Top 10 videos to guide you to drive a safe automatic transmission car

Top 10 videos to guide you to drive a safe automatic transmission car
Interest VideosTop 10 videos to guide you to drive a safe automatic transmission car

Although it is not necessary to remember and master many clutch pedal operations, choosing complicated gears like a manual transmission car, but automatic transmission It's not easy for newbies either. You must master the symbols on the gearbox and use the gearbox fluently and master the driving operation to be able to Safe automatic transmission car control. The following article shows you how to drive with the most detailed support video, let's explore!

1 What is an Automatic Transmission?

An automatic transmission car is a vehicle that can comfortably adjust gears to suit the mode of operation of the vehicle. When the time is right, the automatic transmission uses sensors that allow the car to shift gears.

Automatic Transmission
Automatic Transmission

Currently, automatic transmission cars are divided into two types: vehicles using automatic transmission with gear and vehicles using continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Vehicles with automatic transmissions have gears that are easier to control and are more common than cars with continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

2 Instructions on how to drive an automatic transmission car safely

Introduction of symbols on automatic transmission

In the car lines, the symbols on the automatic transmission are relatively similar and are often abbreviated in English corresponding to the function:

  • P (Parking) Used when parking or starting the engine.
  • D (Drive – forward gear): In order for the car to advance when starting, the driver moves the lever from P to D. In mode D, when the brake is released, the car advances, when the accelerator is pressed, the car accelerates. If the vehicle is traveling on flat terrain and beautiful road surface, just keep the transmission in D mode.
  • R (Reverse) Used in case of needing to reverse the car.
  • N (Neutral – number 0) is the free car state, the car engine is still running but the wheel is stationary. The free state is used in the case of car repair or maintenance.
Symbols on automatic transmission
Symbols on automatic transmission

Refer to the extended car symbols:

  • D1 – D2 – D3 – OD used for roads that are difficult, difficult to go and easy to sink to increase torque and speed of the vehicle.
  • M (Manual) corresponding to the floor number or the increase number, usually with a "-" sign to decrease the number and a "+" sign to increase the number.
  • S (Sport) Often found on sports cars, the engine is more powerful and faster, creating pleasure for the vehicle driver.
  • L (Low) is the low gear mode, applied when the vehicle is carrying heavy loads or going up and downhill.
  • B (Brake) helps to brake downhill without constant braking.

3 Details of the steps of driving an automatic transmission car

In the process of controlling a digital car, the driver needs to pay attention to the accelerator pedal, brake pedal and gear lever control. Here are the basic instructions for beginners to control automatic transmission cars:

  • Step 1: Put your right foot on the brake pedal (left pedal) and press down.
  • Step 2: Continue to hold the brake pedal, start the car.
  • Step 3: Lift the right foot off the brake, the car automatically moves gently with low speed. To accelerate or climb steep slopes, the driver presses the accelerator pedal. During vehicle operation, the automatic transmission will automatically adjust the correct gear or the driver will manually adjust it to match the travel route.
  • Step 4: When stopping, press the brake pedal, switch the car to P mode, turn off the engine and leave the car.

4 TOP video instructions for driving an automatic transmission car are easy to follow

Manual for automatic transmission (XEHAY source)

Automatic transmission guide for beginners - 6 Tips to avoid the wrong accelerator and brake pedals (Source: Autodaily)

Teaching Automatic Driving - The Most Detailed Guide For Beginners (Source Master Ky Phuoc)

Instructions for driving automatic transmission from A to Z on Honda Accord (Source: Autodaily)

5 Minutes Guide to Driving Autonomous Vehicles – Correctly – Safely (Source: Vina Ford)

Principles of Driving Automatic Cars (Source: DNT Style)

Learning to drive an automatic car is extremely easy in 15 minutes (Source: Tuan Trung Ta).

10 skills to know when driving a new automatic transmission car should know (Source: Learning to drive is not difficult).

What skills do you need to practice when learning to drive an automatic car for the first time (Source: Learning to drive is not difficult).

5 Notes to Keep in Mind When Driving an Automatic Vehicle

Apply the brake when starting the car

Before starting the vehicle, the driver must put the gear in position P, step on the foot brake and pull the handbrake to avoid sudden acceleration causing unsafety.

Apply brake and accelerator with right foot

The habit of using two feet to control cars is extremely dangerous because:

  • Using the left foot on the brake will be slightly diagonal, so the emergency brake is often not strong enough, slow reflexes.
  • It is easy to make mistakes when stepping on the brake and gas with the same force to wear out the tires, brake pads, damage the gearbox and waste fuel.

Many emergency cases mistakenly press the brake and accelerator pedals when using two feet to control the vehicle, causing traffic insecurity.

Apply the brake if the transmission shifts from P or N to another gear

When the gearbox changes from P or N mode to another gear, the driver of the vehicle needs to step on the brake, not the accelerator to avoid sudden acceleration. In addition, if you change from another gear to N, you also need to step on the brake to avoid losing control.

Leave your foot on the brake pedal position

When stopping temporarily, many people accidentally leave their feet to wait without stepping on the brake - violating the principle of "no brake, then throttle" in vehicle control. If an unexpected situation occurs, the driver of the vehicle is easy to step on the accelerator, causing danger.

Just now safe automatic transmission driving instructions for vehicle drivers. If you still have questions about driving a digital car or need to maintain and maintain cars, contact Thanh Phong for the best support!

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