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Prestigious Vinfast Car Painting Garage Hcm
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When you need car paint or change color Vinfast carsIn addition to the criteria of beauty and durability, cost is always the top concern of many customers. Together Thanh Phong Auto research Quote Vinfast Car Paint Service Prestige, Quality In Ho Chi Minh City Prepare funds when needed.

Professional Car Painting Service Hcm
Vinfast Car Painting Service is Prestigious and Professional #1 in HCM

Cases in which Vinfast Cars need to be painted

  • Vinfast cars are discolored, cracked paint

Cars after a period of use, affected by many weather factors such as rain, sun, wind, storm, ... will be discolored, cracked. When encountering the above case, car paint is one of the quick solutions to return the beauty like new.

  • Vinfast cars are scratched

If your car has scratches on the glossy, middle color layer or even scratches on the innermost primer layer, exposing the metal part, you can choose a polishing or repainting service.

Depending on the severity of the scratch as well as the cross-section of the scratch to choose the appropriate treatment.

  • Change the paint color of Vinfast cars

If you are looking to change the color of your car to suit your taste or your destiny, new paint will help you change feng shui, attract luck and fortune.

Standard Vinfast Car Paint Process At Thanh Phong Auto

Whether you choose to paint miles or repaint the whole car, the process of painting Vinfast cars at Thanh Phong Auto is done according to a 7-step process. Specifically:

Step 1: Check the entire car surface and clean

  • The car before painting is washed by the staff once to ensure that all stains remain on the body of the car.
  • Check the entire surface of the car, use a sander to clean the scratches.

Step 2: Fix – smooth the surface of the car

  • For cases of slight damage, just use a stone grinder to impact the surface, combined with a corrugated iron if there are dents.
  • In case of severe damage, the vehicle will be put on a tow platform, using specialized equipment to restore the surface of the vehicle to its original condition. After physical impact, Thanh Phong Auto will use a measuring tool to check whether the straightening position has reached the standard or not before changing the step.

Step 3: Anti-rust primer

  • In order for the vehicle's surface to resist the chemical corrosion of the weather, this is a mandatory step. This step is done very carefully.

Step 4: Put the matt

  • Matite baits are considered as a filler, which works to make the surface of the car's tires avoid convexity.
  • This step requires meticulousness and care to create the most perfect mold possible.

Step 5: Primer

  • The primer helps the matt surface to not be eaten out of the car, affecting the color as well as the aesthetics of the car.
Prestigious Vinfast Car Painting Garage Hcm
What should you pay attention to when painting Vinfast cars?

Step 6: Mix colors and spray paint

  • Color mixing is an important step, performed by a team of experienced and well-trained technicians.
  • The spray painting process is carried out in the paint room to prevent air, moisture, dirt, etc. from affecting the painted surface.
  • At the end of the painting process, proceed to drying at a temperature of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius.

7 Step: Polish

  • After spraying paint, technicians Thanh Phong Auto use specialized polishing machines and surface curing glue to create gloss for the paint layer. This layer has the effect of limiting the maximum influence of ultraviolet rays, rain water, oxidation, dirt, etc.

Quotation for Vinfast Car Paint Service at Thanh Phong Auto

Customers come with Thanh Phong Auto, have the staff check the condition of the vehicle, advise on the optimal solution and quote the full process. Thanh Phong Auto says no to arbitrarily incurring costs in all cases.

Price of Vinfast car painting service at Thanh Phong Auto:

Standard paint price list:

Quotation for Prestigious, Quality Vinfast Car Painting Service in Hcm Professional Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Price list for changing paint colors:

Car Paint Color Changing Price List
Car Paint Color Changing Price List

Reasons to choose Vinfast Car Paint Service at Thanh Phong Auto

Possessing long-term experience in car painting service, Thanh Phong Auto confidently changes the appearance of thousands of cars with the following criteria:

  • High color fastness.
  • Standard aesthetics.
  • Affordable price.

Car painting service at Thanh Phong Auto is highly appreciated by using genuine imported paint with advanced European paint technology. All processes are performed by a team of highly skilled, careful, meticulous and well-trained technicians.

Quotation for Prestigious, Quality Vinfast Car Painting Service in Hcm Professional Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious, Cheap Car Painting Garage #1 in Hcm

Customers can rest assured when using the service car paint in Thanh Phong Auto by commits:

  • Dedicated advice, right service that customers need.
  • Standard color coating, smooth, durable.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Come to Thanh Phong Auto, you are supported 24/7 with a well-ventilated, fully-equipped garage system and a team of qualified staff. Thanh Phong ensures standard color code when customers need to paint the original color. Committed to consulting the right feng shui color if needed change car paint color.

Above is Quotation for Vinfast Car Paint Service Prestigious, Quality HCM, hope to meet the needs of readers. Because of the price Vinfast car paint quite high, so be a smart car owner in the process of choosing a reputable paint location.

Wish you successfully refurbished your beloved car at a reasonable cost. (Reference Genuine Vinfast Automotive Engine Overhaul Service In Ho Chi Minh City)/

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