Top 7 Tips to Improve Fuel Consumption on Gasoline Engines

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According to most customers who are new to using cars Thanh Phong Auto For maintenance, everyone shares that the amount of fuel a car consumes depends on the manufacturer's parameters. But in fact, with more than 10 years of experience Thang Phong Auto Reducing fuel consumption on motor vehicles with "secret" habits should be specifically noted as follows:

There are many ways to save gas, both for motorbikes and cars. And first, to learn how to improve, you can read through the article The reason why gasoline engines consume fuel. Below are some of the most popular and effective ways that you can refer to:

Regular vehicle maintenance

Periodic maintenance
Periodic maintenance 

Regular vehicle maintenance helps ensure that the car engine always operates more efficiently and saves fuel, while also detecting and treating quickly. Problems when your car uses poor quality gasoline. Necessary maintenance items include:

  • Change oil: Oil helps lubricate the internal parts of the engine and thereby reduces friction between metal surfaces when they move relative to each other, thereby helping the vehicle always achieve operating condition. smoother and more fuel efficient.
  • Replace the air filter: A dirty air filter will block air flow into the engine's intake manifold, causing the engine to work harder to get enough air needed for fuel combustion. This leads to more fuel consumption. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), replacing a clogged and dirty air filter will help reduce fuel consumption by up to 14%. In modern car models, replacing a clogged and dirty air filter also helps improve vehicle acceleration.
  • Repair damage: Damage on the vehicle, such as worn tires, worn brakes, problems with the electrical system, especially with the smart electrical and electronic control system,... can all cost the vehicle money. more fuel.

Turn off the engine when stopping the vehicle

When stopping for more than 30 seconds, you should turn off the engine to save fuel. Leaving the car running while stopped will cause the engine to idle, wasting fuel without providing any benefit.

Keep a steady speed

Continuously accelerating suddenly will cause the vehicle to consume more fuel because the system needs to provide a large amount of fuel to help the engine achieve higher power levels during acceleration.

When the vehicle moves at a steady speed, the engine will operate at optimal rpm, helping to save fuel. According to a study by the US Environmental Protection Agency, keeping a steady speed can save fuel by up to 20%.

Get the right number

Using the correct gear helps the car operate smoothly and save more fuel. When going uphill, you should shift to a lower gear so the vehicle can go uphill more easily. When going downhill, you should shift to a higher gear so the car can slow down more safely.

Inflate the tire to the correct pressure

Adequately inflated tires can increase fuel efficiency by up to 3,3%. Inflated tires are safer and last longer. Under-inflated tires can reduce fuel efficiency by 0,3% for each KPa decrease in pressure of the 4 tires...

Pump tires
Pump tires

Don't just rely on the tire pressure monitoring system to detect underinflated tires. It's best to check your tires with an appropriate measuring tool once a month and see your vehicle's owner's manual for more information about pressure. The appropriate tire pressure for your vehicle.

Use smart air conditioning

Air conditioning reduces fuel efficiency by up to 10%. If outdoor and air temperatures permit, consider using a higher fan speed to circulate the air instead of lowering the air conditioner temperature, which is Tips to save gas for cars when using air conditioning most effectively.

Use Air Conditioner Correctly
Use Air Conditioner Correctly 

At speeds below 64 km/h, consider rolling down the car windows if the air quality is acceptable instead of using the air conditioner. At speeds above 72 km/h, wind resistance will cause great resistance and will consume more fuel than running air conditioning.

Check your car regularly

Regular vehicle inspections help detect and fix problems that could cause the vehicle to consume more fuel.

In addition, you can also apply some other tips to save gas such as:

  • Choose a car with a fuel-efficient engine.
  • Use fuel-saving devices.
  • Drive safely and avoid sudden braking.

So the secrets on Thanh Phong Auto have shared with you secret tips to save fuel on gasoline engines in the most effective way. But applying the above tips to all cars does not mean it will improve, because in reality if you use an old car that is past its expiration date, you will have to face "Gasoline Truck - The Suffering Of People Riding Old Cars” And saving gas not only helps you save money but also contributes to protecting the environment.

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