Fixing Vehicle Air Conditioning On Glass When Cold Open

How to Fix Car Passive Air on the Glass
General BlogFixing Vehicle Air Conditioning On Glass When Cold Open

The car is stuck with steam (also known as steaming) when opening cold, it limits the visibility of vehicle drivers when participating in traffic. If not corrected in time, it will hinder the driver and easily create unfortunate traffic accidents.

In the next post, Thanh Phong Auto guide you How to fix the situation of car condensation on the glass when cold opening?. Check out the details!

How to Fix Car Passive Air on the Glass
How to Effectively Handle Car Condensation on the Glass

1 Why Does Car Condensate On The Glass When It's Cold On?

Cars get water vapor on the glass when cold opening comes from the following reasons:

  • Large temperature difference between the outside and inside of the car interior.
  • Inadequate ventilation prevents water vapor (formed from the cooling system) from escaping to the outside, resulting in condensation on the glass.
  • An improperly functioning cooling system also causes a lot of condensation in the car.

To prevent condensation on the windshield when cold, you must use the correct cooling system, regularly check the operation of the air conditioning, ventilation, etc.

2 Ways to Fix the Condition of Cars that Condensate on the Glass When Cold Open

To overcome the situation of car condensation on the glass when cold, you can take a few measures:

How to Deal with Vehicle Condensation on the Glass
Turn off the air conditioner and open the car door to let the car ventilate
  • Temporary treatment by wiping with a dry cloth, using the glass drying function and checking the adjustment Cooling system so that the temperature in the cabin does not differ too much from the outside environment, limit placing items that can generate steam.
  • Using a portable dehumidifier on the car reduces the situation of steam and condensation on the car.
  • Limit placing wet items in the cabin without being covered or covered.
  • Open the window down 10-15 cm to balance the temperature or turn on the blower to get the outside wind mode to limit condensation on the surface of the windshield.
  • Turn off the engine and open the door to allow air to circulate and release steam that accumulates in the car if the car has been operated for a long time continuously.
  • Open windows and vents to allow air to circulate and help escape steam when starting the car.
  • Check and clean air filter because a dirty air filter can block airflow and reduce cooling system efficiency, causing a build-up of water vapor in the vehicle.
  • Check the ventilation holes, make sure they are open and not blocked. If there are any obstacles blocking the airflow, the steam will not escape from the vehicle and lead to condensation on the glass.

Take the above measures but the situation of condensation on the glass when opening the cold in the car still continues, you should take the car to a repair shop to check and handle the problem in time.

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Overcoming the Condition of Vehicle Condensation on the Glass When Cold Opened Premium Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023
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Hope the article fix the situation where the car has water vapor on the glass when it is cold open will be useful to you. Contact right with Thanh Phong Auto to get timely and effective help for your car.

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