Top Types of Leather Car Seat Covers Most Popular and Reference Price

Top Types of Common Leather Car Seat Covers
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Most popular cars on the market are covered with felt fabric. This is a material with high aesthetics, smoothness to use, but it has many disadvantages such as: easy to stick to dirt, odor, moisture absorption and difficult to clean. So to upgrade and increase the durability of car seats, most car owners invest in leather seat covers.

However, the leather car seat cover market currently has a lot of products with different "upper gold lower bran" levels. So what is the most popular and best quality leather seat cover today? Together Thanh Phong Auto find out.

The Best Quality Leather Car Seat Covers On The Market

Genuine Leather Car Seat Cover

Genuine Leather Car Seat Cover is a line of high-class seat covers made from real animal skin (popular cowhide). Because they are genuine leather, they bring softness, smoothness and ventilation to the occupants. Not only that, the durability of real leather is also very high – if cared for and cared for carefully, it can last for more than 10 years.

Genuine Leather Car Seat Cover
Genuine Leather Car Seat Cover

The minus point of genuine leather car seat covers is that it requires thorough cleaning and maintenance, otherwise it will affect the durability and aesthetics of the product. And of course, the price of this product is very high, you may end up buying imitations from grade 1, grade 2 industrial leather if you don't choose a reputable supplier.

Reference price: about 15 million depending on the type of leather and seat type.

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PU Leather Car Seat Cover

PU Industrial Leather Car Seat Cover is a popular leather seat cover on the market. The product is manufactured from synthetic leather (real leather scraps + sub-leather and polyurethane coating) with the advantages: smooth, durable and highly aesthetic. Not only that, the ability to resist heat, dust, and stretchability of this leather cover is also quite good. Thanks to that, they are often used by many car manufacturers around the world to cover car seats.

Pu Industrial Leather Car Seat Covers
Pu Industrial Leather Car Seat Covers

PU leather is a high-quality industrial leather with a high price, so it is often imitated by mid-range Simili leather lines. If you want to use genuine products, you should choose a reputable unit to buy.

Reference price: about 5-10 million depending on the type of leather and seat.

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Microfiber Leather Car Seat Cover

Microfiber Leather Car Seat Cover is a high-grade industrial leather upholstery. Although the main ingredients are polyester, polyamide and polyurethane fibers, the product is manufactured using 3D knitting technology that simulates the skin structure, so it is extremely similar to the texture of real leather.

Microfiber Leather Car Seat Cover
Microfiber Leather Car Seat Cover

Microfiber leather upholstery is a high-end product line (more than PU leather) so it is not too popular in Vietnam. However, for luxury car owners, this is a quality choice because in addition to high aesthetics, like real leather, the characteristics of durability, waterproofing, softness, and fire resistance are also extremely good. .

Reference price: from 10-15 million VND depending on the type of chair.

Simili Car Seat Cover

The Simili Car Seat Cover is manufactured from artificial leather (polyester fiber) and covered with PVC on top. The product is carefully processed, with the same texture as real leather. However, in terms of softness and durability, they are much rougher and more prone to peeling.

Simili Car Seat Cover
Simili Car Seat Cover

Compared to other types of leather seat covers on the market, Simili seat covers are the cheapest. The price only ranges from 2-5 million. In addition, the product's ability to resist water and dirt is very good, so it is also preferred by many car owners.

Note: Simili leather car seat covers are flammable and combustible, so you need to be careful when using them. See details at Note when changing Simili car seat covers

Suede Car Seat Cover

For those who like the soft and velvety upholstery, the Suede Car Seat Cover is the perfect suggestion. The product is made from the lower layer of animal skin, so it will be softer, more flexible and thinner - showing the luxury and sophistication of the car.

Suede seat covers are also available in genuine leather and artificial leather. The line of artificial suede products is usually produced from nylon and PU with modern weaving technology, creating a perfectly smooth surface like real leather.

Suede Car Seat Cover
Suede Car Seat Cover

The minus point of suede seat covers is that it is difficult to clean, easy to attract dust, cling to moisture and cause unpleasant odors. If not cared for and maintained carefully, it will be very easy to damage the surface of the skin.

On the market today, the most famous brand of suede upholstery is probably Alcantara. The price of genuine products ranges from 15 million depending on the type of leather, the type of car.

Nappa Leather Car Seat Cover

Nappa Leather Car Seat Cover is a high-class seat cover with high softness, breathability and extremely aesthetic. This line of seat covers is made of genuine leather with skillful tanning techniques, resulting in products with little distortion and very good quality.

Nappa Leather Car Seat Cover
Nappa Leather Car Seat Cover

Just like real leather upholstery, Nappa leather upholstery has the same pros and cons. For the product to have the highest durability, you need to clean and maintain the leather surface carefully.

Reference price: from 20 million depending on skin type or vehicle type.

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Notes When Upholstering Car Leather Seats

Depending on the needs of use and financial conditions, each car owner will have their own options. However, to ensure that you choose the most suitable, beautiful, quality and durable product, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • In terms of intended use: is your car a personal car, a company car or a service car? Who is the target audience? How about durability, softness, and luxury? If you like to refresh your car's interior regularly, there's no need to invest in durable genuine leather upholstery. If it is a company car or a service car, you should not invest in too high-class leather upholstery (because it requires careful care and maintenance). If the family car has young children, it is advisable to limit the cars that are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean such as suede, genuine leather, and Nappa leather.
  • Pay attention to the origin of the productThe market for car seat covers is quite diverse – there are many reputable brands and many sources of poor quality and extremely low durability. You should choose reputable units to have a commitment to quality, origin and clear warranty.
  • Choose the right color. Although the leather seat covers are not too rich in color, there are quite a few options that make you wonder. You should choose the seat color that matches the interior space (in harmony with the steering wheel cover, ceiling cover, car color, ...). Besides, you can also choose the right color to bring a lot of luck and fortune.
  • Choose how to remove felt seat covers: Many car owners when buying leather upholstery often leave the original felt layer intact with the thought that later removing the cover, that layer of felt will still be like new. But according to Thanh Phong Auto's experience, if two layers of upholstery are stacked, the inner felt layer will be susceptible to mold, odor and bacteria, while the outer skin layer will not adhere and be less aesthetic. You should remove the felt layer so that the leather cover hugs the seat – ensuring the best softness and durability. That felt layer you can still keep and use when needed.

Above are Thanh Phong Auto's sharing about Common types of car seat covers and quotation for reference. Any questions about suitable leather upholstery products, how to beautify cars, interior care service, you can contact us for a quick consultation!

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