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The Piston Ring is a small detail that assumes many functions related to the operation of an automobile engine. In this article, Thanh Phong Auto Would you like to share some problems about the automobile clutch. Follow up to use your car effectively, safely and maintain the longevity of the car.

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1. What Is The Function Of The Chain?

  • Be sure to compress the air between the cylinder wall and the piston.
  • Make an oil film so that the cylinder can be lubricated.
  • Helps heat from the piston to be transferred to the cylinder.
  • Prevents the piston hitting the cylinder wall.

2. What Materials Make Up The Cement Chain?

A automobile sleeve can be made up of a wide variety of materials. Specifically, the alloy of chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, cast iron, ... But iron alloy is the material most commonly used by:

  • Graphite in cast iron helps to lubricate the friction surface easily.
  • Scratches in friction with the cylinder wall will fade when working.
  • Durable, stable under high temperature conditions.
What material are the rings made of
Cement rings are made up of materials that can operate in high temperature environments

3. Why Are There Many Types Of Air Cement Sections?

Czech Mang is designed with many types of cross-sections such as: rectangular, trapezoid, ... The difference in type of the section of C-Mang will bring certain roles when the car is operating.

  • Rectangular cross-section: There is a large contact area on the wall of the cylinder, reducing pressure on the cylinder wall should be assembled in the first groove of the piston to reduce abrasion at the mouth of the ring.
  • Trapezoid-type cross-section: It is possible to limit the case of Xéc Mang being stuck with soot.

4. How To Distinguish The Number 1 And 2 Gas Cylinder Rings

Gas Cement No. 1 is usually made of materials with good mechanical properties, good heat resistance and high chemical corrosion resistance such as chromium because of its regular nature in contact with direct combustion gas. Drop Xéc Mang 1 and 2 to the ground at the same altitude, then Zek Mang 2 will touch the ground after Xich Mang 1.

How to recognize different types of rings
Distinguish ring ring number 1 and ring ring number 2

5. How In The Environment?

The working environment of Xéc Mang is quite harsh, affected by many adverse factors that make Xiep Mang easy to encounter damage problems such as:

  • The Bearing Chain is easy to get caught by soot.
  • When the engine temperature increases, if the water or oil is not changed in time, the Chain Ring may crack or break.
  • Understand many friction effects.
  • Great impact force.

6. The Principle Of Operation Of The Cement Chain

The Cylinder always tends to inflate, hugging the wall of the cylinder because of its elasticity. When the engine is running, the Chain Bearing will continuously move up and down, rubbing inside the cylinder wall and the piston groove. This makes the diameter of the cylinder wider, and the thickness is thin.

  • During the smoking period: The chain wheel moves upwards, next to the top edge of the groove.
  • During the discharge and compression period: The Chain Link goes downwards and is located on the lower edge of the groove.
  • During the explosion: The piston ring comes down close to the lower edge of the groove under the action of compressed air pressure. Then the compressed air enters the void on the cylinder Shoot the shoots and go behind to push the Cylinder to press against the cylinder wall. The Chain Bolt will then expand to maximum to increase the tightness of the combustion chamber.
The sign shows that the automobile ring is damaged
Replace the ring ring

7. Damaged Bearing Mark

  • When the car is running, it produces a lot of exhaust gas: The exhaust gas can be brown or white due to the spilled of engine oil into the combustion chamber.
  • Lubricating oil quickly consumes: rapid loss of lubricating oil occurs when the oil ring is worn out, causing the lubricating oil to go up to the combustion chamber and burn.
  • The engine is weak when accelerating: The wear ring reduces the compression pressure of the engine, causing the engine to weaken when accelerating.

Recently are the sharing of Thanh Phong Auto about Car sleeve. Hope this will be useful information for you. For inquiries about Car Bearing and efficient car care, please contact Thanh Phong Auto via hotline +0934 222 763 for specific answers. See more useful sharing about cars in the forum Share Car Knowledge Experience.

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