How to Handle Car Headlights that are Steamed

Car lights are steamed
Latest update date: February 25, 01

Car lights are a part that helps car owners improve visibility, easily observe and move on all terrains as well as weather, etc. However, at this location it is easy to absorb moisture, affecting the ability to lighting, causing danger to traffic.

So what is the cause of car lights being steamed? How to fix it? Together Thanh Phong Auto Find out through the article below.

Car lights are steamed
Car lights are steamed

What Causes Car Lights to Get Vaporized?

Manufacturer error: The car is 100% new but the car lights are steamed, which could be due to an error in assembly or a collision during transportation from the manufacturer to the showroom.

Disassembling and assembling lights in high humidity environments: Removing and assembling the lamp in an environment with high humidity, then turning on the light will cause the moist air to evaporate and condense into dew, condensing on the surface causing steaming.

Nước dễ luồn vào đèn xe nếu đầu xe bị tác động vật lý
Nước dễ luồn vào đèn xe nếu đầu xe bị tác động vật lý

Subjected to physical impact or collision: During travel, if the vehicle is collided or impacted on the front of the vehicle, it can lead to the light reflector being exposed or slightly cracked. This condition makes it easy for water to get inside when washing the car or in rainy weather.

Unprofessional repair when adjusting lights: Some vehicle tuning locations are not professional, and their tuning techniques are not careful, causing the rubber layer to not be as tight as the original. When encountering humid weather conditions, rain or washing the car, the car lights will be steamed.

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Steam absorption inside car lights can cause the following effects:

  • Causes lens fogging: Condensation on the surface of the light can cause fogging of the light glass, causing the car's lights to lose their ability to illuminate.
  • Causes damage to car lights: Moisture inside the lamp can oxidize the electronic parts of the lamp, causing damage to the vehicle lamp.
  • Causes unsafe driving: Steam inside the lights can cause the car's lights to lose their ability to illuminate, making it difficult for the driver to drive at night or in bad weather conditions.
Hấp hơi nước bên trong đèn có thể khiến đèn xe bị giảm khả năng chiếu sáng
Hấp hơi nước bên trong đèn có thể khiến đèn xe bị giảm khả năng chiếu sáng

How to Fix Steamy Car Lights

Turn on the light

If your car is steaming due to humid, humid weather, just turn on the car lights regularly to increase the temperature of the light compartment to handle the above phenomenon.

Open the rubber cover and turn on the light

If the rubber cover is open, not closed tightly or the cover gasket is cracked, rotten, or not closed tightly, you need to take the following steps:

  • Remove the rubber cover from the back of the lamp.
  • Turn on the light for about 20 minutes.
  • Close the lid and continue using.
Bật đèn xe có thể xử lý được hiện tượng hấp hơi
Bật đèn xe có thể xử lý được hiện tượng hấp hơi

Lamp drying

Specialized lamp drying is a way to do it after all the solutions have been implemented but the steaming problem still hasn't gone away. This solution is implemented at showrooms, implemented by the technical team.

Use Silicon Dioxide Gel

Using Silicon Dioxide Gel anti-humidity packs is a method recommended by many experts, follow these steps:

  • Remove the headlight assembly according to the instructions.
  • Wipe off any moisture on the lens.
  • Drop a packet of Silicon Dioxide Gel inside the light bulb, absolutely do not let the gel layer come into contact with the light bulb.
  • Fix the bag in one position to avoid covering the lamp eye.
  • Reinstall the headlight cover as before.
Dùng gói chống ẩm Gel Silic Dioxit
Dùng gói chống ẩm Gel Silic Dioxit

Go to reputable maintenance facilities and addresses

In case you have used all the above remedies but still cannot solve the problem and need to replace or use specialized solutions, you should go to a reputable maintenance facility for timely repair. . Avoid leaving the steam on for too long as it will affect other parts of the car, costing you money and making it unsafe to drive.

How to Prevent Car Lights from Steaming

To prevent car lights from steaming, car owners should note:

  • When buying a car, carefully check the position around the car lights to promptly detect errors.
  • Use a suitable car light cleaner with safe ingredients and gentle cleaning steps to avoid damaging the car lights and making them susceptible to water penetration.
  • Regularly take your car for regular inspection and maintenance to avoid damage, breakage or dehydration.

If you want to refurbish or change the design of your vehicle's lights, choose a reputable center with a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians to minimize errors that affect the aesthetics and functionality of the vehicle. parts.

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Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious and Professional Car Care and Maintenance Address in HCM

If you are looking for a reputable and professional address to fix problems related to cars, maintenance and car care in HCM, Thanh Phong Auto confidently apply.

Thanh Phong Auto specializes in reputable car repair, maintenance and beautification in HCM
Thanh Phong Auto specializes in reputable car repair, maintenance and beautification in HCM

As a veteran unit in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto easily identifies and thoroughly handles all problems, returning your "beloved car" to you with safety and quality. Choosing to cooperate with Thanh Phong Auto, you receive:

  • Our team of skilled and experienced technicians can easily detect the cause and provide a quick solution.
  • The processing process is agile with meticulous and careful operations.
  • Competitive costs, published on the main website.

Hopefully with the information that Thanh Phong Auto provides in the article, you will know the cause and how to fix it when your car lights are steamed. If the condition is too severe, bring it to a warranty center immediately for timely handling to avoid losing more money.

Need car care - maintenance services, car buying - selling and vehicle insurance of all types, contact Thanh Phong Auto for advice.

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