PVI Car Insurance Review: Is it Good? Search? Latest Price?

Pvi Car Insurance Review: Is it Good? Search? Latest Price? Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 14, 05

PVI is a leading insurance company in Vietnam, with a nationwide network and a trustworthy commitment to customers. With an auto insurance policy provided by PVI, car owners can rest assured about protecting their assets and ensuring safety when participating in traffic.

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP): A 2021 UNESCAP study analyzes the impact of auto insurance on post-accident repair costs. Research shows that, in Asian countries, having adequate auto insurance reduces average repair costs for individuals by 30%.

One of the important factors of PVI car insurance is the flexibility and diversity of insurance packages. PVI provides comprehensive insurance packages, civil liability insurance and personal accident insurance, meeting the different needs and requirements of car owners. In addition, PVI also offers attractive benefits and benefits, such as periodic and emergency support, the ability to pay flexible fees and a quick and fair compensation process.

However, many people are still quite confused about this type of insurance. The information below will answer everything you need about PVI insurance.

Overview of PVI auto insurance

PVI car insurance known as a type of auto insurance signed between car users and Vietnam Oil and Gas Insurance Company. This insurance protects the car owner in the event of damage caused by an accident.

Currently, PVI insurance has the following main types:

  • PVI hull insurance: This type of insurance is optional. It helps to reduce the financial burden when the vehicle encounters risks, breakdowns or unexpected accidents.
  • Accident insurance for people sitting in PVI cars: This insurance is applicable to the driver and occupants of the vehicle. Insurance will compensate in the event of death or bodily injury occurring while the vehicle is in traffic.
  • Compulsory civil liability insurance: This is a type of insurance that car owners are required to participate in in accordance with the law. Accordingly, the Vietnam oil and gas insurance company will compensate for damage to property or people to a third party when the car owner causes an accident.
Pvi Insurance is currently trusted and used by many car owners
Pvi Insurance is currently trusted and used by many car owners

Advantages of PVI auto insurance

Over the past time, PVI auto insurance has been highly appreciated by many customers for its advantages such as:

  • Quick turnaround time for claims processing.
  • Unlimited number of rescues, rescue and towing services are completely free.
  • Customers can choose their own garage to repair and replace genuine parts at no extra charge. Or choose non-genuine repair facilities with the condition that repair and replacement costs are lower than genuine repair costs and are suitable for the type of vehicle insured.
  • Insurance can be purchased as a package or individually.
  • Insurance selling points cover all provinces and cities.
Pvi Petroleum Auto Insurance is highly appreciated for its quick settlement procedures
Pvi Petroleum Auto Insurance is highly appreciated for its quick settlement procedures

Refer to the cost & calculation of PVI insurance service packages

The cost of the latest updated PVI auto insurance service packages is as follows:

Compulsory civil liability insurance

Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance Fees
Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance Fees

Motor vehicle physical damage insurance (PVI body insurance)

PVI hull insurance premium is calculated according to the formula:

PVI hull premium rate = Basic premium rate x Covered amount + Additional premium.

In which:

  • Basic premium rate: The insurance company will offer for PVI hull insurance cases.
  • Insurance amount: corresponds to the vehicle value assessed at the time of insurance purchase.
  • Additional premium = (1+ (Actual Value – Insured Amount)/Actual Value) x 80%.
Basic Rates for Vehicles
Basic Rates for Vehicles

Note: The minimum deductible will be VND 500.000/loss in all cases.

Car occupant accident insurance

Fees are calculated as follows:

Accident Insurance for Passengers in the Vehicle
Accident Insurance for Passengers in the Vehicle

note: In all cases, the total compensation for 1 vehicle must not exceed 10 billion. For passenger cars that are doing transport business, insurance is only granted to the driver and his assistant.

How to look up car insurance information

To look up PVI auto insurance information, you can do it in a few ways:

Look up on the web

Look up via QR code

  • Step 1: Using a phone with internet connection, scan the QR code on the insurance card.
  • Step 2: Access the link displayed on the screen. Read and look up the necessary information.

Look up through offices, agents, garages

For advice and support to look up detailed insurance information, you can contact the nearest PVI insurance branches, agents, and garages.

Frequently asked questions about PVI auto insurance

1. Where to buy PVI auto insurance?

You can buy PVI auto insurance at PVI branches and transaction offices nationwide or through insurance agents and brokers authorized by PVI. In addition, PVI also supports buying insurance online via website and mobile application quickly and conveniently.

2. How long is PVI auto insurance?

Normally, PVI auto insurance term is 1 year. However, PVI also has short-term insurance packages of 3 months and 6 months depending on customer needs. For mandatory civil liability insurance, the insurance term will be according to the term of the inspection certificate.

3. What does PVI's insurance coverage include?

PVI auto insurance coverage includes:

  • Body insurance: compensates for physical damage to the vehicle
  • Civil liability insurance: compensation for damage to people and property to third parties
  • Accident insurance for people sitting in the car: pays insurance benefits when injury or death occurs
  • Additional provisions such as parts theft insurance, water damage insurance, etc.

4. What is the depreciation rate applied when paying PVI insurance compensation?

PVI applies depreciation rates when compensating for auto insurance as follows:

  • Under 3 years: 0%
  • Over 3 years to 6 years: 10%
  • Over 6 years to 10 years: 20%
  • Over 10 years: 30% Particularly for tires and batteries, depreciation is calculated at 20% for each year of use.

5. When there is a problem, how do I contact PVI?

When there is a problem, please immediately contact PVI's customer service hotline 1900545458 or hotline 0912853003. PVI will send assessment staff to the scene, guide the collection of documents and carry out compensation procedures. PVI's lines operate 24/7.

6. How long does it take to process PVI auto insurance compensation?

PVI's compensation settlement time is quite quick:

  • 3-5 working days for simple, complete documents
  • 7-10 working days for complex documents that require verification
  • 15-30 days for particularly serious cases with disputes PVI commits to paying compensation within 1-3 days after the file is approved.

7. Does PVI support vehicle registration and inspection after repair or compensation?

PVI provides free support for vehicle registration and re-inspection procedures after repair and compensation. You will receive specific instructions from PVI on procedures and receive new registration and inspection. This service helps customers save time and effort.

8. Is a flooded vehicle covered by PVI insurance?

A flooded vehicle will be covered by PVI insurance if you participate in the additional clause of water damage insurance, with a fee equal to 10-15% of the body insurance fee. At that time, PVI will pay 100% of the repair and replacement costs caused by flooding.

9. What are the specific benefits of car occupant accident insurance?

PVI vehicle occupant accident insurance provides the following specific benefits:

  • Death: 100% of insurance amount/person
  • Permanent disability of 81% or more: 100% of insurance amount
  • Permanent disability from 5-80%: paid according to the corresponding percentage of the insurance amount
  • Temporary disability: 50.000 VND/day of treatment, maximum 180 days
  • Emergency treatment and medical transportation: maximum 1 million VND/person/case

10. If you do not buy body insurance, will PVI be compensated in case of an accident?

If you do not purchase PVI body insurance, you will not be compensated for property damage to your own vehicle. However, if you purchase mandatory civil liability insurance, you will still be compensated for damages to accident victims and third party property according to the liability level.

11. Reputable address for selling auto insurance in Ho Chi Minh City?

Thanh Phong Auto one of The address specializes in providing prestigious auto insurance and car repair insurance in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. With the motto of always putting the interests of customers first, Thanh Phong Auto brings many insurance service packages with high quality and reasonable cost.

Thanh Phong Auto is affiliated with many reputable domestic and foreign insurance companies. Therefore, Thanh Phong Auto understands the advantages/disadvantages of each company. We will listen to the needs of each customer to advise appropriate insurance. Customers have more choices, not being forced to buy from certain brands.

Pvi Car Insurance Review: Is it Good? Search? Latest Price? Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Buy Auto Insurance At Thanh Phong Auto

In particular, with a team of highly skilled technicians and modern facilities, Thanh Phong Auto is committed to repairing, maintaining, and replacing spare parts for professional cars. Customers are guaranteed maximum benefits.

In addition to PVI, you can refer to some other reputable insurance companies in Vietnam:

  • Bao Viet auto insurance: There are many auto insurance packages with transparent terms, customers are guaranteed maximum benefits.
  • Liberty auto insurance: Providing insurance packages with wide coverage, quick compensation policy and standard linked car garage system.
  • MIC Auto Insurance (Military): Is a reputable brand because of its brand origin and professional service system. Besides, the coverage is quite wide, the cost is suitable for many users.
  • Aviation car insurance (VNI): Many auto insurance services for customers to choose from. Combined with risk management consulting services for each customer.
  • PJICO auto insurance: Possessing great financial potential, offering a variety of auto insurance packages.
  • BIC auto insurance: Diversified insurance, flexible terms, quality with a wide range.

Above is the information about PVI car insurance for you. If you are looking for a suitable insurance package, you can contact us now Thanh Phong Auto for advice and answers to questions as soon as possible.

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