3 Notes When Repairing Taplo Watches, Car Speedometer

- 3 Notes When Repairing Taplo Watches, Car Speedometers
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Maybe your car is still operating normally, but the speedometer is broken so you do not know what speed you are moving. This is one of the reasons why driving safety is not guaranteed. Especially when the speed is too fast on dangerous roads. The following article will share to you Note when fixing Taplo meter, car speedometer. If you are also interested in this issue, do not rush to skip our article.

In modern vehicle versions, the clock is not only a place to display speed, but it also has information about oil pressure, gas meter, cool oil temperature and other parameters. However, the most basic parameter that plays an important role is the speedometer, also known as the speedometer.

Car speedometer is a pretty important part
Car speedometer is a pretty important part

The working principle of the speedometer

If you want to measure the speed of your car, the most important thing is to measure the speed of the gear or wheel rotation. In most modern vehicle versions, the speed is calculated according to the rotation speed of the gearbox thanks to the active cable.

Another important component in a speedometer is the permanent magnet. This magnet is placed inside the metal box shaped like a cup - Speedcub. On the Speedcub is attached an index needle, fixed by the watch filament. The driver can thus see the speed dial on the clock's surface in a range from 0 to the maximum number.

Suppose when a car is running at a constant speed. At this time, the gearbox and shaft actively rotate at a speed corresponding to the speed that the vehicle is running. Because the central shaft (core) inside the watch's active cable is connected to the gearbox via a gearbox. So the central axis will spin at the same speed as the gearbox. From there, the permanent magnet on the other end of the active cable will spin.

Speedometer operates on a fairly simple principle
Speedometer operates on a fairly simple principle

3 notes you need to know lead to a speedometer malfunction

Usually, when the speedometer does not work, it is the fault of the electrical system in the vehicle or the problem with the speed sensor. Only when you identify the right cause can you find a suitable solution to handle definitely.

Speed ​​sensor

This is a part of the task to provide information to the car's system so you know how fast the vehicle is moving. Anti-lock braking system and cruise control is also one of the important parts of a car that requires the speedometer to be able to operate effectively.

A lot of the speed sensor components need a speedometer to work properly
A lot of the speed sensor components need a speedometer to work properly

Speed ​​sensor on cars is not often defective. However, it is also very susceptible to brake dust or dirt on the road.

Not only that, the speed sensor may be affected by the wheel repair process or brake pedal replacement. At this time, the engine indicator light or the part of the anti-lock braking system will light up. The best remedy is to replace the speed sensor for cars.

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Engine control system error

The back of the speedometer is the computer and the electrical system that supports the speed of the car when you are driving. Once this motor control system has a problem, many other parts will fail. Including the speedometer does not notice the speed of the vehicle.

There are many causes of this malfunction. In particular, the main cause may be due to the motor control system, the bridge is only affected from the outside.

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The best way to overcome the cause is to find the cause. At this point, you will need to seek the help of technical experts to find the exact cause of the damage. When you find a problem and feel it is too serious, it is imperative that you replace the electrical system or repair the damaged wiring.

A faulty motor control system also causes the speedometer to fail
A faulty motor control system also causes the speedometer to fail

Upgrade speedometer

When you have used your car for too long, besides the market appeared many new cars that make your car quickly obsolete.

Not only that, after using the car, it also makes the taplo meter easily damaged by both subjective and objective factors. Now you need to replace the system to operate more stable.

Hope the above information will help you have more experience in repairing Taplo meter, speedometer. Thank you for taking the time to follow the article.

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