EcoBoost - Changing The Concept Of Motivation

EcoBoost – Changing the Concept of Prestigious Engines Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
NewsEcoBoost - Changing The Concept Of Motivation

Each type of motor usually has a certain advantage. Turbocharged diesel engine engines often have high torque characteristics, good traction and good power at low rpm. Gasoline engines often offer better traction at high speed engines. Ford launched the EcoBoost engine based on a combination of these two characteristics. The direct fuel injection system and turbocharger are the solutions used on EcoBoost to provide a sharp acceleration sensation at the top of the rewind threshold but still provide good traction when at the high rewinding threshold.

EcoBoost – Changing the Concept of Prestigious Engines Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

EcoBoost – Changing the Concept of Prestigious Engines Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023The EcoBoost engine on the Fiesta is made of cast iron instead of aluminum. The die-cast exhaust joint connects directly to the top of the cylinder and two independent thermocouple systems (one head for the cylinder top and the other for the engine). These two factors make the warm-up time about 50% faster. Fuel consumption in cold weather or short journeys (in the city) is also reduced by about 20%. The greenhouse gas exhaust is also about 15% less, compared with engine blocks of the same capacity.

The new design of the EcoBoost engine is reduced by about 25% of the moving components, making the size of A4 paper only. at the same time fuel consumption will increase. Ford changed this concept with the introduction of EcoBoost. Specific evidence is the EcoBoost engine block used on Ford Fiesta in Vietnam. Machine capacity is only 1 liter, 3 cylinders but still produces the power up to 125 horsepower. Maximum torque of 170 Nm at the threshold of 1.300 to 4.500 rpm. This is the engine block that helped Ford win the best engine award in 2012 and 2013.

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The direct fuel injection system on the Fiesta EcoBoost contributes greatly to higher power, torque and a better acceleration feel. But fuel consumption is significantly reduced. However, the quality of gasoline is also a potential risk that many other car companies in Vietnam have not applied this technology, because the fuel will be sprayed directly to the top of the cylinder.


Ford representatives said that the EcoBoost engine on the new Fiesta is designed to be able to use gasoline from RON 91 to RON 98. Of course, the higher the quality of gasoline, the more optimal the engine will be.

In actual operating conditions in Vietnam, Fiesta EcoBoost's accelerator pedal gives a sharp response right at the threshold of the machine head. The feeling of acceleration makes the driver sometimes forget that the car is equipped with an engine block with a real capacity of only 998 cubic displacement with three cylinders. Combined with PowerShift dual-clutch 6 gearbox, Ford announced Fiesta EcoBoost achieved fuel consumption of only 5,3 liters / 100km in mixed road conditions.

The concept of the street-car segment does not make Fiesta EcoBoost much bound. Road driving conditions, not difficult to reach the milestone of 100 km / h. The passing with the gear shift by the double clutch, the maximum torque of 170 Nm spread evenly from the turbine of 1.300 - 4.500 rpm makes the 1.0 engine block feel not drowned out much. Steadily at the speed range 80 km / h, the peace of mind when driving the Fiesta EcoBoost comes from the power steering wheel that varies with speed, brake foot and pedal force are quite typical Ford style.

Currently, Fiesta is the only model of Ford Vietnam to use EcoBoost engine. The percentage of vehicles equipped with this engine accounts for about 40% of the total Fiesta sold from the month of 12 / 2013 to the month of 10 / 2014. In the coming year, the company is expected to continue bringing EcoBoost to Vietnam to apply on new generation models such as EcoSport, Focus or Ranger.

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