Quotation for Prestigious and Quality Audi Car Paint Service in Ho Chi Minh City

Professional Audi Car Painting Service Hcm

Job repaint Audi cars not only helps to improve the beauty of the car, but also protects the tires and parts of the car against external factors (weather, collision ...), improving the value of the car. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many service providers Audi car paint With different technologies, technical levels and quotes, it is necessary to consider the selection carefully.

With many years of operation in the field auto repair and maintenance, Thanh Phong Auto confidently provide Professional Audi car paint service, quality, good price. Discover our latest quotes through the following article!

Why Need To Repaint Audi Cars?

During use, the paint on the car will be scratched, discolored or peeled off due to environmental factors. Car repainting is essential to improving the appearance and increasing the value of your Audi.

Professional Audi Car Painting Service Hcm
Prestigious, Professional Audi Car Painting Service #1 in HCM

Moreover, the new paint layer also protects the car from the effects of weather, moisture, dirt, UV rays, toxic chemicals, etc. Thereby, preventing corrosion and rusting of parts. metal on the vehicle, giving Audi vehicles a better life and reducing future maintenance costs.

Especially, if it's too boring with the old paint color or the car color doesn't match Feng Shui then Audi car color change paint helps to solve this problem effectively without buying a new car.

In short, the car paint Audi not only helps improve the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also protects and prolongs the life of the paintwork and other components.

What Should Be Noticed When Repainting Audi Cars?

Repainting Audi cars requires a large amount of money, so it is important to note the following points to own a beautiful new paint layer:

  • Choose a reputable and quality car painting service by consulting feedback on websites, social networks, forums and from close friends around.
  • If you change the paint color of your car, you need to register with the competent authority to legalize the new paint of Audi with a different color.
  • Thoroughly discuss with technical staff the requirements and questions for the most specific advice, avoiding paint results that are not as expected.
  • Learn carefully about paint lines and brands to choose a quality paint, beautiful color, long-lasting over the years.
  • Check the condition of the car surface for distortion, scratches or cracks to fix and clean the car surface before repainting the car.
  • Check that the painted surface after finishing is the correct color, smooth or not. If there is any error, please report it to the garage to solve it promptly before bringing it home.
  • After painting Audi cars, it is necessary to pay attention to preserving the paint by parking the car in covered places, washing the car with clean water and specialized detergents ...
Prestigious Audi Car Painting Garage, Good Price Hcm
What should you pay attention to when painting Audi cars?

Thanh Phong Auto: Address to paint Audi cars in Ho Chi Minh City Prestige, Quality, Good Price

Working for many years in the field of auto repair and maintenance, Thanh Phong Auto proud to be a reliable destination for customers wishing to repaint Audi cars in Ho Chi Minh City area.

We accept paint for each part, fix car scratches and repaint the whole car: gloss paint, standard paint, color change paint.

The special features that make the Audi car painting service of Thanh Phong Auto trusted by many customers:

  • There is a full range of paints from famous brands, genuine products, high quality commitment.
  • Professional, experienced paint technicians paint all Audi car parts with modern machinery.
  • The car painting process meets safety standards for technicians and minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment because it is carried out in a closed room with full labor protection equipment.
  • The car after handover is painted to the required standard color, without patching, smooth surface and on schedule according to the original agreement.
  • Enthusiastic consultants, guide customers to choose paint lines and repaint options for Audi cars according to their needs and economic ability, choose paint colors suitable for car structure, preferences and feng shui.
  • Transparency in pricing and warranty policy.

Quote of Thanh Phong Auto's Latest Audi Car Paint Service in HCM City

The price of Audi car paint is preliminary calculated and divided into two groups as follows:

Standard car paint price list:

Quotation for Prestigious, Quality Audi Car Painting Service in Ho Chi Minh City High-class Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Standard Car Paint Price List

Price list of car paint changes color:

Quotation for Prestigious, Quality Audi Car Painting Service in Ho Chi Minh City High-class Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Color Changing Car Paint Price List


The car paint price list was updated in 2023, for preliminary reference only. The above price list does not include 10% VAT and the costs of making copper, denting…

Out Audi car paint then Thanh Phong Auto still receive repainting of many cars from popular to high-end such as Toyota, Ford Ranger, Kia, Hyundai...

Hope table posts Price of prestigious and quality Audi car paint service in Ho Chi Minh City will be useful to you. Contact Contact us for more specific advice and quotes on services. (Reference Audi Car Repair and Maintenance Quotation).

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