Review of Phu Hung Car Insurance Is Good, Look Up, Latest Price

Review Is Phu Hung Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Latest Price High Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Phu Hung auto insurance known for its wide range of product packages, offers many attractive benefits and affordable prices. But compared to other insurance companies, is Phu Hung auto insurance the ideal choice?

This article will help you answer if Phu Hung auto insurance is good, and at the same time provide full information about the type, price, and how to look up this insurance for your reference.

Phu Hung Auto Insurance Overview

Phu Hung Insurance Joint Stock Company (PAC) specializes in providing comprehensive insurance to protect customers' risks such as: motor vehicle insurance, technical insurance, marine insurance, accident insurance Personal insurance, property insurance, liability insurance.

Inside car insurance is one of the main product lines of Phu Hung which is being highly appreciated today. Phu Hung auto insurance packages include:

  • Car insurance.
  • Compulsory CIT insurance of car owners.
  • Accident insurance for driver, assistant and occupants.
Phu Hung Auto Insurance
Phu Hung Auto Insurance

Details of Phu Hung Auto Insurance Packages & Fees

Car insurance

This insurance package belongs to the voluntary group but is very necessary for cars, helping car owners reduce the financial burden when the car has an unexpected accident such as car robbery, collision, fire, explosion, natural disaster ... (company) insurance will compensate for damage or assist with vehicle repair costs).

In addition to the compensation, the car owner is also entitled to Phu Hung insurance to reimburse the costs agreed in the contract such as:

  • The cost of limiting additional losses is incurred.
  • Rescue costs, take the car to the nearest garage.

Premium rate = premium rate (according to fee table) x insured amount (vehicle value).

Review Is Phu Hung Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Latest Price High Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Compulsory CIT insurance for car owners

This is the insurance to indemnify the civil liability of the vehicle owner for damage to the body, life, property of third parties and passengers.

  • Insurance fee:

Review Is Phu Hung Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Latest Price High Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Accident insurance for driver, assistant and occupants

Phu Hung Insurance compensate for bodily harm to the driver and occupants of the vehicle due to an accident while on the vehicle, getting on or off the vehicle.

  • If the subject dies due to an accident covered by insurance: Phu Hung pays 100% of the insurance amount stated in the insurance policy/insurance certificate.
  • If the subject-matter insured is injured due to an accident covered by the insurance: Phu Hung pays the insurance premium as a percentage of the Sum Insured.

Insurance premium = Number of people in the car x fee/person.

Is Phu Hung Car Insurance Good?

Problem Phu Hung car insurance good or not currently receiving the attention of many car owners. Here are the advantages of this insurance company that you can refer to:

  • Insurance builds on the actual needs of car owners; offers a variety of insurance packages for customers to choose the most effective – suitable option.
  • The process of buying insurance is simple and fast.
  • Compensation principles are clear and transparent.
  • The price is suitable for the financial level of the majority of Vietnamese people.
  • Quick compensation processing time, ensuring the legitimate interests of customers.
  • Cars with problems will be repaired at reputable garages.
  • Friendly customer service staff 24/7.

Look Up Phu Hung Auto Insurance

How to Look Up Car Insurance Phu Hung

Online lookup

Through Phu Hung's official website, customers can search for car insurance information. You visit And follow the instructions.

Look up through the customer care call center

You can also contact Phu Hung's customer care center – 08 99 888 018 for information about auto insurance. Professional consulting team will give you effective support.

Look up through agents

Currently, Phu Hung auto insurance has a wide network of agents and garages; You can come to get accurate information feedback.

Phu Hung Auto Insurance Processing Process

Phu Hung Insurance Joint Stock Company builds the car insurance processing process as follows:

  • Phu Hung insurance staff receives claims from customers; Customers provide information: name, phone, license plate, location - accident happenings.
  • This information is then sent to the accident examiner; inspection staff to the scene, the location provided by the customer.
  • Conduct accident inspection, determine the cause - extent of damage and offer the most optimal remedial plan. If the car owner and Phu Hung insurance disagree on the extent of the damage, it will be voted on.
  • Completing the dossier according to the claim for damages. The vehicle owner provides the following documents: accident report file, claim, copy of insurance certificate, driver's license, vehicle registration certificate...

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Thanh Phong Auto: Supply & Repair Car Insurance Prestige, Quality

Thanh Phong Auto Cooperating with many reputable insurance brands to bring a variety of reliable options to customers. Customers coming to us are not bound to buy any insurance company; all based on the individual wishes of the guest; If the customer has a need, they can combine the professional advice of the staff.

In addition, Thanh Phong Auto also provides the service Car repair Insurrance Professional, reputable.

Review Is Phu Hung Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Latest Price High Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Instructions for Buying Auto Insurance at Thanh Phong Auto

Coming to Thanh Phong Auto, you can be assured by:

  • Quickly and accurately update new information about auto insurance companies/types to advise customers.
  • Repair auto insurance quickly and professionally thanks to a team of skilled technicians and modern machinery.
  • Replace genuine parts, commit not to use floating goods.
  • Support customers to solve auto insurance benefits quickly.

Above is the article Review Phu Hung Auto Insurance Is It Good, Lookup, Latest Price; Hope to help you in the process of choosing to buy and use car insurance.

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