information, see more articles in section news of Thanh Phong Auto .

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