Cause, How To Fix Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

Causes, How to Fix Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Air-conditioning blowing hot air is one of the most common problems many car owners face. To understand the causes and how to fix this problem let's go Thanh phong Go find out in the article below.

The role of car air conditioning

Car air conditioner is an important part in every car, it is made up of main parts such as: the cooler, the outdoor unit, the throttle valve, the indoor unit.

Similar to the air conditioners we use at home, car air conditioners have the main effect of cooling and reducing the humidity of the air. It helps to increase the usage time of the engines while operating.

In addition, car air-conditioning also plays a role in circulating and ensuring that the air in the car is not stuffy, bringing comfort to users on hot days.

Causes of Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air
Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

Causes of car air conditioning blowing hot air & How to fix it

1. Do not clean the machine filter

After a long period of use, if the air conditioner is not cleaned regularly, the filter will become clogged with dirt and cold air will not be able to escape to the outside. At this time, cold air gets clogged in the air duct, causing the pipe to freeze and stop working, leading to hot air continuously blowing outside. You can refer to this for more information indication that the cabin air filter should be replaced to promptly replace it!

Check and Clean Air Filter Regularly
Check and Clean Air Filter Regularly

How to fix: Clean the air conditioner filter regularly, if the filter is too old, have a replacement plan to ensure quality when using.

*note: After cleaning or replacing the filter, turn on the device in light mode. This will help the ice stuck in the pipe melt, so that the machine can work best. Combined with that is should open the car windows to thaw faster.

2. Lack of cold gas

Lack of cold gas and low cooling efficiency is a fairly common cause of air-conditioning blowing hot air. This shortage is usually due to a long period of in use that does not add gas or leaking gas.

When the cold gas is shorted due to leaking or running out of gas, the reduced cooling efficiency realizes this the pressure switch will shut itself off to protect the electric system on the vehicle. In addition, the cold cyclone will be prevented from working to avoid damaging the cylinder piston causing the air conditioner to blow out hot air.

Use the meter to check whether there is a shortage or not
Use the meter to check whether there is a shortage or not

How to fix: Use the air-conditioning charging meter to check the remaining gas and directly charge the necessary amount of gas for the car.

In some cases, when the air conditioner has just been charged with cold gas, it quickly runs out of gas. The cause could be a damaged pipe section, loose gaskets or a loose connection. Take your car to the garage for the most accurate check by a technician.

According to information from the technicians, the process of filling the car air conditioner involves many steps. The implementer needs to know the steps and be skilled enough to perfect them.

3. Damage in the compressor:

The compressor is a very important part of the air conditioning system. It has the function of transferring refrigerant or refrigerant to the outdoor unit or indoor unit to perform the cooling function. When the compressor fails, the process is stopped, and only hot wind is active.

Air Conditioning Compressor
Air Conditioning Compressor

Causes of compressor failure can be due to:

  • Electrical fault in the circuit.
  • The compressor clutch is broken.
  • Refrigerant low.

How to fix: Bring your car to repair addresses for inspection and replacement of damaged parts. Or refill the machine with refrigerant.

4. Power system problem

Failure in electrical systems is also one of the reasons why car air conditioners blow out hot air. Currently, with new models, there will be automatic air conditioning systems and new electrical systems to work. However, if one of the components such as the support sensors, the wiring, the fuse and the relay fails, the air conditioner will not work.

Electricity in Air Conditioning System
Electricity in Air Conditioning System

How to fix: Regularly check to detect and promptly repair failures in the electrical system. At the same time, have the best way to replace the old parts to ensure the air conditioner works stably.

Above are some The cause of the car's hot air blowing out and how to fix itHope readers will have more useful experiences for themselves. Ideally, take your driver to check the machine and air conditioner every 6 months to ensure the machine works smoothly and create durability for the machine. Also please refer to immediately Experience using air conditioning in cars to ensure a long life of the conditioner.

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